Experimenting with Color

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The first step in creating the indentitiy of a space is choosing a color palette. Color is key to building the personality of a space, it creates a lasting impression on each element of a room and allows us to explore our creativity.

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Color Forecast for 2020

As The Tile Turns

Every year, Sherwin-Williams leads the way in design innovation by bringing the most inspiring color concepts to life. For 2020, the company's Colormix® forecast brings 45 of the most promising colors to the forefront.

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Full-On Color

Tile of Spain USA

Color is one of the main elements in interior design because of its powerful effect on the atmosphere and style of a space. For years, the number one trend in decor has been neutral shades and minimalism, however we are now seeing a welcome return of bold color.

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Color Trends for 2020

As The Tile Turns

Jewel tones are hot in 2019, and for good reason: these rich colors deliver instant glamour. That being said, today's most trend forward jewel tone hues look little like traditional takes on this familiar color scheme.

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Grout Color Does Matter

The Tile Doctor

Yes, what you select for something as simple as your grout can make or break your projects appearance. Today you have what seems like an almost endless array of choices in Tile, Stone, Glass and even Mosaics. General

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Summer Grout Color Ideas

The Tile Doctor

If youand#39;ve got an outdoor tile project lined up, or even an indoor tile installation, why not consider summer colors to remind you all year round how wonderful summer is. Here are some summer grout color ideas to keep you warm.

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Pantone Color of the Year 2020 – Classic Blue

Architectural Ceramics

Pantone recently introduced their 2020 Color of the Year : Classic Blue. If you aren’t familiar with Pantone’s annual announcement, the Color of the Year a recurring pick from Pantone’s color experts that influences the gamut of design industries from fashion to interior design.

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Design Trends: The 2019 PANTONE Color of the Year

Architectural Ceramics

In 2016, PANTONE’s Color of the Year was Rose Quartz 13-1520. About the PANTONE Color Institute. Each year, the PANTONE Color Institute reveals its Color of the Year. Designers have the PANTONE Color of the Year (COTY). Remember Rose Quartz? That was so 2016.

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How to Choose Grout Colors

The Tile Doctor

Turning Grout Work into Art Work Learning how to choose grout color is important if you are ready to take advantage of the full range of possibilities when it comes to making the most out of each tile project you work on.

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Get Inspired By This 1970s Color Flashback

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Get 1970s color inspiration from this stunning living room. Retro paint colors have us falling in love right now. Neutral colors have ruled the interior design world for years, but now we’re seeing exciting new colors everywhere. 1970s Color: Harvest Gold.

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What Color Grout to Use?

The Tile Doctor

Grout is a substance used in tile and mosaic installations. Many people donand#39;t think of it beyond its utilitarian purpose, but contractors, home designers, and DIY homeowners understand the decorative possibilities grout can bring to any space, indoors or outdoors. General

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Why Colored Grout is Now The Latest Design Trend

The Tile Doctor

The days are gone when grout was just something functional you used to hold tiles in place. Grout is a serious consideration in the overall aesthetic of not only the tile work itself, but for every room in the house. General

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Color Trends to Look for in 2019

As The Tile Turns

Like any design element, colors come in and out of fashion. Thankfully, today's designers are ready to punch things up with premium tile that features a little extra color.

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COLOR STUDY: The Year for Blue Hues


Following Sherwin-Williams’ announcement of its 2020 Color of the Year, a bold navy blue called Naval, Pantone named Classic Blue as it’s Color of the Year for 2020. It’s no surprise that these blue shades were selected as colors of the year.

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5 Metallic Grout Color Options for Your Project

The Tile Doctor

One of the best ways to bring aesthetic pleasure to a home or business is the use of tile or mosaics. Tile projects can bring a great deal of eye appeal to any interior or exterior. General

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Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year: What Every Interior Designer Needs to Know

Granada Tile

We’ve all heard the phrase “(Blank) is the new black,” referring to a color, pattern or trend that is up-and-coming and destined to be wildly popular. Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year. Pantone, however, is looking to the past with its color of the year.

Pantone’s Color of 2017 at Modwalls Tile

Making Tile Modern

We love all shades of green here at Modwalls , so we’re oh so happy that this bright, fresh shade has been chosen as Pantone’s color of the year for 2017. GREENERY.

How do I Match Grout Color to Tile

The Tile Doctor

Matching grout color to tile is largely a matter of personal taste and preference. Here are some tips to choose the right grout color. What may look beautiful to one person can look appalling to another. General

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2019 Color Trends: Here are What the Experts are Saying

Granada Tile

A world without color is no world at all. Seasoned interior designers, burgeoning home decor enthusiasts, and consumers are all captivated by color choices. In both the home and business, your color choice makes the first impression with visitors.

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2018 White Box Challenge: Color Us Impressed!

As The Tile Turns

The annual ASID White Box Challenge encourages top designers to think outside of the [white] box and create artistic masterpieces featuring unusual elements. Year after year, we're amazed by the sheer range of designs that can emerge from seemingly random materials.

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Color It Up!

Architectural Ceramics

This mosaic would really brighten up a bathroom and I realized it fits perfect with Lemon Zest from Pantone’s 2013 ‘Fashion Color Report’ So I got to thinking it would be neat to find a tile option that compliments each ‘in fashion’ Pantone color.

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The Colors of Happiness

Making Tile Modern

” That is how artist, resort-wear designer, and illustrator, Dana Cooper , describes a color. “Green, for me, is the color of happiness. It’s one of my favorite colors – specifically lime green. “Red hibiscus – it’s almost like a kiss.”

7 Unexpected Ways to Update Your Kitchen Color Palette

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

After our long-term love of neutral and sparkling-white kitchens, we’re all craving a bit more color. You don’t have to change everything about your beautiful kitchen just to add new colors to your palette. Here are some of our favorites: Two shades of blue add color to a white kitchen.

Looking to Refresh Your Tile? Change Grout Color and Update Your Space

The Tile Doctor

You may have become unhappy with decisions you made when you were initially choosing grout color, and now want to change the look of your tile. Whatever your reasons, itand#39;s not as difficult as you may think to change grout color.

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Why Neutral Colors Are Best

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Do you think neutral colors are boring? Of course, there is always room for pops of color in your life, but there are a lot of good reasons to stick with a neutral color scheme for your interior design. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring!

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Cuban Tile Redux in Muted Color Palette

Tile Talk

For the last post of the year, I''m excited to share an exclusive tour of a private residence that uses Cuban Heritage cement tiles in a custom, muted color palette. Cuban Heritage Design 150 using a custom, muted color palette. By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile.

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Colored Grout

The Tile Doctor

Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury to the public and a principal cause of litigation against businesses today. Good maintenance procedures can reduce this obvious risk. General

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Color Variation

United Tile's Blog

Color variation is something we discuss with our customers on a regular basis. It’s important to know if the product you’re ordering is going to have a uniform appearance, a subtle color range, or extreme variation. Royal Mosa 15Thirty, an example of a V-1 shade variation.

Color Trends to Watch for in 2019


While color trends in commercial design tend to have some longevity, that doesn’t mean that each year doesn’t bring exciting new colors to the design table. Color Trends Commercial Design Specifications Design Trends

8 Colorful Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens Inc.

But to be honest, these days people are looking for more color in their kitchens. To help you create the hue-infused kitchen space of your dreams, here are 8 colorful kitchen ideas: 1. Pops of Yellow. Surprisingly, the color looks pretty and modern against natural-colored walls.

Tips For Choosing The Best Grout Color For Your New Granada Tile Cement Tiles

Granada Tile

Before you do, there’s one other thing to think about: what color grout should you choose? Complementary, contrasting or colorful, which should you choose? Installation Equation Grout grout color installing cement tile

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Color: Blue

The Perfect Bath

Blue is not a color I think of often. Blue is also mentioned in the old testament as a rare and special color. Clearly the color spans a host of variations. Color can make a room feel uplifted and is a vital element in making it sophisticated, optimistic or inspired.

Exploring The 2020 Colors Of The Year

Garden State Tile Blog

Interior designers, artists and fine arts scholars have long believed that color can dramatically affect our moods. But what do these color selections really mean, and how can we use them to pave the way for the year ahead? ” – The Pantone Color Institute.

Pantone Makes a Splash with Living Coral: How to Incorporate the Vibrant Color

As The Tile Turns

The color authority draws on themes seen in the latest artwork, music, and technology to ensure that its selected shade evokes the essence of the year it represents. This carefully chosen color is a big deal; once announced, it is seen regularly on runways, on social media, and in our homes.

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Revved Up for Color!

Garden State Tile Blog

The post Revved Up for Color! Slash is energetic and bold. This sleek, shiny 3″ x 12″ double-fired wall tile will add attention-getting style to any space. appeared first on Garden State Tile. Blog What's New

GIO Tile Looks at Color Psychology in the Work Environment


But, if you are considering a new office paint color, you’ll need to look beyond the trends, colors of the year, and even what you like. Color creates a powerful emotional stimulus, and your color choice can stimulate, energize, inspire, calm, soothe, or focus your employees.

Live Your Colors with Modwalls Tile

Making Tile Modern

The backsplash is our Kiln American made ceramic tile; Strectched Hex in the color Carbon. Small but mighty. Some kitchens are just cooler than others. modwallstile #americanmade #kitchentile #ceramics #interiordesign #coolkitchen #tiles.

Top Designers Share Tips on Creating a Color Palette for Your Tile Designs

Granada Tile

For interior designers, very little makes a more significant impact than the creative use of stunning, colorful tiles. Creative use of color and pattern transforms a space from bland and simple to vivacious and welcoming.

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of the moment [color].

Ciao Tile

professing ‘color’ people, we can still appreciate its beauty… [petit trois : toilette]. we’ve been seeing a lot of blues on the scene lately, and though we’re not self-.

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Popular Kitchen Colors

Conestoga Tile Blog

One of the key components to a kitchen design – and one of the cheapest and fastest ways to help update your kitchen – is paint or the color your paint your walls. Blue is the hottest color in interior decorating right now, and there isn’t a single shade that isn’t making headlines somewhere.

Color Change: Transforming Granada Tile’s Normandy Cement Tile Design

Granada Tile

Even within those collections, the sheer variety of color is tremendous. With that in mind, we thought we’d show you once again how just changing a few colors can totally alter the look of your cement tile design—and your tile installation. In two colors, especially pale neutrals, Normandy’s pattern is understated and restrained. Add another color—say something with a bit of contrast. Use eight colors and let your imagination go wild.

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11 Colors That Will Totally Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Trendir Magazine

You don’t need a huge budget when it comes to changing the appearance of your bathroom all you really need is a color change. Keep the space as chic as possible with one of these colors. The beauty of this is if you decide to add pops of color they will appear brighter than usual.

Glass Tile Color Inspiration

Making Tile Modern

tile #subwaytile #glasssubwaytile #color #colorfulltile #moderntile. Our #Lush glass subway tile in Peacock and Thistle inspired my outfit today. link]. link].