10 Exterior Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

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There are some basic exterior design lessons that everyone should know about. Designing the exterior of a home can be a complicated process of color choices, materials, balancing shape and lines— it is not a job for novice designers. Do you ever wonder what makes a home exterior visually appealing? It is more than likely that those jaw-dropping homes have followed some key design principles. A home exterior should be properly balanced.

How We Updated our Home’s Exterior Design with Mid-America Vinyl Shutters


The exterior design of our 1987 brick home has always looked very dated. How We Updated our Home’s Exterior Design with Mid-America Vinyl Shutters. Maintenance free – no painting, pressure washing needed. They look gorgeous and come in many shutter colors and styles to match the architectural style of your exterior design. Our Exterior Design Instantly Enhanced with Vinyl Shutters.


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August Is National Curb Appeal Month! Here Are 4 Small Changes That Will Leave Your Yard Feeling Fresh

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

It’s the perfect time to give your home’s exterior a refresh. Image: Trimlite Paint your front door If you want your curb appeal to truly pop, there’s no stronger statement you can make than with a freshly painted front door. Follow that with a coat or two of exterior paint in the color of your choice. Try out some new exterior hardware. Treat yourself to some new exterior lighting. August is National Curb Appeal Month!

Clever Ways to Hide an Ugly HVAC Unit

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Find ways to blend your air conditioner into your home’s exterior design. Image: New Eco Landscapes Don’t let an unsightly HVAC unit or pool pump ruin your home’s outdoor aesthetic. While we like to think design first, your HVAC system needs to be clear of leaves and debris and placed far enough away from any obstructions that could compromise airflow and efficiency. You can also easily paint them to match your style.

Gorgeous Ideas for Fall Porch Decorating

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

You can expand your fall color scheme to include colors that look best with your home’s exterior. The right accents really complete the look of your new porch design. If you’re still struggling to design a color scheme, the colors of fall chrysanthemums can help. Image: House of Hawthornes Painted furniture is pretty and functional on your porch Painted furniture is a must-have for your fall porch, and it’s so versatile.

Why Tile: The Safe, Stylish, and Sustainable Choice

Garden State Tile Blog

Whether it’s being installed in the shower or on the pool deck, your Design Sales Consultant can recommend safe options for peace of mind. It brings style, texture, color and dimension to both interior and exterior designs resulting in virtually limitless opportunities for self-expression.

Container Gardens: Landscaping for Renters

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

You probaly won’t replace those countertops you hate and you’re not going to paint the walls (you might throw up some removable wallpaper , though). But you can transform your outdoor space. We can’t help you out with that terrible bathroom grout or oddly colored carpet in your bedroom, but when it comes to outdoor space, we’ve got a solution. You can add a container garden virtually anywhere to put your personal design on your outdoor space.