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Surge: AC’s Glass-Inspired Ceramic

Architectural Ceramics

During the month of March, we all feel a sudden surge run through our bodies, that sends us running to the party store for shamrock cut-outs, leprechaun hats and the like. So if you like St. Patrick’s Day and the color green, then you’re in luck with our Surge Collection.

What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Kitchen and Residential Design

Many homeowners are looking into purchasing new flooring for their home. But, which type of flooring is right for you? You may be surprised to learn how many types of flooring are available in today’s market. The following are some of the more popular flooring options available today.

CERAMIC TECTONICS: Exploring the structural capabilities of thin, large format ceramic tiles

Tile of Spain USA

Luna Cafe Is A Showcase For Granada Tiles Modern Cement Tiles By Erin Adams

Granada Tile

We’re always adding to our sprawling collection of classic cement tile designs, commissioning noted designers to create new patterns. A few years ago we introduced the Erin Adams Group, a bright, crisp and lively group of tiles with a definite Scandinavian sensibility.

Oregon 130

Tile Spotlight on Twin Cities Designer Rena Feldman of INVIEW Interior Design

Rubble Tile

This month, we are excited to spotlight a new design project that uses a Rubble Tile product, the Terra Tones collection by Mosa. This modern bathroom was designed by ASID member Rena Feldman, the designer behind INVIEW Interior Design. We are so impressed by Rena’s.

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Design & Construction Week 2018 – Hot Trends from KBDN

JG Kitchens

Every month, I share the latest trends with the designer, contractor, architect, builder and retailer audience for top trade magazine Kitchen & Bath Design News. This month’s Trend Spotting focused on the latest from Design & Construction Week.

Trends 130

The Writing’s on the Wall: 20 Decorating With Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

What if we told you that decorating with chalkboard paint can be totally grown up and chic? We’re not talking about the old-school green chalkboards of the past.

Picking the Best Countertop for Your Orange County Kitchen Remodel

Burgin Construction

Picking the Best Countertop for Your Orange County Kitchen Remodel – this is only one of what will seem like a million decisions you will need to make when designing your new kitchen but it is absolutely one of the most important.

The Fabric of the Year::Velvet

The Ace of Space

Velvet is the fabric of the year. This sumptuous, rich and chic fabric has made it off the fashion runways and into our homes. And we are hopelessly in love with Velvet, one of the hottest, if not timeless, trends for 2018.

This 3D Printed Tiny House Has Actual Succulents In Its Tiles

Apartment Therapy

Howdy folks! Are you ready to take a look at something that combines all of design internet's favorite things? It's a tiny house ! That's 3D printed! And Full! Succulents! READ MORE ». Small Spaces. Plants & Flowers

Meet the Mean Green team

Kitchen and Residential Design

The good folks at CR Brands have made me a Mean Green brand ambassador for 2018 and as such, I get to display the nifty Mean Green banner you can see in my right column and they sent me a collection of Mean Green products to take for a test drive.

Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Renovation on Budget

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

It is possible to keep a renovation on budget. We’ll tell you how. Image: Darren James Interiors Keeping a renovation on budget is a top priority for a lot of homeowners, but many find it much easier said than done.

Architectural Blogging … It isn’t for Everyone

Life of an Architect

My computer is dying … I am systematically killing it with all the stuff I keep on here. One of the things that frequently happens when you write a blog like mine ( i.e. a site that is graphically heavy with content ) is that your hard drive fills up pretty quickly.


8 Most Romantic Getaways in The World

The Ace of Space

What we won’t do for love. Houses, castles, and hotels have been built for love and designed to reignite and honor love. And like the perfect relationship, some are designed for pampering, comfort, and indulgence.

Pantone Just Announced What Colors We'll Crave For Interiors in 2019

Apartment Therapy

The color experts at Pantone are always looking ahead to what will be on trend in the future. While 2018's Color of the Year, Ultra Violet , still holds its reign, that hasn't stopped the institute from predicting what we'll see more of in 2019 already.

10 Stunning Ways To Bring Street Art To The Home

Trendir Magazine

There is something unexpected, almost aggressively cool yet charming about adding street art to the home. Whether its directly painted on the walls in a free form or hung up as art, street art is moving indoors as we are excited about that.


Nervous About Buying Furniture Online? Follow These 4 Tips to Make a Better Purchase

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Thinking about buying furniture online? Read our tips first to get the best results. Image: Blue Ocean Design Online shopping is a great tool for furnishing a home. But a lot of us write off the idea of buying furniture online because it seems too risky.

Introducing Roto-Rooter home products

Kitchen and Residential Design

For more than 80 years, the name Roto-Rooter has been synonymous with unclogged drains. Hands down, theirs is the most trusted name in the business and they got that way by doing great work. Roto-Rooter now makes a line of products that'll keep your drains and septic systems flowing and trouble-free.

Urban Planning Methodology to Develop Cities with Reduced Seismic Risk

The A to Z of Building

A research team belonging to the Research Group on Earthquake Engineering at School of Land Surveying, Geodesy and Mapping Engineering of UPM are aiming to figure out what types of buildings have

7 Common Houseplants That Can Make Your Pets Quite Sick

Apartment Therapy

We love the touch of life and greenery that plants add to our homes. But mixing house plants with pets can be lethal. Sometimes toxic plants are naturally repulsive to animals (they taste extremely bitter, for instance), and some pets aren't inclined to chew plants, so we tend not to worry.

Video 83

Cool Ways To Bring Velvet Decor Into Your Home

Trendir Magazine

Everything that was once old is now new when it comes to décor. This is the year of bringing back traditional pieces and expanding on the idea of making them a main feature in the home. Which brings us to one of the best trends- Velvet.

How to Pull off Cozy Minimalism: A Perfect Blend of Two Opposing Styles

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Cozy minimalism is everywhere these days. We’ll show you why. Image: Studio Morton Does “cozy minimalism” sounds like an oxymoron? If you think it does, you’re not alone. However, this intriguing home décor style is a situation in which opposites definitely attract.


Easter Recipe: Deviled Eggs with Cheese & Bacon


Deviled Eggs are a family favorite Easter recipe– and a savory tradition my children love. This version is easy and the crispy bacon adds a special touch. Check our tip at the end of the recipe if you want to heat it up a bit!). Easter Recipe: Deviled Eggs with Cheese & Bacon. .


Beyond the Mop: How To Infuse Spring Cleaning With Feng Shui

Apartment Therapy

As we approach a brand new season, you may find yourself with an extra spring (pun intended) in your step.

Enough Excuses: Stop Lying to Yourself About These Things at Home

Apartment Therapy

Everyone has certain problem places in their homes. You know, the spots where it's just easier to look the other way than to actually deal with the thing? C'mon, you know we're not gonna let you get away with that! Are any of these the areas where you could use a little tough love?


7 Celebrity Homes that 'Normal' People Could Maybe Even Afford

Apartment Therapy

As someone who loves to trawl through celebrity real estate listings, you can trust me when I say the other half is living lavishly. It's downright rare to find a price tag with fewer than seven figures. But truly, I can't blame 'em.


Before & After: This 88-Year-Old Bathroom Goes Mad for Marble — Sweeten

Apartment Therapy

The idea of a vintage bathroom sounds very nice, but sometimes the reality is less than appealing. The bathroom in Mary Ann and Frank's Upper West Side apartment was what Cher Horowitz might call a Monet : "from far away it's okay, but up close it's a big ol' mess." READ MORE ». Tile & Stone.

What You Probably Don't Want to Touch in a Rental Apartment

Apartment Therapy

So you're moving into a new place — how exciting! Sure, the whole packing and unpacking routine gets old quick, but few things can fill you with a sense of renewal more than rolling out a fresh welcome mat.

10 Wacky But Brilliant Vintage Appliances They Should Just Go Ahead & Reinvent For Today

Apartment Therapy

No matter how many decades pass, there are certain appliances that stick around.

14 Ways to Grow Indoor Herbs Right in Your Kitchen

Apartment Therapy

What could be greener — color wise, and also environmentally speaking — than growing herbs right in your own kitchen?

How To Make a Studio Apartment Feel Bigger Than It Is

Apartment Therapy

One of the biggest downsides to studio living is feeling like you live — and entertain — in your bedroom. But even though that might physically/technically be true, it doesn't mean you can't use design to make it feel like it's more than just a studio.

Don't Make These 3 Unhealthy Bedtime Sleep Mistakes

Apartment Therapy

Did you know that March is National Sleep Awareness Month ? That's right—there's a month dedicated to crawling in bed and catching up on Zzz's. Eager to celebrate? Us, too.


A Cup of Jo Editor Shares 6 Real Life Lessons on How to Cope With a Teeny Apartment

Apartment Therapy

Manhattan has notoriously teeny apartments and I'm always fascinated by how people make them work.

How Joanna Gaines Uses Instagram To Track Her Fitness Goals

Apartment Therapy

Joanna Gaines is straight up health #goals. The Fixer Upper star, who recently announced her fifth pregnancy , started off the New Year with the announcement that she was going to work out every day for 21 days. READ MORE ». Home Fitness. Wellness