Tom Ford's New Mexico Ranch is Bigger Than Manhattan — House of the Day

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His expansive New Mexico ranch is just that— and also happens to live up to the state's nickname— it's utterly enchanting. (Image credit: Kevin Bobolsky Group ). You'd expect fashion designer and film director Tom Ford to have a home as sleek as his designs.

A Rustic New Mexico Adobe Under $400K — House of the Day

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If a charming mountain view is on your wish list, then plant your peepers on this New Mexico adobe home. (Image credit: Sotheby's Historic Properties ). The three bedroom and its surrounding land are listed for $398,000. READ MORE

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New Mexico Inspirations

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When you read this, I will be arriving in New Mexico for my first trip there. Here are some of the artworks, interiors, scenery and flavors I’m looking forward to seeing in the Land of Enchantment in a new Pinterest Board.

New Mexico? Arizona?…Maybe Texas?

Collar City Brownstone

The two top states that I would love to move to are New Mexico and Arizona because I don’t want to have to deal with snow anymore when I retire. The post New Mexico? I have been thinking a lot about moving.

Navajo Rug Pattern Ceramic Tile Coffee Table


To remember trips to New Mexico and Arizona I created this tile covered coffee table for a client as a birthday gift to his wife. Hi all, As a ceramic artist working in tile and mosaic I''m constantly amazed at the number of design possibilities these mediums offer.

Appliance Art

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Today a new visitor''s center opens at Stonehenge, just three days before various druids, revelers, and pagans converge on the site to celebrate the winter solstice.

Harsco to Provide High-Security Fencing for New Mexico City International Airport

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Global industrial company Harsco Corporation announced today one of the largest single orders ever received by its Harsco Industrial IKG division, a nearly $10 million award to provide high-security

Nicole's "Mixed-and-Matched" Loft — House Call

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Location: East Downtown — Albuquerque, New Mexico. Pin it. Name: Nicole. Located in the former Main Hall of the historic 1914 built Albuquerque High School, this loft apartment occupies a former administration room.

Cevisama 2016

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I’ll be abusing them soon enough at the Bataan Memorial Death March in New Mexico.) Every year, many of the top tile makers across Europe gather in Valencia, Spain for a massive expo called Cevisama. I was privileged to attend in 2012.

Heather & Matt's 'DIY from the Ground Up' Handbuilt Home — House Call

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Location: Sante Fe, New Mexico. Name: Heather & Matt. We live in the tiny village of Madrid, NM, just south of Santa Fe.

Signet Begins Construction on Six-Story Building to Accommodate UNM Students Pursuing Entrepreneurial Education Programs

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Signet Development officially broke ground this week on a 160,000 square foot, $35 million six-story building in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that will house University of New Mexico (UNM) students

NMSU to Provide Solutions to Big Infrastructure Development and Environmental Challenges

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NMSU researchers work to solve infrastructure challenges, members of new Engineering Research Center. Newswise — In August, New Mexico State University was announced as one of four

Healthy Mexican Recipe: Easy Huevos Rancheros


Growing up in Colorado, my family used to visit New Mexico, Utah and Arizona on family trips and growing up with the authentic flavors of the southwest and Mexico are in my blood. A Healthy Mexican recipe has always been a favorite of mine.

Peel-and-Stick Tiles: A Cautionary Tale (Or, ?I Tried Peel-and-Stick Tiles and They Almost Drove Me Insane)

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Before I really knew what was happening, a carton of tiles was in my shopping cart and I was just a click away from a new look for my weird terra cotta kitchen floor tiles (which wouldn't be so unappealing if I lived in New Mexico—not New York.) There's a certain home blogger, who shall remain nameless, who has moved a bunch of times over the past few years — meaning the makeovers just kept coming.

NMSU Engineers and Students to Examine the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

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As the bridge enters its 50th year, a group of New Mexico State University engineers and One of the highest bridges in the United States, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, has stood proudly for 50 years.

The Finalists – 2017 Life of an Architect Playhouse Design Competition

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When creating new concepts and ideas these passions are used as bases and the fun of mixing them all together. S/V House Designer : Becky Sturniolo (New York, USA) Bio : I’m currently a first-year graduate student at Virginia Tech, studying architecture. The Club House Designer : Eloy Diaz Prado (Delicias, Mexico) Bio : I just graduated Architecture school (technically was a year ago).

A Colorful, Welcoming & Spicy Southwest Airstream — House Call

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Location: Valdez, New Mexico. When Tania and her husband bought 42 acres in Valdez, New Mexico last spring, the idea was to eventually move to their land full time in a few years from their current full-time home in Boulder, Colorado.

Architectural Digest Show 2016 Preview

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I’ll be in Santa Fe and southern New Mexico then.) Another year, another AD show, another miss! I’ll get there next year — or the one after. I’m sure of it.

4 Essential Home Maintenance Projects for Fall


Image via: New Mexico Homes. Summer is over again. As kids go back to school and the leaves begin to change their color, it’s time to also prepare you to embrace the richness of fall.

#BlogTourAmbiente – Best Global Design Trends at Ambiente


I fell in love with Nambe – a tableware company that is headquartered out of my western roots of Sante Fe, New Mexico with their organic driven housewares line.

West Coast Casual Meets Southwest Minimalism in Brooklyn — House Tour

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What happens when two creatives — one from California/New Mexico and the other from Arizona/Oregon — come to New York together with four animals? New York. Name: Eva Goicochea and Ian Goicochea. Location: Greenpoint — Brooklyn, NY. Size: 1300 square feet. Years lived in: 3 months, renting. They make some serious West Coast meets Southwest minimalist magic. Loading Email Sign-Up Form. If the form doesn't load, you can try our mailing list page instead. READ MORE ».

Tampa, Florida

Collar City Brownstone

I am definitely leaving New York, but I had already ruled out Florida as a place to move to. I have my eye on Arizona and New Mexico. I read that crime in Florida is worse than in New York.

Architects and the AIA | Life of an Architect

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I don’t have an answer for you, this issue is new to me. As I recall there were 5 states, Hawaii, New Mexico, South Dakota and West Virginia and Tenneesee [link] Bob Borson You are right – I shouldn’t be so glib with my predeterminers. Given the fact we’ve been adding new, younger staff, I think there is great value in the opportunities the AIA offers for young architects to gain a broader perspective on the profession.

NIFTY NUGGETS – Sensibly-Styled Home Accessories

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I just returned from a vacation in New Mexico. On my first day of touring Santa Fe, I stopped into a lovely boutique on its first day in business! The designer/owner, Erika Eckerstrand, showed me her terrific line of home and fashion accessories.

5 Women Artists Friday: Polony-Mountain, Honda, Tafoya, af Klint, and Driscoll

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Tewa potter from New Mexico. Music(1961) by Gabriela Polony-Mountain, Regina Quick Center for the Arts. Photo by Wayne Stratz. Who are your favorite women artists? The National Museum of Women in the Arts is doing their challenge for March, Can You Name Five Women Artists?

A "Desert Minimalist" Adobe Home in Tuscon — House Tour

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The airy structures are full of desert charm, and they owe their new lives to a couple that split their time between arid Tucson and soggy Seattle. This is another one of their updated adobes, with this space garnering inspiration from the Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Name: Krysta Jabczenski and Joel Leshefka. Location: Barrio Libre — Tucson, AZ. Years lived in: 3 years, owned.

"Faded Elegance" in an Echo Park Craftsman — House Tour

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From an office filled with fake pine trees to a New Mexico-inspired guest room, the fun themes throughout their historic craftsman are tasteful, eclectic, and provide the perfect kindling to ignite hours of good conversation. Name: Matt Casper and Ted Dorsey. Location: Echo Park — Los Angeles, California. Size: 2,132 square feet. Years lived in: 6 years, owned. Going to a dinner party at Matt and Ted's is probably the grown-up equivalent of going to Disneyland.

The Art of Living: Life Lessons from an 88-Year-Old Ballet Teacher

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Visiting my aunt Sheila last year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was stunned watching her teach for the first time and shocked to realize that in my whole life of knowing her, I'd never really known this side of her as Ms. I've always believed that homes need good design to support a good life, but the greatest design of all is the design of a life itself.

This Ballet Teacher Inspires All Of Us: Sheila Rozann & Her Students — The Art of Living

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Visiting my aunt Sheila last year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was stunned watching her teach for the first time and shocked to realize that in my whole life of knowing her, I'd never really known this side of her as Ms. Following up from my last post about my aunt Sheila , which I'm so pleased you all liked, this one is a wonderful reversal of the camera in which we interview her students about HER.