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"what Lies Under Your Old Laminate"

How to Floor Tile

While installing engineered wood flooring in glue down configuration, I had to remove the laminate flooring as I was installing the wood. After removing the vapor barrier that had been down for many years I found this. A damp spot.

Plant Delivery Services: An Overview for First Timers

Kitchen and Residential Design

When it comes to home decoration and aesthetics, there are so many things that one can do to beautify the home to make it livelier and more inviting. Paints and wallpapers do a great job of setting the tone of a room; art as well gives a home a lot of character.

Ep 086: Reimagining the Path to Licensure

Life of an Architect

Getting licensed as an architect is difficult. It requires considerable time and dedication but what if we reimagined the Path to Licensure. The post Ep 086: Reimagining the Path to Licensure first appeared on Life of an Architect.