Italian Ceramic Tile and Mosaics. Part One: Mosaics


Italy is a treasure rove of mosaics. Each era brought something special to mosaics and each era brought that special quality to a world larger that the Italian peninsula and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The Romans viewed the primary use of mosaics as floor decoration.

The Magnificent Mosaics of Khirbat Al-Mafjar


During the first half of the eighth century CE, near the ancient city of Jericho, in what is now called the Palestinian Territories near Israel, magnificent mosaic floors were created for the audience hall and the baths (hammam) of a palace, now known as "Hisham's Palace."

Interesting Ideas For Mosaic Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Mosaic tiles have been used for thousands of years to create works of art and decoration by people all over the world. Available in glass, stone, ceramic and even metal, mosaic tiles also come in a variety of colours and designs suitable for so many surfaces. Ways To Use Mosaic Tiles.

Artisan Shares Creative Vision with Mosaics

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Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.” At the intersection of “skilled artisan” and mosaic art” you will find Ariel Shoemaker. How did you get into creating with mosaic art?

Switching Gears: AC’s Mosaic Tile Collection

Architectural Ceramics

We hope this industrial-looking water-jet mosaic gets you thinking of installing it in your own home. AC’s Gears Collection , offered as a marble or porcelain water-jet mosaic, has several features that will turn your tile project into a unique one: interlocking 12×12 sheet.

Metal Mosaics

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Check out these cool new metal mosaics from Olympia Tile. tile metal mosaic olympia They consist of a thin layer of stainless steel over a ceramic base. Silver & Copper colors in various styles, in Brushed and Mirror finishes.

Linen Glass Mosaic

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Linen is a tailored, textural glass mosaic line that is available in four classic colors including; Ash, Charcoal, Dark Grey and Super White. tile fabric glass linen mosaic

Aluminum mosaics from Olympia

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These shimmering, brushed aluminum mosaics add a touch of contemporary style to backsplashes and feature walls that demand a focal point. A variety of shapes, sizes and colors, these super-lightweight mosaics are great for vertical areas that are kept dry.

Classic glazed hexagon mosaics

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Timeless and versatile, Ontario matte glazed porcelain mosaics are available in a variety of colors and sizes to provide traditional styling in both residential and commercial spaces. Related Images: tile hexagon mosaic olympia ontario

Restoring the Mosaic Entrance Columns at Fairmount Temple


The Restored Mosaic Covered Columns at Fairmount Temple in Beachwood Ohio For nearly sixty years the congregation of Fairmount Temple synagogue of Beachwood Ohio has worshipped in one of the area's most beautiful religious buildings and sanctuaries.

Silver & Chocolate Aluminum Mosaic Backsplash

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These gorgeous Silver and Chocolate Aluminum mosaics might just be the perfect answer! Ultra-light, with a gleam that only brushed aluminum can provide, these mosaics add a powerful punch to a lackluster space. Related Images: tile aluminum backsplash mosaic olympia

Italian Mosaics

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I simply love mosaics–from the earliest ones I’ve seen at Ephesus, Herculaneum, St. The beauty of mosaics is in the detail. I find it interesting to follow the development of scale and artistry in the earliest mosaics to those in St.

Exotic Mosaic Collection

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A new collection of mosaics has debuted in our showrooms. The Exotic Collection from Alpha are a series of 1″ x 1″ staggered and stacked mosaic tiles that combine glossy, matte and iridescent glass tiles with stone, resin and glazed ceramic blends.

Modern Mosaics

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Mosaic is defined as a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. The durability of tile can be seen through the sheer number of surviving mosaic art even through 2300 years! .

Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital Horticultural Therapy Suite Glass Tile Mosaic "The Four Seasons of Healing"


She invited me to create a glass tile mosaic for the new Horticultural Therapy Suite at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, part of University Hospital of Cleveland. The project, including the mosaic, was generously funded by a national association of credit unions.

Custom Glass Mosaics for the Win!

Architectural Ceramics

New Ravenna knocked it out of the park when they partnered with Architectural Ceramic’s designer, Yuvinka Deugarte, to design this glass mosaic. . Basketball player Ty”Reke Havoc” Evans inspired the mosaic and we’re absolutely in love!

Gaudi in New York: A Broken Tile Mosaic Masterpiece in Riverside Park


Hi all, New York City abounds with mosaics of all kinds if you know where to look. Wrapping around the big grey sandstone Greek temple looking mausoleum is a extensive broken tile mosaic bench. George George Woideck is a ceramic artist specializing in tile and mosaic.

Contemporary three dimensional marble mosaics

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Precision-cut into two gorgeous contemporary mosaics, this marble is giving a touch of urban elegance with random three-dimensional texture. Related Images: tile marble mosaics olympiaAlaska is a beautiful white and grey marble with a strong linear movement.

Marble 140

4 Ways To Use a Mosaic Tile Border

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we love mosaic tiles. From non-slip wet room floors, to dazzling kitchen splashbacks, mosaic tiles have a range of uses in kitchens and bathrooms. One of the most popular uses for mosaic tiles is as a border or feature strip, so we’ve put together four ways you can use them in your home. If you want to add colour to your bathroom or kitchen without overdoing it, a bright glass mosaic tile is a great choice. Mosaic Edge Border. At The London Tile Co.

New Plymouth Mosaic

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The new "Plymouth" mosaic should be arriving in stores. It is available in.5", 1" and the stria mosaic size. This is a transitional kitchen that shows how sharp this mosaic looks! link] The Plymouth 1" mosaic: The Stria installed Good afternoon!

The Most Beautiful Mosaic You'll Ever See

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Custom Mosaics From The Floor metropole mosaique surface stone The Metropole Collection arrived on all of our showrooms this week! We aren’t going to lie, it feels like Christmas. We will admit, we were in awe of this collection at Coverings, although now we have fallen in love.

Glass Mosaic Tile Design You Can Create Online

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Mix your own colors of our Brio glass mosaic tiles, then order a sample. Custom Brio glass mosaic tile blend. Customize your kitchen tile, shower tile or pool tile using our Modwalls tile blender. Once you’ve chosen your blend we’ll make it for you in about 1 week.

Hexagon Mosaics

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Here are some of my favorite installations using the hexagon mosaic: traditional bathroom design We should be receiving the new Hampton Carrara Hex tiles shortly (they will now be available in 1", 2", 3" and 5"). I love this pattern design- it''s so classic.

Traditional Mosaic Floors in a Contemporary Palette

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Looking for a classic mosaic in a contemporary palette? Ontario offers an array of 2″ dot-mount mosaics that are perfect for residential and light commercial floors. Related Images: tile glazed porcelain mosaic olympia ontario

Vitro Slim 2?x6? Glass Mosaic

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Perfect for elegant, contemporary spaces, Vitro Slim is a slim-profile 2″x6″ glass mosaic series that comes in a striking subtle palette of neutrals. Related Images: tile glass mosaic olympia

Mosaics: The Beginning of Architectural Ceramics, Part Three.


The Tiles of Ottoman Turkey and the Mosaics of Byzantium, Part Two.


Turkey 176

Stunning New Mosaics

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We just added some stunning new mosaic mixes to our collection! CORAL SPRINGS MOSAIC: PALM HARBOR MOSAIC: DAYTONA BEACH MOSAIC: I can''t wait to use these in our stores!! The first two are the Coral Springs and Palm Harbor mixes.

The Making of a (Transitional) Tile Mosaic in Historic Baltimore

Architectural Ceramics

January 2016 – Baltimore, MD – As a design consultant at Architectural Ceramics in Canton, a neighborhood of Baltimore City, I recently had the privilege of meeting a great couple that allowed me to create a mosaic design for the fireplace in their Bolton-Hill home in downtown Baltimore.

Unique Mosaics Shows ARDEX Pride…#TileTuesday

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Angie Halford and her WINNING Mosaic Masterpiece! When Global Tile Posse Facebook Group admin Jason McDaniel came up with a contest challenge for members to show their ARDEX pride, Unique Mosaics owner Angie Halford rose to the occasion.

Glass Mosaic Tile Blends You Design Online

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Brio custom glass mosaic tile blend. briotile #glasstile #mosaic #moderhome #moderntile #pooltile #kitchentile #backsplash #bathroomtile #bluetile #colortile #livewithcolor #buytileonline #createyourowntileblend #modwallstileblender. 4 variations on a theme.

New Marble & Mother of Pearl Mosaics in the Twin Cities

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They have recently added eight new mosaic patterns to their collection. Chevron & Iris Chevron and Iris are two new mosaic patterns […]. The post New Marble & Mother of Pearl Mosaics in the Twin Cities appeared first on Rubble Tile : Minneapolis Tile Shop and Showroom. New Product backsplash bathroom Bathroom tile marble marble-mosaics mosaic mosaic-tile-minneapolis natural-stone-mosaics residential shower tile Tile Minneapolis tile shop minneapolis wall tile

Summer Crop of Mosaic Pendants

Margaret Almon Mosaics

Summer Crop of Mosaic Pendants by Margaret Almon. Wordless Wednesday mosaic pendantsGlass, ceramic, dichroic, mirror, gold smalti, 1 inch square, ©2015. Get your pendant here.

A New Canvas for Artwork … Spanish Tile Mosaics

Tile of Spain USA

If a picture is worth a thousand words … then Tile of Spain manufacturer La Platera can speak volumes using Spanish ceramic tile mosaics. Below are a few of the current offerings found in the company’s catalog, including this mosaic featuring movie screen legend Audrey Hepburn.

The Tile Shop: Design by Kirsty: The New Lindenwood Mosaic

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The New Lindenwood Mosaic. Our new Lindenwood mosaic has arrived! Some fun facts about this mosaic: *I first saw it in the Luxury Home Tour in Fargo, ND and liked the contemporary look. *We The Lindenwood Mosaic: [link]. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

New Colors in Cork Mosaic Tile!

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We are pleased to expand our Cork Mosaic Tile with 15 new color offerings, which include solid colors and colors mixes. Cork Mosaic Tile Solid Colors & Color Mixes are supplied on sheets and are pre-finished. The post New Colors in Cork Mosaic Tile!

A Look Back at Vintage Mosaics

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Upon walking in the door, I was completely mesmerized by the original mosaics on the floor. I realized that I have photographed great mosaics in various places over time and thought I would inspire you with a look back at some of my favorites. Where should you install mosaics?

Mosaic Pendant Basking in Orange

Margaret Almon Mosaics

Orange Tuesdays mosaic pendant Orange Pendant by Margaret Almon. Glass, ceramic, gold smalti, 1 inch square. Shop Orange.

Bold Mosaics from Marazzi

ISC Surfaces

Allison Eden Studios: Custom glass mosaics handcrafted in NYC

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Allison Eden Studios is one of the country’s leading glass tile suppliers for commercial and residential interior decor. Based in Brooklyn, their in-house design team has over 40 years of collective experience and creates unique tile patterns and artwork for a wide range of projects. Insider