Kitchen Case Study: Tips and Products that Can Bring Your Design to the Next Level

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30 Back-to-School Homework Spaces and Study Room Ideas You’ll Love

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

If you’re having trouble getting your kids to do homework, check out these cool study room ideas. Maybe all you need to kick-start your kid’s study habits is a change of scenery!

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PARAS Cafe Offers Study Space with Minimalist Style

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The dining area to the left is the perfect place to work or study. Or, you could meet with a study group at the central, communal table. Photography by Peter Dixie and courtesy of Arch Daily ) The post PARAS Cafe Offers Study Space with Minimalist Style appeared first on

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Harvard’s Ceramic Program presents an exposition of their projects

Tile of Spain USA

Blog ASCER Ceramic Studies Department exhibit GSD Harvard‘Formations in Ceramic Material ‘ showcases the work of students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design , which has used the Ceramic Program as a place to experiment since the last semester of 2015.

Ceramic Tile – A Solid Bet for Young Architects

Tile of Spain USA

Blog Blue Wave Cocktail Bar ceramic tile Ceramic Tile Studies Crystalzoo El Equipo Creativo Spanish Ceramic Tile tile of spain Young ArchitectsT he use of ceramic in construction dates all the way back to 30,000 BC, when clay mortars were used to hold a structure made of branches and canes together. Although we’ve come a long way from branch houses, ceramics are still constantly evolving.

Architecture Student Study Abroad Bag

Life of an Architect

Kyle is from Carlsbad, California where he attends California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, but was studying abroad at the CalPoly Firenze campus at the time he submitted his bag to me.

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Remodel of 1980s Home in Perth Is a Study in Contrasts

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Photography by Joel Barbitta ] The post Remodel of 1980s Home in Perth Is a Study in Contrasts appeared first on The creative team at Hillam Architects took on the challenge of upgrading a 1980s-era home in Perth, Australia.

Study Quantifies Value of BIM for Complex Construction Projects

The A to Z of Building

Complex construction projects such as hospitals, laboratories, airports and high-tech manufacturing have the greatest risk for costly problems, but a new study by Dodge Data & Analytics, conducted

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Modern Patio House in Brazil Is a Study in Contrasts

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The Patio House serves as a study in contrasts: simple yet interesting, functional yet stylish, modern yet warm. Photography by Edgard Caesar] The post Modern Patio House in Brazil Is a Study in Contrasts appeared first on

Guess What IKEA Found In Their Research Study — Video from Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

As the Head of Research for IKEA, Mikael Ydholm's job is to conduct focus groups and other studies to determine how customers feel and react to IKEA products. From this study, Mikael was fascinated to see how people interact with one of their everyday products. One of the ways IKEA continues to improve its products and services is through research.

London Exhibit Delves Into the Study of Sex — Design News

Apartment Therapy

The Institute of Sexology" celebrates sex studies pioneers with archival material, ethnographic, and medical artifacts, as well as art, erotica, film, and photography. London''s Wellcome Collection is celebrating the first show since its recent expansion with everyone''s favorite subject: sex.

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Bathrooms Affect Retail Experience Say Studies

Flooring the Consumer

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Architectural Sketches – Sketchapalooza II

Life of an Architect

Sketching, despite my obvious lack of artistic talent, works for me when I am trying to study form, mass, scale, and proportion, in a very fast and effective manner. This is another one of those roof study and massing sketches.

Using Color to Define a Space: Case Study of a Modern Home in Russia

Apartment Therapy

This open floor plan home in Moscow is a perfect case study. Pin it. There are many ways to put color to use at home: bold colors, unexpected color combinations, stylish mixes of neutrals, and many more.

Study Finds Corrosive Seawater Promotes Growth of Rare Minerals

The A to Z of Building

Around A.D. 79, in his book ‘Naturalis Historia’ Roman Author Pliny the Elder wrote that concrete structures in harbors, unprotected against the constant assault of the saltwater waves, become “a

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Study Reveals Using Green, Cool Roofs Could Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effects

The A to Z of Building

More than 50 percent of today’s population lives in cities. According to the United Nations Development Programme, that number is predicted to rise to 70 percent by 2050. Growing urbanization

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Design School Case Study: How We Chose Ashley's Living Room Rugs

Apartment Therapy

Pin it. Hello naked floor. You are real pretty, that's for sure, but sometimes our lil' piggies like to touch down on something plush and soft that's comfortable to walk on. Which means a rug is in order. Rugs are one of the main pillars of a room - they add pattern, texture and comfort.

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Case Study: Mixing Wood Finishes & Totally Pulling It Off

Apartment Therapy

Jen and Kirstie's Happy, Colorful Home in Australia. Pin it. Most of us know by now that you don't have to match all the wood finishes in your home exactly, but many of us are still a bit nervous when it comes to mixing lots of wood finishes in the same room.

Do Millennials Make the Worst Houseguests? The Bad Behavior Study

Apartment Therapy

Yes—Millennials do make the worst houseguests, according to a recent study from HomeAdvisor. (Image credit: Adrienne Breaux ). The short answer? But the reality behind it is a little more nuanced than it seems. READ MORE ». Entertaining at Home. Relationships

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Study Shows Men Might Not Actually Need Those IKEA Instructions After All — Design News

Apartment Therapy

A Norwegian study tested men and women's abilities to assemble IKEA furniture, with and without instructions, and here's what they found out: READ MORE ». Pin it. If you've rolled your eyes as a guy ditched the pictograms and went straight to assembling that PAX, you might owe him an apology.

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One Reason to Renew: Staying Put Can Save Renters Thousands of Dollars a Year, New Study Says

Apartment Therapy

A new study shows just how costly bucking that conventional wisdom can be. (Image credit: Marisa Vitale ). Your landlord just sent a lease renewal form, but you're not sure you want to sign it again this year.

Before & After: Sketchy Shed Converted to Stellar Study

Apartment Therapy

Caitlin over at The Shingled House has some mean DIY skills and recently took on a shed in her backyard. The 10 x 10 room had concrete floors, wood paneling, and a lot of stuff, but she wanted to turn it into a cozy and functional office space for her family.

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New Study Finds Potential for Thermally Upgrading Suspended Timber Ground Floors

The A to Z of Building

New research reveals the actual heat loss from suspended timber ground floors might be nearly twice that of previous estimates and the potential for thermally upgrading such floors is much greater

Study Abroad for Grown-Ups: The Surprisingly Affordable Way 3 Women Took Their Office Global This Year

Apartment Therapy

(Image credit: Who is Danny /Shutterstock). There's a common realization many remote workers are having, likely while sitting in front of a computer at home still in their PJs (I speak from experience). It goes a little something like this: "Hey, wait a minute… I don't have to work from home.

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Here's What's Really Going to Make You Happier, According to a 75-Year-Long Study

Apartment Therapy

And it turns out, my one-word mantra/new year goal might put me on the right track for more happiness this year, if this 75-year-long study is right. Nexus & Delila's Relaxed Organic Modern San Francisco Rental. Pin it.

U.S. Countertop Market Annual Growth: 4.2%

Stone Update

Natural stone will take up to one-fifth of demand by 2019, study says, but quartz, alternative surfaces will gain share faster. Featured Latest News

Design School Case Study: How To Style Bookshelves Layer By Layer — Apartment Therapy Design School Case Study

Apartment Therapy

Pin it. Adding that last layer to a room means arranging and styling surfaces like windowsills, tabletops, and especially empty bookshelves. You can leave these to the last minute, as they are the finishing touches rather than the backbone of your design.

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Study Reveals What Renters Really Look For in a Home

Apartment Therapy

If you're a renter, what do you look for in a home? Do you look for a room in a shared space or a single family home? Do you care more about the size of a potential rental, or the neighborhood it's in? READ MORE ». Resources for Renters. Real Estate. Renting

Before & After: From Stuck in the Mud to "Smart Looking Study Piece"

Apartment Therapy

(Image credit: Chelsea of Style Mutt Home ). Round of applause for Chelsea and her terrific eye! While taking her Mom out for her birthday (awww) Chelsea picked up this diamond in the rough and took it home for a little TLC, and boy did it pay off! READ MORE ». Before & After. Reader Submissions.

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Study in Shape: Creating Unexpected Contrast in Your Interior Design Composition

Apartment Therapy

Pin it. Contrast is an important element of composition. We create contrast, most frequently, with color. Sometimes even with texture. But rarely with shape.

Back to School Homework and Study Space Ideas You Will Love

Trendir Magazine

As kids are getting back to school it may be time to upgrade their homework and study space. It is likewise an excellent way of getting your kids excited about having a new space where it is solely dedicated for homework and study purposes.

Study Provides Insight into 'Woodquakes'

The A to Z of Building

The structural properties of brittle materials like rock or ceramic, such as cracking under stress, have long been studied in detail, providing insight into avalanches, earthquakes and landslides

What Happens when Architects Date | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Also, on a serious side, there are studies that show that there is more likelihood of children having ADD, when their parents are architects and designers. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Tile in Your Home

Architectural Ceramics

I actually made these in grad school when I probably should have been studying, and both were made with Oceanside glass tiles. January 2016 – Rockville, MD – Tile is everywhere. Unless you’re a cowboy, you probably see tile on a daily basis.

World Stone Market: $23 Billion in 2014

Stone Update

Production, exports up as China remains volume leader, says latest world stone study. Featured Industry News

Coverings 2015: A Stone Study Session

Stone Update

Stone-and-tile event offers educational opportunities for stone fabricators and sellers. Featured Shows, Seminars, Workshops Events

Study Confirms North Americans Use Paper Towels to Clean More Than Any Other Country

Apartment Therapy

Actually, if you live in North America, you probably use paper towels more than anything else, according to a study by Nielsen. Think about your usual cleaning routine—what tools do you use most frequently? Do you rely on your trusty dish sponge every day, or is your vacuum your go-to tool of the trade? READ MORE ». Cleaning. Cleaning Tools

New Study Quantifies Our Phone Addiction — Design News

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According to a report published yesterday, a third of all Brits check their cell phones within five minutes of waking. That number rises to two-thirds if you''re between 18 and 24.

Study Suggests Testosterone Prevented Early Ancestors from Making Art — Design News

Apartment Therapy

While much art depicts hulking heroes and brave warriors, a new study suggests that high levels of testosterone may have prevented our early ancestors from making art.

Edgy Design

KB Culture

Valencia-based Mut Design devised this collection of ceramic tiles after studying the way light plays off fish scales; they noted that color tends to seep and shimmer across the surface in an irregular, ripply kind of movement.

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