Living History: The Cement Tile Riches of Nicaragua

Granada Tile

Long-time readers of Granada Tile ‘s Cement Tile Blog will know this already: It was walking around Granada, Nicaragua, as a young boy that planted the idea of cement tile in Marcos Cajina’s mind. As the company he and Melanie Stephens founded has grown, the cement tile designs of Nicaragua have been a continued source of concrete tile design inspiration, so today we thought we’d share more tile photos of antique cement tile from Nicaragua.

Get the Look: Cement Tiles Inspired by Antique Cement Tiles of Nicaragua

Granada Tile

Yesterday, we showed you some more incredible cement tile photos snapped while Marcos and Melanie have traveled around Nicaragua. It’s a design that takes its cues in part from the tile design spotted in a Nicaragua hotel. For a riff on the tile design found at the Gran Francia hotel in Granada, Nicaragua, look no further than our Montalcino tile design. Get the Look antique tile cement tile Granada Hotel Dario Hotel Francia Nicaragua tile installation ideas


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New Nicaragua Hotel Meson Nadi Includes Granada Tile Company’s Cement Tiles

The Cement Tile

Breaking News Alhambra Fez hotel Meson Nadi Nicaragua Resort Serengeti Toscano

Installation Equation: Cement Tiles Transform Spaces in a Los Angeles House

Granada Tile

Installation Equation cement tile installation floor tile Granada Nicaragua Los Angeles Normandy One of the best parts about our job is when we get to see Granada Tile ‘s fabulous cement tiles installed in projects. Not only that, but we get to hear the hows and whys behind the process—from what drew our clients to our concrete tiles in the first place to the process they went through deciding on designs and palettes.

Behind The Tiles: Marcos Cajina

Granada Tile

First, a little background: At age 10, after running up a backpack from an old pair of jeans on his mother’s sewing machine, Cajina set off to see Nicaragua’s fabled giant lake. Some of them are historic designs from Nicaragua — like Firenze 22A, which is all over Granada, like at La Grande Francia. Did you have tiles in your childhood home in Nicaragua?

Living History: More Sensational Cement Tile from Guatemala

Granada Tile

Guatemala, as with Nicaragua, has a robust tradition of cement tile installations. Spied at a posada in Antigua, Nicaragua, a simple cement tile floor caught Melanie and Marcos’s attention. In older parts of its cities and towns, surfaces are covered with stunning cement tile designs ranging from the subtle to the extravagant.

Stylish Eco-Friendly Cement Tiles for Homes and Businesses

The Cement Tile

Toucan flying through tropical forest in Nicaragua. Light sanding of Copenhagen cement tile at Granada Tile factory in Nicaragua. We live in an increasingly green world, and that’s a great thing. Every year, more people are becoming aware of the effect we have on the environment and trying to live more responsible and eco-friendly lives. Granada Tile’s hexagon tiles, Egret, designed by Justina Blakeney. Photo by @justinablakeneyhome.

Where You Find Granada Cement Tiles You’ll Find Great Coffee

Granada Tile

And, like the coffee created and served in these cafes, our cement tiles reflect a global influence, drawing on the best designs from France, Spain, Morocco, Nicaragua (to name just a few of the countries that have influenced our tile patterns) to create a cement tile product that is at once timeless and modern and, like its liquid counterpart, the best of its kind.

Cement 135

Stunning Eco-Stay Features Environmentally-Friendly Cement Tiles

The Cement Tile

One such eco-stay lies in the lush lands of Nicaragua and features design elements which would be at home in the highest circles of Los Angeles architecture. As modern vacationers begin to lean towards environmentally-friendly accommodations, cement tiles have found a home in stunning eco-stays across the globe. Aurea, a collection of homesteads off the Nicaraguan coast, offers luxury and comfort while remaining environmentally-friendly through its Teka compound.

Cement Tiles Around the World [Infographic]

The Cement Tile

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