3 Ways to Use Tile Outdoors

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Sand and chipped-rock patios give visitors a sense of the patio being separate from the house, but a patio should be an extension of a home's accomplishments inside, thus integrating outdoor living.

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Great Outdoor Living Space Ideas

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Time to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors! Whether you have a large outdoor living space or a small living space, creating a unique outdoor living space that connects with your personality is a great way to go about creating a stylish place.

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Indoor Outdoor Living Design Ideas

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You can take this one step further by extending your living space outdoors with an indoor-outdoor room. This not only brings a feel of outdoors inside, but also creates additional entertaining space. There are a number of things you can do to create a cohesive indoor-outdoor room and we’ve put together our top tips below. Not only does this help with your indoor-outdoor design but it adds a bright and fresh feel to your interior. Outdoor Furniture.

20 Modern Outdoor Bar Ideas To Entertain With!

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These 20 modern outdoor bar ideas will make it easy to entertain and enjoy the warmer months within your outside space! Here’s another beautiful, contemporary outdoor kitchen complete with a bar area to enjoy all of the sips and treats served up out there. Outdoor Furniture

Wallpaper Wednesday | Outdoor Wallpaper


Bring style to any outdoor space and add a unique design element with outdoor wallpaper. This is a stunning way to add a creative flare to any indoor or outdoor space.

ARDEX Introduces X 90 OUTDOOR™ the New Level in Mortar Standards

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ARDEX Introduces X 90 OUTDOOR™ the New Level in Mortar Standards. June 5, 2017 – ARDEX Americas is pleased to announce that ARDEX X 90 OUTDOOR™ MicroteC3 Rapid-Set, Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar is now available for purchase at ARDEX distributors throughout North America.

Take the luxury of indoor living…outdoors

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Click to view slideshow. Designed for use in rugged exterior applications, the 2cm paver is a frost-resistant porcelain stoneware slab that offers a blend of durability, versatility, performance, eco-sustainability and most importantly, ease of installation. Make your exterior as beautiful as your interior with a choice of eleven different looks to suit your style.

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Summer Outdoor Furniture Ideas


During the summer, we all love to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Whether it is enjoying time with your family outdoors, entertaining with friends, or just having a moment to yourself enjoying your outdoor space, we can’t deny our love for the outdoors.

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Summer

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It’s time for cookouts, BBQ’s and outdoor entertaining. But outdoor parties can become tedious with all that running back and forth, inside and out with serving dishes and food. The solution: Outdoor kitchens. Stainless steel cabinets are ideal for outdoor kitchens.

How to Create An Outdoor Oasis In Your Backyard

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Want to create an amazing outdoor oasis in your back yard? No matter how small, your back yard can be turned into an amazing outdoor oasis. There are numerous design elements that, when combined together, create wonderful outdoor escapes. Comfortable Outdoor Seating.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas


Summers host a lot of weddings despite the heat and sun and its as surprising as it is true that most of these are held in the outdoors. Probably winters restrict the outdoor activities so much that summers find people running towards the outdoors. Outdoor Wedding Decor.

PorcelPave New Outdoor Porcelain Paving Tiles

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The qualities that make porcelain such a desirable material for the home also make it the perfect choice for outdoor applications. Our new range of PorcelPave outdoor porcelain pavers are all either 18mm or 20mm thick, making them perfect for use outside. Outdoor Tiles Tile Design Tips outdoor porcelain outdoor tiles porcelain pavers porcelpave

Update Your Outdoor Space With 20mm Porcelain Tiles

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Valverdi Indoor-Out porcelain tiles have been designed to harmonise your indoor and outdoor living spaces, connecting them through the use of continuous materials. Whilst the co-ordinating 10mm indoor and 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles manage to create indoor to outdoor flow perfectly, this does not mean that the indoor and outdoor tiles cannot be used independently of each other. Valverdi Outdoor 20mm porcelain tiles are suitable for: Patios.

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Outdoor Living Rooms: Fresh Ideas For Expanding Your Living Space Outdoors

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An outdoor living room is a great way to expand your living space. Image: Contract Furnishings Mart Adding an outdoor living room has become an increasingly popular home upgrade and it’s not hard to see why. Comfy seating should be a top priority in your outdoor living room.

How to Trick Out Your Outdoor Grill Using 10 Essential BBQ Accessories

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We’ve collected some of our favorite outdoor grill ideas to get you ready for summer. A Japanese Kamado ceramic barbecue that uses firewood or charcoal as fuel is the centerpiece of this modern, functional small outdoor grill area. We hope you like the products we recommend.

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Create Weatherproof Decking with Outdoor Porcelain Wood Effect Tiles

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One area where wood is often used is outdoors to create a deck seating area in gardens. The outdoor porcelain tiles are double the thickness of a traditional indoor floor tile, and thanks to the manufacturing process they are over three times as strong.

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20 Ways to Maximize a Small Outdoor Space

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You don’t need a large backyard space to enjoy the outdoors. houzz.com Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t experience the outdoors. This balcony features bench seating and a tall table for outdoor meals.

Poolside Retreat Revives Outdoor Space in Spanish Home

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Photography by Salva Lopez and information courtesy of MESURA ] The post Poolside Retreat Revives Outdoor Space in Spanish Home appeared first on Freshome.com. Architecture Modern Outdoor Space Poolside Terraces Storage Space

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7 Sneaky Solutions for Small Outdoor Spaces

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While large backyards are certainly dreamy, small outdoor spaces are often the reality, yet equally able to provide a place to entertain, relax and frolic in the sun (or shade if you prefer). Outdoor Space. Pin it.

Tips For Planning Outdoor Tiles

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The 20mm Outdoor Valverdi tiles have an enhanced slip-resistant surface, making them perfect for all weather types. DIY Tiling Tips Home Advice balcony tiles DIY indoor-out indoor-out tiles outdoor porcelain porcelain tiles valverdiSometimes it’s difficult to know what to do with our outside spaces. For some of us they seem too small to do much, or we don’t want anything too maintenance heavy, or perhaps we’re just uninspired.

Summer's Coming: 25 Fabulous Outdoor DIY Projects

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Outdoor Space It might still be freezing where you are (it is here), but summer will come around eventually. Now''s the time to get started on hanging lanterns, lawn games, grilling stations, and 22 other projects that will make summer sensational. READ MORE ». Projects.

21 Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

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Which, of course, is an impossible dream, unless you live in one of these amazing indoor/outdoor spaces, where the usual boundary between inside and outside blurs in the best possible way. It''s that time of year when it''s suddenly, delightfully, bearable to be outside.

10 DIY Projects to Transform Your Outdoor Space This Weekend

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If the unusually temperate weather has got you thinking about improving your outdoor space, we've got ten projects that will help you make the most of your patio, balcony, or backyard. Outdoor Space. Pin it. This is beautiful time of year.

Beautiful Bohemian Outdoor Spaces

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If you're looking for some inspiration for adding a little bohemian flair to your outdoor space, look no further than this collection of seven beautiful patios, balconies, and rooftops, full of interesting textures, colorful textiles, and plants galore. Outdoor Space. Pin it.

Celebrate Spring! 3 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors This Weekend

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From our video archives, here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor Space Georgia''s "Primitive Modern" Austin Home. Spring is (finally!) here, and there''s no better time to be outside.

8 Inspiring Indoor/Outdoor Kitchens

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But I'm even more jealous of people who have kitchens like these, with doors and even walls that can be peeled back to create and entire kitchen that's gloriously open to the outdoors. Pin it.

Our Favorite Outdoor Spaces — Best of 2014

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It may be a little chilly, but that doesn''t mean we can''t dream of beautiful outdoor spaces — and beautiful weather to go with them. From our 2014 tours, here are some of our favorite outdoor ''rooms''. Outdoor Space.

Leslie's Lovely, Vintage Los Angeles Garden — My Great Outdoors

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We're back on the garden beat with return of My Great Outdoors, and what better way to get things rolling than with Leslie's boldly colored, vintage brick backyard. Outdoor Space. Pin it. Name: Leslie. Location: Los Angeles, California. Tis the patio season y'all!

Paving with Porcelain

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February 2016 – Rockville, MD – Twice as thick as most tiles, Garden 2cm is one of Architectural Ceramic ‘s first outdoor pavers. Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces. Custom Designs Design Installation & Maintenance Outdoor Remodeling

20 Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting Picks to Brighten Your Backyard or Balcony

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Outdoor Space. Outdoor Goods. Chris and Amber's Old + New Renovated Home. Image credit: Monica Wang ). Light up the night with lanterns, sconces, and string lights that look as beautiful decorating your backyard during the day as they do glowing in the evening.

A Lovely LA Backyard Designed for The Drought — My Great Outdoors

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Outdoor Space. My Great OutdoorsPin it. Name: Ujjaini and Adit. Location: Los Angeles, California. This is such a great example of thoughtful and practical design. Ujianai and Adit built a great backyard that is not only inspired by their enviornment, but designed to help it.

Ambitious & Awesome: 6 Fun DIY Projects for Outdoor Spaces

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You''ll have a DIY object for your outdoor space that will be fun to use, nice to look at and proof you can really DIY! Outdoor Space. Outdoor Accessories. Have a whole weekend to really delve into DIY and try something ambitious?

DIY Outdoor Serving Station — Apartment Therapy Reader Submission Tutorials

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If you're looking to add something to your outdoor space and don't necessarily have a green thumb, allow me to point you in the direction of this super cute serving station. Pin it.

10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas You Must See

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Outdoor lighting is a prominent aspect in any outdoor landscape décor it creates ambiance as well as practical function. Incorporating light fixture such as outdoor wall sconces, pathway fixtures, dangling lights and accent lights can provide any space a whimsical yet creative feel.

Contemporary Gated Community Home Unraveling a Seamless Connection To Outdoors

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Built to address the needs of a modern family, the home known as Casa Ceolin was imagined by AT Arquitetura with a linear layout which enhances the connection between indoors and outdoors.

DIY Outdoor Wood Bench — Apartment Therapy Reader Submission Tutorials

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If you're interested in a bit of a challenge and want to revamp your outdoor space on a budget, give this gorgeous bench a try! Pin it. This is a little labor intensive, but the result is beautiful.

Fall Entertaining: Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Space Warm


Outdoor is the perfect place to entertain or dine even during cooler weather. We agree that autumn months can make outdoor entertaining a bit less comfortable but all is requires is some preparation before the guests arrive. Fall Entertaining: Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Space Warm.

Live Outside this Summer: 9 Inspiring Outdoor Kitchens

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And now that the season for grilling has finally come, everyone's thoughts are turning to the outdoors. If you're lucky enough to have a backyard, you may be considering one of the latest trends for the American home: an outdoor replica of your indoor kitchen. Outdoor Space.

How To Create Indoor-Outdoor Flow

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The trend for indoor-outdoor living areas is one that is might seem relatively new, but we think everyone should be embracing it. Having a large indoor space that’s only used occasionally is impractical, and yet a smaller space which connects to a corresponding outdoor area gives you the option to extend when needed. We’ve put together some helpful hints to guide you in creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Makeover Your Summer: A Complete Outdoor Space Shopping List for Under $700

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Outdoor Accessories. Outdoor Goods We are so looking forward to spending quality time on our "patio" (concrete-n-gravel area) this summer, but so far we only have one adult lounge chair and a barbecue grill.