Guest Post from Natural Stone Institute – Caring for your Natural Stone Surfaces at Home

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There is no finer artist than Mother Nature. Her gifts of marble, onyx, granite, soapstone and other stones have been justly prized for millennia. Like a mane of glorious locks, natural stone surfaces require care to keep them at their best. So when the Natural Stone Institute offered a guest post on maintaining these materials, I gladly said yes. Caring for Natural Stone in the Kitchen and Bath. Know Your Stone.

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Laying a Travertine Marble Tile Floor Successfully

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Laying a travertine marble tile floor seamlessly (i.e., do-it-yourself project grout home improvement laying a travertine marble tile floor mortar natural stone thin-set thinest til floor tile travertine marble tile travertine tile installation without grout) is a skill that you can easily develop. Only a little bit of knowledge, a few tools, patience, and diligence are required to complete this job successfully.

Get the Look of Hand-Finished Italian Travertine with a Contemporary Feel

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The beauty of the natural world is often found in its smallest details—and the same is true with the beauty of human craftsmanship. When it comes to natural stone, it’s the slight variations in color, shape, and texture that help to create the unique, organic.

How to Keep Natural Stone Countertops Beautiful

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The versatility and beauty of marble, limestone, travertine, granite and other natural stone countertops make them extremely popular in kitchens around the country. Grease, wine, coffee, various sauces and other seemingly harmless food and beverages can actually have lasting and costly consequences if the proper precautions aren’t taken to protect and care for your natural stone countertops, which are a significant investment to any kitchen.

How To Care For Marble Or Natural Stone From?

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link] I personally do not advocate using Marble, Travertine and other natural stone in showers or wet areas because it is too soft and hard to maintain. I built this shower recently and all the tile looks like marble but it really is Porcelain and manufacturers copy natural stone for a reason. Trivets : While many stones can withstand heat, the use of trivets or mats is recommended. Sand, dirt and grit are abrasive and can damage natural stone.

Black Mold-Travertine Tile Revisit

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You should know that if you use a tile with a porous surface like this Travertine just know it will require more maintenance to keep it up. There are different types, qualities and surfaces of natural stone like Travertine and Marble. However, this is just a reminder that if you want Natural Stone in your shower it will require more maintenance to keep the black mold at bay. I have also removed Travertine showers too, FYI.

NEW ISC Surfaces Natural Stone Collection

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Phantasie Gray ISC Surfaces has updated our natural stone tile collection in a major way to reflect changing design trends. Silver Ash Crosscut Stone Types include limestone, travertine, marble, slate, and onyx. Finishes include polished, honed, brushed and chiseled, and tumbled (finishes vary by stone). To see these beautiful natural stones in person, please visit The Gallery at ISC Surfaces in Kansas City or St.

Are Travertine Tiles Right For You?

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Natural stone tiles are often seen as a luxurious choice for flooring in the home, and travertine is no exception. Travertine is a type of limestone that’s formed by mineral rich hot springs, and has been used as a building material for thousands of years – the Colosseum in Rome is made primarily of travertine. However, travertine is not a low maintenance tile and it will require sealing. Advice travertine

When choosing between natural stone and quartz composites, Vadara makes that choice a breeze

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I have natural stone floors and counters in my kitchen and yes, they’re beautiful. My travertine floors somehow manage to hide dirt and be dirty at the same time and so we sweep them every day and mop them two or three times a week.

Authentic Edimax

Diary of a Tile Addict

The final results are collections inspired by natural stones, with visual texture, and a matching tactile surface that is perfectly aligned to the image. Stream takes the look of travertine in two colours, Silver and Bone. Italian tiles Italy Natural Stone Immitation Production Technology Stone-effect Tiles Tile Technology 3D Shaped Techology Edimax Astor Ceramiche marbel imitation tile realistic stone imitation tactile tile textured tile travertine imitation tile

Black Mold (Strachybotrys atra) And Travertine Tile | Confessions Of.

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How To Choose Your Tile Material

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There are 3 materials that you’ll find everyone talking about, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. Natural Stone. Whether you love clean, cool marble, dark and dramatic Slate, or soft, light Travertine, our selection of Natural Stone Tiles will have something for you. Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles. One of the most obvious benefits of natural stone tiles is their natural beauty.

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Take It Outside: Outdoor AC Tile Collections

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Through high-definition printing, porcelain tiles can mimic other materials like cement or natural stone that are typical of an outdoor setting. Spaces are trending toward more natural material choices like cement and terracotta tiles. The catch is, that these seemingly low-maintenance natural tiles are a bit high-maintenance because they are only suitable for outdoor use where freezing temperatures aren’t a factor. Natural Stone & Specialty Ceramic.

Badly Worn Travertine Floors Refinished to Pristine Condition and Customer is Delighted Beyond Belief

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Customers need travertine floors refinished when they move into homes sometimes and don’t even know how beautiful they can be. There are a variety of reasons these natural stone floors look bad: Quick and unskilled application of topical sealers to homes in a frustrated attempt to make a floor look good to sell. The travertine restoration pictured in our video includes before and after pictures of: Much needed fill replacement. Latest News Natural Stone

Tidying Up: How to Clean Up Different Tile Types

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Check out the following tips below, organized into categories, to care for and maintain your porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone tile. Natural Stone. ” If you prefer to live with a bit of luxury in your life, then natural stone is for you. Marble, travertine, limestone and slate are all beautiful stones to surround yourself with, but they require a bit more care and maintenance than the other tile categories.

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10 Hot Summer Destinations & Tile Inspirations

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This hand-chopped and tumbled mosaic pairs two natural stones in black and beige tones, similar to those found in Lisbon. A natural red clay terra cotta tile, a machine-made ceramic, or a hand-made cement tile with a custom colorway — There is more than one way to incorporate red tile into a residential or commercial design. The honed and unfilled natural travertine tile is 16″ wide but varies in length.

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Expect the Unexpected from Tile Variation

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The same could be said when considering a handmade ceramic or natural stone, because the variation in the tile’s glaze or veining may surprise you. Architectural Ceramics is here to help you know what type of range, be it subtle or extreme, to expect from ceramic, porcelain and stone; and to know how best to prepare for it. Porcelains too, can be made with a uniform look or to mimic veining found in natural stone. Natural Stone Variation.

Getting in Shape: The Skinny on Tile Shapes & Patterns

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Our Naturals Collection is a natural choice to showcase a 3″x6″ glass subway tile option. To learn more about this collection, read our blog entry, It’s Only Natural: AC’s Glass Tile Collection. It is commonly done in travertine, because the pattern and natural stone both come from France. Because of the soft and natural veining in the 12″x12″ tile, it softens the lines of the square shape. Losing weight.

Keeping Warm with Fireplace Tile

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Made to look like Italian travertine, this large format porcelain tile from our in-stock Monticello Collection , does double-duty as a stylish and durable fireplace option. Just like natural travertine tile would have a range of color variation, our porcelain does the same. A natural stone option with a twist, the Perfect Pebble Collection from our vendor Island Stone , gives a natural look other than marble that’s perfect for a fireplace.

Best Bathroom TIle | Confessions Of A Tile Setter

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How to Transform Your Interiors with Travertine Tiles


Travertine floors can last for years to come. Image via: Kitchens, Etc… How to Transform Your Interiors with Travertine Tiles. Travertine Tiles Gracing A Kitchen Floor. Image Via: Travertine Info. Travertine can be the Perfect Flooring Choice. Amongst the plethora of flooring choices, the one ‘megastar’ that you cannot help but notice is the, Travertine Tile. Beautify your home with travertine floor ideas. Image Via: Travertine Info.

How To Avoid Bathroom Disasters | Confessions Of A Tile Setter

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Marble Floor Polishing Jacksonville

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This makes a stone floor appear dull and cloudy. In addition, chemicals with a low pH (acid) can leave water marks on stone that become obvious when viewed in the light. Fabric & Tile Masters Will Refinish Your Stone Floors to Make Them Shine. Our technicians use top-of-the-line stone restoration tools and equipment to refinish stone surfaces and get them ready for polish. The stone included St Laurent boarders on travertine along with Crema Marfil.

Slate Tile, Another Warning, Not For A Shower!

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We like the appeal of warm Natural Stone and Slate offers an earthy look but it's days are numbered in your shower. There are a number of Natural Stone products you see installed in shower design centers all over made from Marble, Travertine and yes, Slate.

Stand Out Stone Looks – Made In The USA

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Garden State Tile has introduced two new stand out stone look collections into our robust line of porcelain offerings made and stocked in the USA. The post Stand Out Stone Looks – Made In The USA appeared first on Garden State Tile.

Stand Out Stone Looks – Made In The USA

Garden State Tile Blog

Garden State Tile has introduced two new stand out stone look collections into our robust line of porcelain offerings made and stocked in the USA. The post Stand Out Stone Looks – Made In The USA appeared first on Garden State Tile.

Quarry from Astor

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Quarry is a varied and unique series in that it combines the look of aged natural stones – somewhere between travertine, quartzite and stone. It crosses new boundaries and yet is so familiar. Available in four shades, cream, beige, black and grey and stocked in 12″ x 24″, 6″ x 24″, 2″ x 2 mosaic and coordinating bullnose. Share it now! tile astor porcelain quarry

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New Trends In Bathrooms, "More Marble?"

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I have noticed a lot more Marble and Travertine in showrooms across the metroplex showcasing these two Natural Stones. Natural Stone The good, it is soft and easy to cut with a wet saw or dry saw. The Bad, we find more broken tile in natural stone boxes and there are natural fissures that can cause a natural stone tile break just by looking at it I swear!

Marble 109

"Quickest Way To Remove Mold From Your Shower"

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Both of these cleaners will reduce over time the integrity of the grout in your tile and if you have natural stone like Marble or Travertine it will etch the nice shiny surface you once had. This is why I have little use for Marble or Travertine in wet areas and this is why tile manufacturers are working overtime to make Porcelain tile the simulates Marble or Travertine and that is because Porcelain is far more robust than Natural stone.

Patio Flooring Buying Guide

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Outdoor patio flooring ideas run the gamut from cozy wood to elaborate natural stone motifs. Natural stone: If you’re creating a high-end patio with a luxurious feel, natural stone is tough to beat. Stone look or wood-look options. Tile and Stone.

How Minerals Evolve (Thanks to Life!)

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We’re in the mineral business, both as sellers of natural stones like granite, marble, travertine, and limestone, and also ceramic tile, which is comprised of feldspar, clays, and other minerals. stone So this recent story on NPR really caught our ears. My Grandson the Rock. photo © 2010 Harvey Barrison | more info (via: Wylio ).

Top Home Bathroom Flooring Options

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When shopping for waterproof vinyl flooring with rigid core construction, you are likely to come across wood plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC). Due to its thin nature, there’s little padding underfoot, which makes it less comfortable. Natural stone tiles.

And Sometimes We HAve To Tear It Out!

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This might not have been possible if this was true Marble and while we are on the subject of Marble, "ever wonder why Marble, Granite and Travertine are copied so much in some kind of photocopied Porcelain?" The reason is, Marble, Granite and Travertine are not well suited for wet shower areas, It is far too porous to maintain a shiny surface. I have no problem with Natural Stone in a Mosaic or design element but to envelope the entire interior of your shower is a mistake.

Tile Backsplash Ideas for Modern Vanities

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By nature, modern design is chic, trendy, fashionable, and in vogue. Natural Stone Tile. For vanities with travertine tops, you can match your counter with a travertine backsplash. Other materials, such as natural stone and synthetic stones like Phoenix stone, can also be complemented with a nice stone tile that matches the hues and patterns of your countertop. By Cheryl Khan of Trade Winds Imports.

Flagstone Tile Layout Patterns

The London Tile Co.

Traditionally made from stone such as travertine or limestone, the term flagstone is now commonly used to describe the patterns created using different sized tiles or paving stones. As we said, many flagstone floors are made of natural stone, and while it is beautiful, it does have a few downsides; firstly, it is expensive – as it is a natural product a lot of work goes into collecting the material and then turning it into a tile.

Hot Trends: Dimensional Wall Tile (Part 2)

ISC Surfaces

Cross ville Simpatico Organic Natural Stone Split Face Silver Ash Travertine Continuing our look at trending three-dimensional looks for walls, check out these two great options: Simpatico by Crossv ille Natural Stone from ISC Also, if you missed part one of this series, you can find it by clicking here. ISC Surfa ces Natural Stone is available from ISC Surfaces throughout our territory

Top Tile Trends from Italy

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While some companies focused on luxurious white marble such as calacatta, carrara and statuario, others continued to expand their marble lines to include creamy tones of travertine and darker hues like Saint Laurent and Berimbau. These give you the option of pure traditional beauty — without the maintenance of natural stone — or some updated and quirky retro looks. Last year, I traveled to Italy’s top tile expo, Cersaie, with a press delegation.

Italy 162

What is The Best Shower Tile?

How to Floor Tile

Here is an example of a Natural Stone shower with Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures. This shower is made of Travertine Natural Stone and this is what is important to remember about that, There are different grades and quality of Travertine. Travertine requires a bit more care being a Natural Stone and it is soft so easy to damage. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what is the best tile for a shower or even a tub surround.

New Ceramic Tiles

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The trim is not here- but you could finish the edges with a stone profile. ** Grand Beige and Marron - 12.25" x 17.75" at $4.99 SF These resemble polished travertine- at a fraction of the cost. Mix them with actual stone listellos and profiles for a seamless appeal: Grand Beige: Grand Marron: **The next new ceramic tiles are Antigua Arena and Marron. Again- they have the look of natural stone- kind of like a sandstone- at a fraction of the cost.

"What Light Can Do For Your Shower"

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The color of the 4x4 Marble Natural Stone was kind of light gray with a Travertine and Marble Mosaic. Just a quick post to show what some strategic light in a shower or bath can do. The location of the design element with the window was highlighted with a curved light. Kind of interesting and because the light was in the very center the curved light was on the other two walls of the shower. This was key to making this shower look a bit more interesting in my view.

How to Care for Stone

Conestoga Tile Blog

Photo: Courtesy of Florida Tile, polished travertine. You can bring a hint of nature into your home when you use natural stone tiles in your flooring. Natural stone brings a warmth to your space unlike any other type of material. Installing natural stone is an investment that increases the overall value of your property. First, understand the geological classification and composition of your stone. Cleaning Stone Flooring.

London Tile September Tile Offers

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If you are looking for something naturally rustic or sleek and modern click through to see our latest deals. The Natural Stone Brick range of tiles are made from travertine, and are perfect for creating a natural splashback in your kitchen. Natural Stone Bricks have 35% off this month. Our new Tile Offers start today, and we have some fantastic deals for September.