The New Farmhouse Kitchen

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Kitchen by Tom Howley. Today’s country kitchen has been reinvented with design details that reflect the cleaner lines and stepped-up function of today with the welcoming warmth you want. X marks the spot in this modern farmhouse kitchen via Architectural Digest.

Kitchen Transformation: Modern Grey & White Kitchen

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From luxurious new builds to modernised kitchens, it’s amazing the difference that new tiles can make. When we saw the before and after pictures of this kitchen we couldn’t wait to share the results. The homeowners were looking to increase counter and cupboard space in their small kitchen and tasked Manor Kitchens & Interiors with coming up with a new layout that would meet their needs. Advice Kitchen Tiles Tile Design Tips

Kitchen Splashback Tile Ideas

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Tiles are a great choice for kitchen splashbacks, as they are both hardwearing and waterproof. There are a range of different styles and designs available, so we’ve put together some of the most popular options to help you choose your kitchen splashback tiles. Metro Kitchen Splashback Tiles. Mosaic Kitchen Splashback Tiles. Mosaic tiles look great in kitchens, and there is a wide range of styles to choose from. Brick Kitchen Splashback Tiles.

Cool Kitchen Backsplashes to Whet Your Appetite

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The basic function of kitchen backsplashes is to prevent water, food and other types of liquids and solids from damaging the wall behind your kitchen counters. A photo of the city’s skyline is the inspiration for this spectacular kitchen backsplash in Melbourne.

Small Kitchen Decor Options

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“Although it might be small it is always mighty,” the saying may not be exactly about interior designing but it sure does come in handy when describing a small kitchen. We have put together a list of small kitchen décor options to help you achieve your perfect look.

10 Trendy Kitchen Island Ideas

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Functional yet stylish is the perfect definition of a kitchen island. Their versatility has made them a top favorite in the kitchen space. So much so that many individuals are redesigning and revamping their kitchen around the idea of having a modern kitchen island.

Tile Inspiration For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

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Tile is a popular choice for kitchen floors and backsplashes, so popular that even the priciest and most custom options can seem bland. The wide range of colors are perfect for adding a pop of color to an accent area of a kitchen floor, or for inspiring your remodel to new heights of glamour.

Frida, Diego and Their Kitchen

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I am planning on going on March 27 th when Kahlo scholar Dr. Salomon Grimberg will be speaking on Frida Kahlo: The Still Lifes- But let’s talk about the kitchen! There are many published photos of Frida’s kitchen which got me to wondering what it would look like today.

Six favorite kitchen and bath design trends

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This week, I’m going to focus on my six favorite kitchen and bath design trends. You see it in how functional space is designed so you can use, charge and store your devices in the kitchen or bath. Devices charge and live in the kitchen (Photo Courtesy: Legrande).

Bath 164

7 Unexpected Ways to Update Your Kitchen Color Palette

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After our long-term love of neutral and sparkling-white kitchens, we’re all craving a bit more color. You don’t have to change everything about your beautiful kitchen just to add new colors to your palette. Gold accents warm up a white kitchen.

Granada Tile Cement Tile In A Colorful Kitchen

Granada Tile

This amazing kitchen floor tile in the kitchen of a friend’s home using a patchwork of our concrete tiles stopped us in our tracks. If you would like to create your own patchwork of colorful tiles to bring a personal touch to your kitchen, we can help.

Retro Kitchen Ideas to Upgrade Your Current Kitchen

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Have you ever looked at a retro movie and your first thought was “how cool is their kitchen?” The idea of having a retro kitchen may seem far-fetched. Here are a few retro kitchen ideas that will help you upgrade your current kitchen.

How to Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles

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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, so it’s crucial to get your decor just right. Whether it’s your busy family hub, or somewhere to relax and socialise with friends, the kitchen is an important part all of our lives. The floor of your kitchen might not be the first thing you decide on, but it can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room. Porcelain is the most common material for kitchen floors as it is hardwearing and strong.

Our 5 Favorite Cement Kitchen Tile Designs (Which one fits your design style?)

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When you think about the part of your home that your family spends the most time in and connects in, you might picture your kitchen. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or require an extensive renovation to create a kitchen you love to be in and look at. Black and White Kitchen Tiles.

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Stylish Kitchen Countertop Ideas That Are Here To Stay

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A countertop in a kitchen tends to be like a statement necklace for an outfit- it completes the look in a stylish yet subtle manner. The following stylish kitchen countertop ideas will inspire your next renovation. Ensure you add copper kitchen essentials to truly focus on the color.

Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodeling Trends from KBDN

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This is my latest Trend Spotting report for Kitchen & Bath Design News , showing you what the experts are predicting for 2017. It covers economic, style and technology trends in the kitchen and bath sphere.

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The Ultimate Kitchen Backsplash Cheat Sheet

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An artfully chosen backsplash can upgrade the look of your kitchen, or even become the stylish focal point for the room. kitchen tiles

How To Add Color To An All-White Kitchen

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The other day we mentioned that, among the hottest kitchen trends for 2018 was adding color to your all white kitchen. This kitchen, created by ModOp design in partnership with Better Shelter, which uses our Madesimo cement tiles, suggests an easy way to do just that.

6 Of 2018’s Hottest Kitchen Trends And What They Cost

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If you’re considering a full-on kitchen remodel or even just a small update, the March 2018 issue of Money lays out the 6 hottest kitchen trends for 2018 and breaks down the cost of each one.

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11 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Should Consider

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Whether your dream kitchen is modern, traditional with a hint of color, or country chic, changing up your backsplash can make a huge difference with little to no effort. The idea is to revitalize the space while still maintain the main aesthetics already used in the kitchen space.

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas to consider

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Farmhouse décor is quickly becoming the IT trend to add in a home, including in the kitchen area. One way to add the trend quickly and seamlessly is by adding in a rustic kitchen island. With that being said, adding a rustic kitchen island may be the upgrade your kitchen needs.

Terra Cottage Kitchen Remodel

Architectural Ceramics

I’m going to start with the kitchen because its the central point of a home. We aren’t completely done with our kitchen yet but we’re close! Kitchen (Before). Kitchen (After). The backsplash is my favorite things about the kitchen!

A Gorgeous Copper & Cement Tile Kitchen

Granada Tile

Copper Is The Medal Winner In Today’s Kitchens. Copper is taking the lead in today’s kitchens. Arguably, stainless steel accessories and appliances ruled the kitchen for many years. It telegraphed the message that the kitchen was a serious place.

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Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For The Chic Cook

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When we first think about the kitchen space we may think white, pastels or vivid bright hues, especially during the summer months. Here are some black kitchen cabinet ideas for the chic cook that want to bring something different to their home décor.

A Modern Kitchen With Black & White Accents

Granada Tile

Black & White Fez Cement Tiles In A Show Stopping Kitchen Design. In a rustic modern home in Dutchess County New York , designed by Studio Marchetti, this kitchen brings the “wow” factor! Get Inspired black & white Dutchess County Fez kitchen Studio Marchetti

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Granada Tile Badajoz Tile In A Kitchen On Apartment Therapy

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The Moorish yet modern lines of Granada Tile’s Badajoz cement tile in black and white add a graphic punch when used as a kitchen floor. Granada Tile Badajoz cement tile kitchen floor, from Apartment Therapy. Granada Tile Badajoz cement tile kitchen floor seen on Apartment Therapy.

How to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen

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Whether your kitchen is a true fixer-upper from decades ago or your once-trendy laminate countertop and linoleum flooring fell out of style fast, it may be time to modernize your outdated kitchen. Often times, these cabinets consume the eye and make the kitchen feel crowded.

How To 114

A Tunis Cement Tile Elevates An Open-Plan Kitchen

Granada Tile

In this Austin kitchen by Lauren Ramirez, a backsplash of Tunis cement tiles is elevated by a backsplash of Granada Tile’s Tunis cement tiles. The post A Tunis Cement Tile Elevates An Open-Plan Kitchen appeared first on Granada Tile Cement Tile Blog | Tile Ideas, Tips and More.

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Brighten Up Your Home With Vibrants Colourful Kitchen Tiles

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Whether you love to spend hours perfecting your culinary creations, or dash in to make tea and toast, the kitchen is one of those rooms in the home where you can have fun with colour. The contrasting white grout really makes the tiles pop and gives this kitchen and fun and modern look.

Grout 149

Our Top Rated Contemporary Kitchen Tiles

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Beautiful homes need beautiful kitchens. No longer just a back-door room where cooking happens, your kitchen is essentially the place where the family comes together. kitchen tilesIf you are remodeling your home, don’t overlook this important space!

Customer Kitchen

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from our Indianapolis, IN showroom sent me this photo of his clients kitchen. Good morning! I hope you are well. Tony D. Looking at the happy dog in this photo makes me wish I had tile throughout my entire home. It is so pet friendly- they love the cool touch and "mistakes" are easy to clean!!

Badajoz Cement Tile Gives Us Pantry Envy In A Kitchen Lab Interiors Design

Granada Tile

Our Badajoz cement tiles have been getting a lot of kitchen love lately. Jessica Helgerson’s kitchen design seems to have jumpstarted the trend a few years ago. Now Rebekah Zaveloff of Kitchen Lab Interiors has created this black and white pantry.

Top Taupe Paints for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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The color you select for your cabinetry sets the tone for the décor you will be using in your kitchen space. We’ve written articles on tips and color options that will best suit your kitchen space. Here are our top, taupe paints for your kitchen cabinets.

Ways to Waterproof Your Kitchen

Kitchen and Residential Design

In a home, the kitchen is often the center of all activity. The kitchen also receives a lot of water activity, and sometimes it is unwanted water. Spills, steam vapor, pipe leaks, overflowing sinks and a myriad of other problems can strike a kitchen at any time.

‘Non-Kitchen’ Kitchen in Montreal Showcases Souvenirs

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

An ode to travels and souvenirs, this kitchen renovation in Montreal, Canada, began with a deep desire to inundate the space with memories of the owner’s adventures. “ It was crystal clear at that moment that those stories and memories are what the kitchen needed to reflect.

11 Yellow Kitchen Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

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The kitchen is one of the most loved and used areas of the home, so why not give it the chance to be the main focus of the home by making it yellow. A yellow kitchen is the latest trend to be taking over interior decorating. Add them in a bowl and place them around the kitchen area.

Kitchen Styles

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If you’re planning on giving your kitchen a makeover, you have no shortage of options when it comes to the style. From rustic to sleek and modern, there is a kitchen design for every taste. Primary Kitchen Styles. Let the Jack Rosen team help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

Timeless Kitchen Pieces

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Homeowners understand that remodeling your kitchen can be a significant investment. Remodeling your kitchen for resale can be one of the largest return-on-investments that homeowners will make. The main fear that homeowners and buyers alike face is will their kitchen be out-of-style in the next few years? We have created a list of a few timeless kitchen pieces that have won homeowner’s hearts over the decades. Timeless Kitchen Pieces : Age is Beauty.

Revamp Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

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Whether you use your kitchen to entertain or to simply prepare a meal for your family, it’s nice to walk into a kitchen that you love. If your kitchen is becoming a bit worn and a big-ticket renovation just isn’t in the budget you can still upgrade the space without breaking the bank.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Floor Tile

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When you’re choosing kitchen floor tile, considerations about usage and appearance should be at the top of your mind. kitchen tiles