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The Bétera House, A Love Letter to Terracotta Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Situated just outside the city limits of Valencia, Spain, where the mountains meet the sea, is a humble abode that pays homage to the traditional craftsmanship of handmade terracotta tile and the true essence of ceramic materials. The post The Bétera House, A Love Letter to Terracotta Tile first appeared on Tile of Spain USA.

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Discover Zellige: The Timeless Beauty of Moroccan Hand-Cut Terracotta Tiles

Rubble Tile

Unveil a Mediterranean touch in your next design project with Zellige tiles, the terracotta jewels of Moroccan architecture. Interior Surfaces Group brings these classics to the US market with an eye for handcrafted beauty. As we constantly seek unique elements to incorporate into our spaces,


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October Featured Tiles: Panache & Terracotta

The London Tile Co.

Terracotta. The natural look of terracotta is extremely popular, but terracotta tiles require regular sealing and maintenance. Our low-maintenance range of Terracotta effect porcelain tiles are perfect for anyone wanting to recreate the rustic look with less of the effort.

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Beauty In Terracotta ? The Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center

Trendir Magazine

China’s massive Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center is one of the most stunning modern examples of the beauty and practical applications of architectural terracotta. The results were two different types of terracotta panels, one of which was engraved, while the other was a mosaic tile panel.

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Embrace Timeless Chic with Moroccan-Inspired Terracotta Tiles

As The Tile Turns

One option is to consider is Terracotta. Increasingly popular at tile industry events such as CERSAIE , terracotta is far more versatile than the average individual suspects. A recent infusion of Moroccan style has brought terracotta from Southwestern staple to modern statement piece.

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Creating Custom Designs with Homemade, Handpainted Terracotta Tiles

Architectural Ceramics

Architectural Ceramics is helping bring homemade, handpainted terracotta tiles to the DC Metro area and invites you to come into one of our showrooms to check it out! Here’s a step-by-step guide to customized terracotta tile : Pick a color. However, when there are so many choices, sometimes it can get intimidating! Get a sample.

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Malibu with Terracotta Ceramic Tiles: A Historical Perspective

Tile Talk

A closer look at the blue-glazed Malibu with terracotta tiles at the Adamson House. Malibu glazed ceramic tiles meld beautifully with terracotta tiles along the walkways of the Adamson House. Vibrant colors coupled with Spanish- and Moorish-inspired patterns make our Malibu with Terracotta Ceramic Tile collection a feast for the eyes.