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Cheers, Construction Dallas Architecture Materials and Products Modern House My Work Construction Observation Construction Process design details Materials Modern Architecture modern houseIf you are an architect, you want to see your projects get built.

Architectural Ceramics aids the Capital Area Food Bank through Can-struction

Architectural Ceramics

Washington, DC – November 2015 – Architectural Ceramics, Inc was honored to be able to donate to the BVA Can-struction team this holiday season in a project that benefited the Capital Area Food Bank!

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Why People Love Modern Architecture

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Modern architecture attracts a large following with unique designs such as this one. Modern architecture has something for everyone. The fundamentals of modern architecture are clean and simple. What Defines Modern Architecture? Restrained Palette In Modern Architecture.

Graphic Standards for Architectural Cabinetry

Life of an Architect

Architectural drawings serve the obvious purpose of conveying specific information in a linear and direct manner. AWI stands for “ Architectural Woodworking Institute ” and they have organized the standards that we follow in our office for how cabinets are built.

Architectural Portfolios

Life of an Architect

If you are an architectural student – or a young architecture school graduate – Architectural Portfolios are extremely important. When I graduated from architecture school, 25 years ago, things were a lot different.

Architectural Redlines

Life of an Architect

In case you don’t know, “Redlines” is the word used in an architectural office to reference the red ink that is typically used to mark up corrections that need to be made on architectural drawings. Redlines.

Architectural Graphics 101 – Wall Types

Life of an Architect

Architectural Graphics 101 is back and today we are talking about wall types, a topic so sexy that I don’t know how anybody is going to make it all the way through this post without having to take a shower.

Architectural Projects with Spanish Tile

Tile of Spain USA

The innovation and style of Tile of Spain can be seen in architectural structures around the world. Check out our Pinterest gathering of architectural projects featuring Spanish ceramic. Be sure to follow the board for continuous updates from Tile of Spain. Follow Tile of Spain’s board Projects featuring Spanish Tile on Pinterest. … Continue Reading. Blog Pinterest projects tile of spain

How to Highlight Your Home’s Exterior Architecture

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Highlighting the exterior architecture of your home might seem overwhelming, but no matter what style it is, there are lots of ways to make it shine. Can passersby appreciate its architecture, or is it a dark void with a porch light above the front door?

Contemporary Home Woven into Historic Architecture in Berlin

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Asdfg Architekten’s Miller’s House project inlays a contemporary design within historic architecture in Berlin’s hip Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood. Photography by Michael Pfisterer] The post Contemporary Home Woven into Historic Architecture in Berlin appeared first on

Architectural Sketches – Sketchapalooza II

Life of an Architect

The first is completely analog and has a lot of nostalgia associated with it, while the latter is possibly more relevant in today’s digitally driven architectural profession. The straight edge I use can be seen in this post on Architectural Redlines.)

Home Remodel in Canada Maintains Prairie Style Architecture Details

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The Du Tour Residence in Montréal, Canada is the result of a renovation project completed by Open Form Architecture in collaboration with interior design firm FX Studio. The post Home Remodel in Canada Maintains Prairie Style Architecture Details appeared first on

Call for Entries: 14th Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Design

Tile of Spain USA

The awards honor international excellence in projects with Spanish ceramic tile in three categories: Architecture, Interior Design and Degree Project in Architecture. Each year, a jury of recognized international architecture and design professionals judgethe awards.

Spain 39

“Keeping Up With” Architectural

Architectural Ceramics

This is Architectural Ceramics tile. You will see Architectural Ceramics in the credits of this show under photography. Can you guess what is in the background of this picture below? That’s right!

Italy 11

Architectural Graphics 101 – Number 01

Life of an Architect

Maybe this will be exciting, maybe it won’t, but I am going to start writing a few articles a month on architectural graphics and what I’ve done to get my drawings to look the way they do. To that end, the Architectural Graphics 101 series was born.

Architectural Graphics 101 – Line Weight

Life of an Architect

It’s time for the next entry in my Architectural Graphics series and due to overwhelming feedback, it’s apparently time to talk about line weights. But let’s move on to architectural drawings that I prepared using AutoCAD. Okay … I hear you.

Architectural Sketchbooks

Life of an Architect

Sketching is part of the architects domain and there was a time when it was a forgone conclusion that if you were an architect, you could sketch.

Arresting Miniature Architectural Details Carved in Stone and Marble

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Defining an admirable way of enjoying architecture on a personal level, Italy-based art historian and architectural stone carver Matthew Simmonds created a collection of stunning miniatures depicting architectural details.

Italy 33

“Two Homes In Oropesa” Wins Tile of Spain Award in Architecture

Tile of Spain USA

The first place award in the Architecture category was presented to ‘Two Homes in Oropesa” (Toledo, Spain) by Paredes Pedrosa Architects. Blog architecture Awards Oropesa Paredes Pedrosa Tile of Spain Awards

Austin Architectural Lunch & Learn presented by Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain USA

From gauged thin porcelain panels to ½” thick pavers, ceramics now have the perfect formats and performance to tackle the external skin and landscape of architectural projects.

Company News: GIO Architectural Tile + Stone Moves to Nashville’s Burgeoning Design District


We launched GIO Architectural Tile & Stone nearly three years ago, with a focus on providing innovative tile and stone products to A&D firms throughout the southeast.

10 Design Lessons We Can Learn From Venetian Architecture

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Venice is a city with truly unique architecture. Between the one-of-a-kind canals, incredible historic and cultural offerings, and beautiful architecture, it’s no surprise that people will travel far and wide just to experience Venetian life for themselves.

Why You’ll Fall In Love With The Green Architecture Trend

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Sustainable architecture is becoming more and more accessible to the residential market. A few decades ago, the concept of sustainable architecture was reserved for a small niche market. Let us tell you more about the sustainable architecture trend.

Architecture Inspired Furniture: Brasilia by Broyhill

Kitchens for Living

I often tout the benefits of designing to the architecture of a building. Integrating your interiors with your architecture makes for a look that is always right. The post Architecture Inspired Furniture: Brasilia by Broyhill appeared first on Artful Kitchens.

Architecture and Math

Life of an Architect

You can’t be completely incompetent either, but if you can through school, it’s all downhill … at least until you have to the architectural licensing exam, but that’s a different post for a different day. Architects Architecture School Do you want to be an Architect

So Long, Popcorn Ceilings: 8 Transformative Overhead Architectural Hacks

Apartment Therapy

All eight of these ceiling hacks will lend architectural interest to a boring room—whether you channel intricate European plasterwork or rustic exposed wood beams is entirely up to you. Architecture. So, your rental apartment or newly-built home didn't come with coffered ceilings or pressed tin tiles? Set your sights above that unsightly popcorn or drop ceilings you've been dealt.

Architectural Delineation Competition – KRob 2014 Winners

Life of an Architect

Delineation is a fancy word for drawings, and if you like architectural drawings, you’ve come to the right place! As is to be expected from the longest running architectural delineation competition in the world, the entries were incredible.

Physically Bring Your Architecture Projects to Life: Arckit by Damien Murtagh

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Irish Architect Damien Murtagh took the idea of creativity in architecture to another level when designing Arckit , an ingenious kit that enables everyone to physically bring their ideas to life. Architecture Architecture Kit

Best Architectural Websites 2016

Life of an Architect

my internet explorer history ) and peer feedback ( I asked some people I know ) I have created “the” definitive listing of the Best Architectural Websites in the World for 2016. In all seriousness, I have spent weeks putting this list together, read far more cruddy websites than I care to think about, and fallen behind on Marco Polo in my effort to bring you a quality list of architectural websites that should be in your online rotation.

Your First Architectural Job is Important

Life of an Architect

Pretty simple and straightforward sentence – “Your first architectural job is important.” My transition to the real world of practicing architecture was just a few degrees off from my college studio experience.

Architecture Asymmetry in the Service of Comfortable Living: Park City Residence

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The post Architecture Asymmetry in the Service of Comfortable Living: Park City Residence appeared first on Ideas modern architecture Situated on 2.62

Utah 38

Architectural Graphics 101 – Drawing Alignment and Notes

Life of an Architect

Time for another installation of Architectural Graphics 101 ! The previous installment was received pretty well and despite the fact that this series is not intended for seasoned architects and architectural technicians, those folks still have an opinion on the matter that I welcome.

How to survive Architectural School Juries

Life of an Architect

Let’s pretend that you are in architecture school – maybe you just started, maybe you’ve been there for a while – I’m not sure that it matters for today’s discussion.

Architectural Delineation Competition – KRob 2015 Winners

Life of an Architect

Want to see some of the best architectural delineations in the world? It’s a huge repository of architectural eye-candy. Design Graphics architectural sketching sketches sketchingYou’ve come to the right place because today is a special day.

Residential Architecture 101: Wood Veneer

Life of an Architect

Setting out to create a Residential Architecture 101 entry on wood seemed like an obvious topic to cover – although I haven’t been focusing on this series in a while.

Avente Tile Talk: Portuguese Ceramic Tile: Architectural History and.

Tile Talk

Portuguese Ceramic Tile: Architectural History and Preservation Through the Ages. Portuguese ceramic tile serves as a beautiful, functional and architectural element on structures and homes. Portuguese ceramic tile adorn walls as architectural elements, as well as act as sign posts.

Design Dictionary: Do You Know These 25 Obscure Architecture Terms?

Apartment Therapy

Architecture pros will know what an "oriel" is, but the rest of us? ArchitectureHalle & Jeff's East Village Apartment. Pin it. Hobbies come with their own lingo. And around here–while we're huge into design and life at home–we still find that some terms escape us.

Enter to win an Architectural Trip to Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Enter to win an Architectural Trip to Spain through the Tile Of Spain: “Passport To Creativity” Contest. Four design professionals will be selected to win a free trip to Spain February 2-9, 2013 to participate in an architectural excursion where they will earn CEU credits and visit Cevisama 2013. Have you always wanted to visit Spain? Now is your chance.

Spain 26

Architects performing surgery … and architecture

Life of an Architect

There was some architectural down-time and I used it to get a better understanding about what the doctors were doing – and they were only to happy to accommodate my curiosity. Life in General a day in the life Architecture and Society Santo Domingo traveling I am exhausted.

Mosaics: The Beginning of Architectural Ceramics, Part One.