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Linear brass inlays on the floor pick up the metallic accents elsewhere in this bath, and make the room truly memorable. Picture the floor as plain marble, and you'll see what I mean.]

How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor

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In response to the question, "How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor" "To i nstall ceramic tile , first grout the area. Even "expert" how-to books will say to start in the middle of the floor with the whole tiles, thus insuring full tiles on all sides. I won''t even touch the " aesthetic " value of a floor which starts in a corner. After the floor is laid with thin-set the floor is covered with grout.

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Ditra under tile floor system reality check

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From the first introduction of Durock then Hardi board Even back as far as metal wire and hand "dry pack" concrete bed floors. Right on this bag of thin set itself it says "for use on concrete floors" It also says to use "acrylic mortar admix" in this product (prohibited with DITRA).

Picking Flooring for Your Home: Make the Right Choice Every Time with our Step-by-Step Guide

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Flooring is one of the most important design decisions you can make. Image: ADM Flooring Design There’s no getting around it: Picking flooring for your home is a big decision. Below is our guide on how to pick the right flooring for any room in your home.

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Basement Flooring Ideas: How to Choose the Right Surface

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Choosing the right flooring has different rules in a basement than it does in other rooms; if you make the wrong selection, it could be potentially disastrous. That’s why we’ve laid the groundwork to give you the best basement flooring ideas for your home.

Modern Cottage Design Flaunting an Inverted Floor-Plan

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This modern lakeside family cottage imagined by Christopher Simmonds Architect stands on a stone platform that supports its smart inverted floor-plan. White oak boards were used on the floor and walls to create a warm and comfortable setting.

Self-Leveling Underlayments Improve Floor Covering Performance

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One key to a quality floor covering installation is starting off with a flat substrate. Only a stable and flat surface will allow for a rapid and durable installation of a variety of floor coverings like rubber, vinyl, wood and tile.

How To Choose The Perfect Flooring For Your Home

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Flooring provides a foundation for the rest of the space. Image Via: The Sitting Room As far as interior design is concerned, flooring is the unsung hero. The type of flooring that you choose should be able to stand on its own and enhance the other design elements in the space.

A Forgotten Flooring Material is Back, and Better than Ever

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My mother's sandals and culottes are suddenly for sale at Urban Outfitters, and similarly, the floors of my parents' house are the hottest new thing in design. FlooringThe wheel of design is always turning, and at no time is this more delightful than when something you remember from your childhood as being particularly dowdy is suddenly the height of chic.

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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Flooring Ideas and Materials

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

If you’re considering kitchen flooring ideas to upgrade your cooking area, make function and durability a priority. Most flooring today is designed to be low maintenance and durable. We’ve written this guide to help you find the perfect flooring for your kitchen.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Floor Tile

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When you’re choosing kitchen floor tile, considerations about usage and appearance should be at the top of your mind.

All the Different Ways You Can Ease the Transition Between Two Floor Treatments

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I grew up in Miami, where it's not unusual to have one seamless tile floor extend around to and through every room in the house. Flooring. Pin it.

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Upgrade your floor to Wood Look Porcelain Tile

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The post Upgrade your floor to Wood Look Porcelain Tile appeared first on StonePeak Ceramics Blog. Porcelain Wood Look Tile Porcelain Tile wood look wood porcelain tile wood tile

Cement Tile Patterns for Patios and Floors

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Cement tile floors for outdoor patios or indoor living spaces allow you to create unparalleled visual appeal using patterns together with the colors of your choice. Each project shows how cement tile is being used to create flooring that is both personal and unique.

Focus on the Floor… Spanish Tile Brings Artwork Underfoot

Tile of Spain USA

This week we take a look at the company’s unique ceramic tiles that can make the floor an artistic canvas and the focal point of a room. Here is an example from the Museum ceramic tile collection, the Newspaper series, an interesting use of newspaper imagery spread across an office floor.

Compact Home in Spain With An Arresting Inverted Floor-Plan

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Functional and displaying a casual design, the floor-plan was distinctively separated into social and private areas. This compact home’s ground floor shelters the garage, a small working area and storage space and it makes a direct connection to the street.

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5 Times Peel and Stick Tiles Totally Floored Us

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Flooring. Peel and stick tiles sound like a cheap compromise, but they are a really great option for quick and easy changes that even a novice DIYer can totally pull off in a weekend. These days you can buy fun and graphic designs, classic checkerboard patterns, and even the look of real wood planks. These five examples show just how great they turn out. READ MORE ». Remodeling Ideas. Tile & Stone. Project Ideas

Avalon Flooring- Welcome to the ARDEX Team!

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New ARDEX tiling distributor Avalon Flooring attended ARDEX Academy training recently. Interested in becoming an ARDEX distributor partner? Contact us today! Toll-Free Phone: (888) 512-7339. Phone: (724) 203-5000. Fax: (724) 203-5001. E-mail: info@ardexamericas.com . Community Did You Know

Avente Tile Talk: Creative floor tiling

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Creative floor tiling. Its a bit of a story to this tile project as this section of the floor has been concrete for a few years. Well this year we decided we would tackle this floor when we returned but there were complications that worked out for the best. The finished floor.

Laying a Travertine Marble Tile Floor Successfully

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Laying a travertine marble tile floor seamlessly (i.e., do-it-yourself project grout home improvement laying a travertine marble tile floor mortar natural stone thin-set thinest til floor tile travertine marble tile travertine tile installation without grout) is a skill that you can easily develop. Only a little bit of knowledge, a few tools, patience, and diligence are required to complete this job successfully. There is no need to be intimated by this type of project.

How to Choose the Right Flooring for your Home


Choosing flooring is an important decision within your home and your project as we want to ensure that whatever our choice ends up being, is the right one. After all, you, your family, and guests will walk, run, spill things on the floor, and possibly even sit on this floor.

Put A Cork In It! :: Using Cork Flooring in a Bathroom || The Blah to Spa Bathroom Makeover

Building Moxie

Looking for a new, maybe better, quieter, warmer, bathroom floor? Cork floors can be an excellent option in the bathroom. Recently we remodeled our daily use bathroom and used cork plank flooring. How Is Cork a Floor? . Cork Flooring – CLEANLINESS & MAINTENANCE.

Meghan's $10 Bathroom Floor Makeover — Makeover

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Our bathroom floor was disgusting. I toyed with the idea of putting down vinyl tiles on top (like I did in our kitchen), but the floor is super uneven and I was worried that the humidity would cause the glue to unstick. Pin it. Project by: Meghan. Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

Massive Staircase Design Incorporating a Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Integral to this conversion was the replacement of the staircase and the opening up of the ground floor. To link the ground to first and first to second floors, an industrial-looking staircase was requested which needed to incorporate a floor-to-ceiling bookcase.

How to Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles

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The floor of your kitchen might not be the first thing you decide on, but it can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room. We’ve put together some tips to help you just the right floor tiles for your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use a coloured floor tile, particularly if your overall colour scheme is quite simple. Ceramic can be used on the floor, but it is not ideal in high traffic areas.

Dynamic Floor Design Blending Colorful Hexagonal Tiles and Concrete

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

This mix of hexagonal floor tiles in gray, blue and black goes great with the color scheme employed throughout the apartment. Concrete and high gloss Polyurethane coating were the materials used for more than half of the kitchen flooring, dynamically completing the look.

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#FlexBoneFriday Feature: Timberidge Flooring Tries ARDEX UI 720 FLEXBONE

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Garrick Sweeny, owner of Timberidge Flooring, encountered an interesting substrate prep issue – an unidentifiable(presumably a vapor barrier) blue coating on the basement floor bar area he had been hired to tile. ARDEX X 78 was a great thin set to use on a floor.

Floor Tile Slip Resistance Ratings Explained

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Contaminants on either the floor or soles of feet/shoes can cause slip hazards, so it’s important to try and keep these as clean and dry as possible. Grouted joints will add extra slip resistance – mosaic tiles have added grip thanks to the additional grout lines, however we do not recommend glass mosaic tiles for floors. Suitable for dry internal domestic floors, e.g. kitchens, dining areas, hallways. Wet ramps, walk through pools & jacuzzi floors.

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40 Dark Hardwood Floors That Bring Life To All Kinds Of Rooms

Trendir Magazine

When thinking about your flooring choices, the variety is nearly endless. And these 40 dark hardwood floors that you’re about to scroll through bring life to each and every room they’re in. Even in more glam or luxurious spaces, dark hardwood floors can take the lead.

Custom Commercial Cement Tile Inspiration

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Of course, whether used as floor tile or wall tile, the long-lasting benefits of cement tile will positively impact and transform any space. cement tile commercial flooring commercial tile design custom tile design design ideas encaustic tile floor tile handmade tile

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Tile Installation Formulas for Floors and Walls

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Tile Installation Formulas [for installing tile flooring and tile walls) How to Figure Out Square Footage How to Know How Much Tile to Purchase (once you have sq. ask chris backerboard bathroom bathroom floor bathrooms concreate board cost diy Dorock durock hardy board hardyboard grout materials tile installation thin set tile answers thinset

Specialized Round Glass Mosiac Tile Floor Installation - Blogger

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Specialized Round Glass Mosiac Tile Floor Installation. Labels ask chris , floor , floor tile , glass tile. Ask Our Tile Excellence Sales/Marketing Experts diana@tileexcellence.com Ask Our Tile Excellence Administrators of All Tile Excellence Networks, Related Blogs, Profiles, Social, Answers & Sites diana@tileexcellence.com Ask Our Tile Excellence Flooring/Tile, Webmasters & Organic SEO, Marketing, Affiliates, Advertisers and Guest Blogger Experts!

9 Best Marble Flooring Tile Designs for Entryways


This is the main reason people choose to apply the marble flooring designs for entryways. Flooring marble flooringPeople may keep coming for more and more into the convenient place. It may make people to always be missing the house while they are being out of the house.

Get The Look: Union Sun Floor Tiles

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Also in the Union range are matching wall and decor tiles in Steel and Light grey colours, and Union Sun floor tiles are also available with an anti-slip finish. Advice Tile Design Tips floor tiles get the lookUnion Sun tiles have a mid grey-brown colour that features a stone effect look. These square porcelain tiles are hard-wearing and perfect for high traffic areas in the home such as kitchens and hallways.

The World's Most Beautiful Tile Floors

Apartment Therapy

The idea of a tile floor may conjure up images of linoleum or of bland, dirt-colored ceramic tile, but tile floors can also be really lovely — breathtaking, scene-stealing, even. (Image credit: Poppytalk ). If you need a little convincing, take a look at these 19 stunning examples, which may have you re-considering your next renovation. READ MORE ». Ideas & Inspiration. Remodeling Ideas. Interior Design

Ceramic Tile Repairs: Floor Tile Replacement and Shower Re-grouts

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Ceramic Tile Repairs: Floor Tile Replacement and Shower Re-grouts By Chris Lawson Tile repairs are a very specialized service and it can be hard to get tile contractors interested in small, sometimes difficult, detailed repairs.

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Outdoors to Indoors: How to integrate your indoor flooring to your outdoor living

As The Tile Turns

Home design can be an incredibly rewarding field. As a designer, your goal is to see that look of wonder and satisfaction when your client sees your complete design as a perfect reflection of their ideal living space.

9 Best Marble Flooring Tile Designs for Entryways


This is the main reason people choose to apply the marble flooring designs for entryways. Flooring marble flooring People may keep coming for more and more into the convenient place. It may make people to always be missing the house while they are being out of the house.

Ceramictec - New Tampa Bathroom Shower & Floor Tile Remodel


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What Paint Color Works With a Pink Bathroom Floor? — Good Questions

Apartment Therapy

We discovered the pink pinwheel floor tiles when I ripped up the peel-and-stick tiles the previous owners had laid on top to help sell the place. I am going to paint the sink cabinet a high-gloss black, and I plan to clean and repair the grout in the floors. Pin it.

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