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The backsplash is the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen design. Backsplashes add color, texture, interest, and pattern to the kitchen, and are considered the most decorative part of the design. Use them sparingly or make a splash and create an accent wall in your kitchen. This does not always have to be so, however.

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5 Ways to Use Encaustic Tiles in Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Granada Tile

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, encaustic cement tiles are an excellent choice for any design scheme or style. Why Encaustic Tiles Are Ideal for Kitchens. Encaustic tile has among the best materials you can use, not just for your kitchen but for any area of your home. Create a Gorgeous Floor. Make Your Island Bar Shine.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Flooring

As The Tile Turns

When you think of your dream kitchen, what do you picture? Perhaps you imagine a kitchen island or granite counters. These elements are all important, but have you stopped to consider the impact of kitchen flooring? Beautiful cabinets and backsplash probably come to mind.

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A Guide for Choosing Your Kitchen Wall Tiles

The London Tile Co.

How To Choose Your Kitchen Tiles. Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, so choosing the best kitchen tiles is an important task. Whether you’re refreshing or building a new kitchen, you’ll find there are a multitude of options available to you. Why choose tiles for your kitchen?

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10-Point Pandemic Kitchen Rating Guide

JG Kitchens

My ex found it very amusing that his kitchen designer wife doesn’t love cooking. A smart home technology friend shared the term “pandemic kitchen” in a recent phone call, and I thought it was great. I have no doubt that our kitchens will change as a result of this crisis.

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Design a Gorgeous Kitchen Tile Backsplash with the Olvera Collection

Granada Tile

Kitchen redesigns are significant because they not only upgrade but add value to your home. Check out these kitchen backsplash ideas from our new Olvera Collection and take your renovation to the next level. Encaustic hand-poured cement tiles offer a wide range of benefits for your kitchen remodel. Want to learn more?

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4 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Featuring Handmade Cement Tiles

Granada Tile

It’s about that time again when people start thinking about spring remodeling projects, and what room of the house gets remodeled more than the kitchen? Of course, an essential part of redoing your kitchen is choosing what kinds of tile you’ll use for the floors, the walls, and the backsplash. Don’t Forget the Backsplash.

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