Experimenting with Ceramic Formats

Tile of Spain USA

The joints where tile meets wall are no longer hidden, but are accentuated with the ebbs and flow of multilateral ceramic pieces. Experimentation with different ceramic formats allows us to try multiple installation methods and combine them to craft surfaces full of depth and interest.

Ceramic Wallpaper

Diary of a Tile Addict

All the impact, pattern, and drama of pasted strips of paper without any of the peeling, warping, or fading – ceramic wallpaper is a magical thing. Their slimline shape allows them to be placed on existing surfaces (including ceramics and natural stone) for an instant revamped wall.


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Ceramic Tile Provides A Durable Artistic Canvas For Designers

JG Kitchens

That was the artistry of ceramic tile. The post Ceramic Tile Provides A Durable Artistic Canvas For Designers comes to you courtesy of Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCCWC, Wellness Design Consultant and Author.

The Power of Size: Large-Format Ceramics

Tile of Spain USA

The Spanish tile sector, more specifically, the Castellón tile group, stands out for their capacity to innovate and never cease in their quest to improve the possibilities of ceramic tile coverings. The post The Power of Size: Large-Format Ceramics first appeared on Tile of Spain USA.

Recyling Ceramics

Diary of a Tile Addict

We’ve covered a lot of repurposed waste here – from shells to slag, paper to plastic, and from tea to pee, and today we add another to that list -ceramics. The Remake Ceramics tableware ‘Future History’ gave us a glimpse at what this new home could be.

2022 Surface Design: Trends in Ceramic Finishes

Tile of Spain USA

This season, ceramic surface design will focus on restoring balance in interior and exterior settings. In collaboration with the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH), we present four key trends that will define 2022 decorative ceramic reliefs and graphics.

Choose Ceramics for Safety

Tile of Spain USA

As the slogan for the ASCER and Confindustria Cerámica advertising campaign launched in early 2019 claims: ceramic is a safe choice. It is these features that have traditionally made ceramic tiles the covering of choice for kitchens and bathrooms all over the world.

Trends in Ceramic Surfaces

Tile of Spain USA

This season’s ceramic tiles are focused on conveying a warm feeling that awaken your senses. The use of color and matte finishes, along with the varying ceramic wall tile reliefs and micro reliefs will set the stage for comfort and well-being.

The Heart of Heath Ceramics

Diary of a Tile Addict

Since 1948 Heath Ceramics have been serving up American made glazed goodies in California. Originally a small-scale pottery ran by Edith & Brian Heath, Heath Ceramics opened its first factory in Sausalito in 1959 and welcomed tile production eight years later.

Ceramic: A Safe Choice

Tile of Spain USA

Did you know that ceramic is a safe and completely recyclable material? Because ceramic a natural and safe material, it works for virtually any room in the home. Ceramic tiles keep kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor areas clean and safe for everyone. Not to mention, ceramic tiles are easy to install and last for years. Ceramic is also one of the most durable materials you can choose for your home.…

An Ode to Ceramic Floors

Tile of Spain USA

Natural and recyclable, resistant and hygienic, creative and timeless, ceramic tile has quickly become the ideal surface material to use for floors in both residential and commercial settings. Blog ceramic tile Floor Tile Tile Trends

Exploring the Typology of Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

While ceramic tiles are available in an abundance of sizes, shapes, formats and colors, did you know there are also different classifications of ceramic pieces? Read on as we delve into the various genres of ceramic pieces and the defining characteristics of each category: Wall Tile.

Modern Applications for Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tiles offer an exciting and infinite number of design possibilities for decorating interiors and exteriors. Read on to explore design with these avant-garde applications: Ceramic Rugs. Ceramic tiles have changed the way architects approach exterior design.

Improving and Enhancing Living Spaces with Ceramic Tiles

Tile of Spain USA

In a recent study led by the Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile and Building Suppliers (ANDIMAC), Spaniards rated the current quality of life in their homes with a score of 6.8 In addition to their technical advantages and composition, ceramic tiles are incredibly visually versatile.

Ceramic Tile: The Key Element to Sustainable Building

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tiles have become a fundamental building and surface material for the development, and design of sustainable commercial and residential projects. Read on as we explore the immeasurable benefits of ceramics and find out what makes tile from Spain so durable, safe and hygienic.

Ceramic Tile Shopping Guide

Why Tile

The post Ceramic Tile Shopping Guide appeared first on Why Tile. Tile Tips

Artisanal, Elongated Ceramic Bricks at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile

For 35 years out of Devon, England, Original Style has been renowned for making some of the industry’s most well-designed ceramic tile. They also know that trends are never set in stone. Trends are cyclical and yet ever changing, so Original Style develops their designs.

Stunning glazed ceramic tiles that add shine and brightness to your interior

Rubble Tile

This month at Rubble Tile, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest vendor, European Porcelain & Ceramics! Their mission is to introduce fabulous European tile lines to showrooms and designers in the U.S.

Ceramic Tile Selection: A Guide to Choosing Format, Color, and Decorative Relief

Tile of Spain USA

It is with these design factors in mind that ceramic tile has become the top surface material of choice to use in both interior and exterior projects. Ceramic tile design has evolved from the once standard square and rectangular formats to outfit spaces with dynamic collections and pieces.

Colors 184

Surge: AC’s Glass-Inspired Ceramic

Architectural Ceramics

Check out Architectural Ceramic’s Surge Collection, featuring a large-format ceramic tile, that mimics illuminated glass and includes bold electric colors too. AC’s Surge Collection, a large-format ceramic tile made to look like back-lit glass, has several features that make it a bright idea: 8″x24″ field tile. a glazed ceramic, glossy finish. With the look of back-lit glass, this large-format ceramic tile has us doing a double take.

Sustainable Ceramics from Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tile has gained notoriety as the top building material for residential and commercial spaces. In addition to these qualities, ceramics are a completely natural, safe and hygienic material made with ingredients that come directly from the Earth.

Spain 130

Innovation in Ceramic Architecture: The TR HOUSE BARCELONA

Tile of Spain USA

The home has several outdoor living spaces outlined by a continuous pattern glazed ceramic tiles stacked in a hanging interwoven stainless-steel wire mesh. The ceramic tiles appear in four different colors that reflect the calming hues found in the natural scenery enveloping the home.

Back to Basics: AC’s Ceramic Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

While children everywhere are going back to school, let’s go back to basics and learn about ceramic tile through a few of Architectural Ceramic’s collections: Basics, London, and City Hall. With a few simple lessons in science, geography and math, we’ll see how ceramics are classified, where they come from, and how adding any one of our ceramic collections to your project, equals a great space. The principles used to create ceramic tile are basic.

Enhance Outdoor Spaces With Ceramic Tile From Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Make the most of your outdoor spaces year-round with ceramic tile from Spain. Thanks to its technical properties, ceramic tile can withstand the passing of time, resisting temperature changes, humidity, and inclement weather.

Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile

Tile Talk

Since launching our new line of Porcelain Pool Tile earlier this month, we''ve been getting a lot of questions about what makes porcelain tile better than ceramic tile. More commonly, the question is simply, "What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?" Homeowners often discuss ceramic and porcelain interchangeably, as if they were one and the same. Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile and nothing more. Porcelain clay is more dense than ceramic clay.

Warmer Weather Brings New Ceramic Tile Trends

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic manufacturers anticipate this transition of trends by proposing suitable pieces to adorn spaces for the upcoming hot months. Ceramic tiles remain a popular choice for vacation homes as they are an adaptable material, perfect for multifunctional spaces and high traffic areas.

Trends 133

Designing with Color: Chromatic Trends Inspired by Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Thanks to their versatility in finish, format, shape and size, ceramic tiles offer an unlimited number of design solutions for residential and commercial spaces with which we can explore. Design 2020 Trends Ceramic Tiles Color Spanish Tile Tile of Spain

Colors 130

At The Core of Ceramics

Tile of Spain USA

The architecture and design world is witnessing a resurgence of the fundamental nature of ceramics. Trends for 2019 have shown that there are two very different trends in evidence among the ceramic tile manufacturers’ offerings for the new year. Blog Bestile ceramic tile Cristal Estudio Ceramica natucer Porcelain tile Realonda Spanish Tile tile of spain

8 Ways to Install Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

The possibilities of applying and combining ceramic tiles are infinite. Below we analyze eight different methods for installing ceramic tiles and the stunning looks they offer as a result: Aparici, Cotto.

Spain 130

Ceramics Impose Their Rules

Tile of Spain USA

Spanish ceramics, compared to other materials, offers the perfect combination of quality and versatility, without losing the aesthetic that will make them unique. So, why are ceramics the best material for any home? The raw material that composes a ceramic tile comes from the earth (clay) that, together with water and fire, makes this material a natural product. When renovating or remodeling a house, there are multiple variables to consider.

6 Ceramic Styles Heating Up Interiors This Season

Tile of Spain USA

The collections of Spanish ceramic floor and wall tiles available in this shade range are the perfect way to invite timeless design to interiors this season. The variety of formats and the complex details that can be found among ceramic motifs has become more sophisticated in recent years.

Spain 137

Upcoming Trends in Ceramics

Tile of Spain USA

Spanish ceramics have a long history of doing both of those things. Always at the forefront of industry, Spanish ceramics are the material of choice with sales showing year after year growth. The process of creating a home is complex and intimate. Designers (or homeowners) must be able to find functional solutions for everyday needs while keeping the personal touch of those who will live in the home. Geotiles (Pamesa Group) Tokio (35X35”).

Trends 105

Ceramic Morphologies: 3D Printing on Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Harvard University researchers and students from t he Material Processes and Systems (MaP+S) group once again delighted visitors to the Trans-Hitos exhibit at CEVI SAMA (2017) with their new project entitled “Ceramic Morphologies.” ” T he new installation, supported by the Ceramic Technology Institute ( Institution de Tecnología Cerámica, ITC ) in Castellón, Spain, e xplored the design opportunities of a no vel ceramic 3D printing strategy.

The 2021 CID Awards Honors Two Tile of Spain Ceramic Projects

Tile of Spain USA

The post The 2021 CID Awards Honors Two Tile of Spain Ceramic Projects first appeared on Tile of Spain USA.

Spain 206

Confounding Ceramic Clothing

Diary of a Tile Addict

Market , which began in 2017 is an full-scale market stall with produce crafted entirely from ceramic tiles, cement, mirror and natural stone. These are ceramic tiles as you’ve never seen them before, and they are truly excellent. Art and Artists Reclamation Uncategorized Barnitski silk factory ceramic clothing ceramic tile art Chernobyl art market second hand tile tile art Ukranian artist venice art biennale Zhanna Kadyrova

Ceramics, the Material of Choice for Residential Environments

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tile has earned notoriety as the top building and surface material when it comes to commercial design, but did you know it has also gained prominence as the material of choice for residential design? Learn more about the advantages ceramic tiles lend to each area of the home: Facades.

Biophilic Design and Ceramic Tile

Why Tile

Whether you’re already fully on board with this trend or are still catching up, we’re here to update you on everything you need to know about biophilic design and how to incorporate it into your home… The post Biophilic Design and Ceramic Tile appeared first on Why Tile.

Ceramic Tile’s Benefits for Allergy Sufferers

Why Tile

Your home’s flooring, specifically, can contribute to allergies, with certain flooring types harboring dust mites and other allergens, creating an environment conducive to… The post Ceramic Tile’s Benefits for Allergy Sufferers appeared first on Why Tile.

Designing a Home with Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Designing a home with ceramic tile has never been more exciting! Read on as we explore diverse uses for ceramic tile in and out of the home, you may just find some inspiration for your next project! With the advancements made in tile production, ceramics have changed the way developers approach exterior design. For these environments, large-format ceramic flooring becomes an ideal option to establish a relationship between interior and exterior living areas.

Spain 100

Ceramic Collaborations

Diary of a Tile Addict

RIBA North is hosting Moulding Futures: Collaborative Explorations in Ceramics for Architecture symposium on Friday 8th December, a one-day event created by ECAlab and supported by Tile of Spain, the University of Liverpool and Leeds Beckett University. Through presentations and chaired discussions, leading global authorities will explore the value that ceramics can bring to architecture. Pavilion by Harvard University explores 3D printing of ceramics.

Panariagroup chooses System Ceramics for its Fiorano Modenese factory renovation

Ceramics of Italy

In keeping with its corporate objectives and pioneering nature, Panariagroup chose System Ceramics as a major technology partner for the large-scale project to refurbish the plants at its Fiorano Modenese factory carried out during 2021.

Italy 52

Ceramics of Italy Tile Trends Spring/Summer 2021

Diary of a Tile Addict

But Ceramics of Italy have come through with a trends report so at least we can share that! Ceramics of Italy. We’re still stuck at home, not visiting any tile shows and not getting our fix from Coverings , Revesti r , Cevisama , or Cersaie.

Italy 87


Making Tile Modern

We recently launched our first ceramic tile collection and we’ve been so thrilled that the majority of our customers have choose to create blends! Our 2×8 ceramic subway tiles are sold by the square foot and our customers can purchase as many square feet as they’d like. We have seven colors in-stock and any talented tile installer can turn those individual colors into a completely custom ceramic tile blend. We love a tile blend.