The 10 Commandments of Painting

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Who doesn’t love paint? Regardless of the sheen — flat, eggshell, satin or gloss — painting is a great way to either radically or subtly transform your environment. However, to achieve the perfect result, you can’t just start painting willy-nilly. Image courtesy of PPG Paints.

Tips and Tools to Decorating a Small Space

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Whether you are decorating a small house or a small room, there are tricks and tools you can use to your advantage in order to keep the space from feeling small or confining. Read on to learn about these tools you can use in any small setting!

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How to Paint Over Bold Colors Using Fewer Coats

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Painting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your home. However, depending on the color you’re trying to cover, painting might not be quick or easy. But when you’re ready to make a change, some colors are notoriously difficult to conceal under fresh paint. How can you paint over bold colors to make sure that new colors take and don’t bleed through? If your paint job entails a drastic transition, Slattery recommends that you use a high hiding primer.

LENOX® Tools || The Science of Cutting: Making and Saving Tradesmen Money (Hole Saws)

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*. This is a partnered post with LENOX® Tools. In Part 1 of this article, we looked at how from humble beginnings in hacksaw blades LENOX Tools has grown to become a leader in power tool accessories. Fine Homebuilding ’s Justin Fink claimed that LENOX Tools solved these problems.

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015: Tools of an Architect

Life of an Architect

All industries have specific tools that make their business work – and architects are no different in this regard. I wanted to talk about some additional tools that architects use but that I don’t have first-hand knowledge of using.

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10 Things You Should Know Before Painting A Room

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Painting can actually be fun when you know how to do it properly. We share the many steps to make your painting project turn out perfectly! Are you living with boring white walls, but hate the thought of painting? Painting is often a task that homeowners dread.

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Ceiling

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Try livening-up your space by painting your ceiling a new hue. What a powerful tool ! Funny enough, the same rules apply when you are looking to pick paint colors for your ceiling. A ceiling painted in a pretty neutral can drastically brighten a small space.

Avente Tile Talk: New Tile Designs, Installation Products from.

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event serving the floor covering industry, once again brought together buyers and sellers from around the world to see the latest floor covering products, tools, services and technologies. hand painted tile. Across the Color Spectrum: Painting by Lauralee Klindt.

Avente Tile's Blog - Tile Talk - Moves to New Home

Tile Talk

Avente's Tile Talk blog is dedicated to the use, design and understanding of hand-painted ceramic tile and cement tile. The blog's purpose has been to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation about hand-painted ceramic tiles and cement tiles. By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile. Welcome!

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Bedroom Paint Ideas: What’s Your Color Personality?

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When considering bedroom paint ideas, the right bedroom paint color choice will make a huge difference in how you feel. He was interested in colors’ properties and meanings and believed that colorful art had the potential as a tool for psychotherapy.

How to Paint an Eye-Catching Ombre Wall


If you’re not afraid of having a bold statement wall in your home, then one way to work ombre into your décor is through paint. How to Paint an Eye-Catching Ombre Wall. Gather Paint Supplies : Purchase the paint in the color(s) that you’ve selected for your wall.

Coordination Is Key

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Earlier this week Cambria Natural Quartz Surfaces and Benjamin Moore Paints announced a new partnership: “Cambria and Benjamin Moore have joined forces to offer pre-selected countertop and paint color combinations to help you achieve a designer look in your home or business.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

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When working with a small space, stick to using neutral paint colors and materials. Utilize bathroom tools for storing toiletries and other items. Draw the eye upwards by painting the frame of a window a contrasting color to the wall.

How to Highlight Your Home’s Exterior Architecture

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But compared with renovations, paint can be a budget-friendly way to draw attention to elements you like or downplay the ones you don’t. Highlight those elements by painting them a lighter shade or a complementary color of your main exterior walls.

006: Inside an Architect’s Office

Life of an Architect

Tools of an Architect [33:55 mark] I get asked about it all the time so I am going to record the answer here … the desk we used in our office is the Knoll Antenna benching system ( here ) [36:25 mark]. Episodes architects office desk office tools of the trade

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Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Countertops

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You’ll need a paint brush or paint roller to use Daich’s products, but don’t let that fool you. The SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Finishing Kit is actually not paint at all. It is a stone mixture that is simply rolled on like paint,” he explains. “No

Join Villa Lagoon Tile at the HD Expo!

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Or, perhaps you’re mesmerized by the unique spontaneity of pigmented color that flows freely on a watercolor painting? In the mood to be inspired by the rich, architectural beauty of historic Havana or the pearl of the Caribbean?

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Tile Store, Why Your Installer Should Go With You!

How to Floor Tile

If all else fails take a piece of tile to a paint store and have them match it even if it is a multi color and just paint the edges with a China brush. Some mosaic has 4 or 5 different materials in it and have to know what happens to each when exposed to hard rock cutting tools.

Kitchen Cabinet Restoration Will Be Easy to Do.


– Clean the cabinet paint or even stain with the liquid cleaner like painter remover. First, paint the all surface with basic color, after dry you can paint with your favorite color directly. Are you bored with your old design in the kitchen?

How To Get The Bake Off Look In Your Kitchen

The London Tile Co.

From the coveted NEFF Slide & Hide oven to bold Smeg fridges, no expense is spared on the tools of the trade. With all the gadgets and tools required it’s important to have somewhere stylish and practical to store them. We are huge Bake Off fans at The London Tile Co.

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Avente Tile Launches New Website and Blog

Tile Talk

The Avente Tile blog is dedicated to the use, design and understanding of hand-painted ceramic tile and encaustic cement tile. The blog's purpose has been to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation about hand-painted ceramic tiles and cement tiles. By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile.

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Refinishing & Hanging Functional Exterior Wood Window Shutters

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When we initially painted the home’s wood siding , we first removed some 24 sets of Antique Wood Shutters. I also mentioned it briefly here (from the same series) – Removing Paint: Working with a Professional Refinisher. How to Remove Paint from Wood Shutters.

Tidying Up: How to Clean Up Different Tile Types

Architectural Ceramics

The KonMari method provides simple tools to organize your home, with the overall goal of sparking joy. Handmade ceramics are often hand-painted. your handmade ceramic tile has a crackle finish, clean it the same way you would a hand-painted tile.

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How To Care For Marble Or Natural Stone From?

How to Floor Tile

Stains can be oil based, organic, metallic, biological, ink based, paint based, acid based. Paint Small amounts can be removed with lacquer thinner or scraped off carefully with a razor blade. Do not use acids or flame tools to strip paint from stone.

Being an Architect is Hell – The Ongoing Descent

Life of an Architect

Painting just about every room inside my house. At the very top of the list is that my house might be the worst painted house ever. To be honest, I’ve known that the paint job in my house was a hot mess from the first time I ever saw it.

4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen for Spring

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Each tile is hand-painted, some to set patterns and preset color palettes, like the Tilt pattern in the third of six colorways, shown below. At Architectural Ceramics, we often collaborate with local architects and interior designers to craft well-designed and personalized spaces.

Grout Haze Removal

Fabric and Tile Masters

Complicating the tile install is the fact that the tile is sometimes installed too early in the construction process and a variety of tradesman are still tracking in grease, adhesives, paint, sod dirt, tar and caulk.

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What tile should I pick if I don’t know my cabinets or counter yet?

Architectural Ceramics

Hand-painted Terra Cotta. Pinterest or Houzz are great tools to do this. 4) Do not let a non-existing paint color dictate your tile choice. If you really like a certain paint color – use it to inspire you but select the right shade or tint at the end of the design process.

Back to Basics: AC’s Ceramic Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

Think back to the Moors who formed clay tiles with hand-held tools, laid the thick shapes out to dry in the sun, and later hand-glazed them. textured surface makes the tile appear like painted brick. It’s that time of year, when kids to go back to school.

What Do Arrows On My Tile Mean?

How to Floor Tile

Painting outside these lines will get you into trouble and as happens from time to time I am tasked with fixing it. When you open up a box of vinyl tile with a peel and stick backing there are common direction marks for the tile.

Marrying Tradition to Technology

Diary of a Tile Addict

And, with the advent of larger format porcelains, sintered ultra-compact surfaces and new diamond tooling to work them, the barrier has also broken down in the worktop, and furniture sectors. The Natural Stone Show 2019 will run at ExCel London from 30th April to 2nd May.

"Quickest Way To Remove Mold From Your Shower"

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Essentially, you must treat those products like car paint. About tools for cleaning, any time you use Clorox you have to use a spray bottle that already had a bleach product in it.Using a Windex bottle for example might make it through one or two cleanings before the spring and seal mechanisms deteriorate. Commercial Spray Bottle or used Lysol plastic bottle 2. Clorox and or liquid bleach 3. Mix 50% water 50% bleach 4. Spray on shower walls just after using shower 5.

Marble Coating Removal Jacksonville

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With the right tools and technology, our marble coating removal services are efficient and all debris is cleaned up and removed before we leave. Whatever your marble floors need, we have the skills, experience, and tools needed to get the job done right the first time.

Cement Tiles Inspired by World Travels

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Ceramic tiles are made with clay and are painted with a glaze to create the colorful patterns. Experiment with customizing the color combinations using our very easy to use tool.

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20 Genius Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Ask yourself if you really need a cherry pitting tool or an egg slicer. A Dark Kitchen Dark rooms feel smaller, so brighten your walls up with a fresh coat of paint in a light shade. Use the pegboard to hang your tools.

Villa Lagoon Tile Wins Big at the 2019 HD Expo Trade Show

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And as if all that hasn’t kept Melissa busy enough, she also led the team in launching our new Watercolor series , mesmerizing pigmented color that flows freely, as if on a watercolor painting.

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Our 5 Favorite Cement Kitchen Tile Designs (Which one fits your design style?)

Granada Tile

All it takes to make a big visual impact is one simple tool, cement kitchen tiles. Unlike ceramic tiles, cement tiles are not painted or glazed on the surface, and the design is actually embedded into the tile itself.

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Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinet- Unique and Countryside Impression


If you interest to try it, you just need several simple tools and paint. Have you ever seen the kitchen cabinet that looks “distressed”? And do you know what it is mean? The designers usually call it distressed kitchen cabinet.

Home Renovations You Really Shouldn’t Do Yourself

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Breaking Down Walls After tearing down walls it will be time to paint them. Changing Your Cabinetry Not only is alinement important when it comes to cabinet installation but using the right tools is as well. Tree removal requires using power tools and considerable height.

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Wetrooms and Colour Combinations

Diary of a Tile Addict

And, with the advent of larger format porcelains, sintered ultra-compact surfaces and new diamond tooling to work them, the barrier has also broken down in the worktop, and furniture sectors. The Hard Surfaces & Natural Stone Show is fast approaching.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Architectural Ceramics

With tools for homeowners, architects, contractors and distributors (that’s us) alike, Laticrete is a great resource for tile installation products and learning. who specializes in painted cement tile.

Maestro Montanari

Diary of a Tile Addict

On the first three days I will visit all the large tile manufacturers, mosaic experts, and adhesive and grout specialists, watch a few tool demos, and look over the latest tile display systems. Arché range by Mario Montanari for Katy’s Line.

Product Benefits That Benefit Pros || James Hardie’s Contractor Alliance Program

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Additionally, James Hardie utilizes a proprietary method called ColorPlus® Technology to apply paint before the product leaves the factory. *. This is a partnered post with James Hardie Industries. 8 Million North American Homes Served.