An Ode to Ceramic Floors

Tile of Spain USA

Serving as the foundation of a room, floors have a significant impact on the aesthetic and personality of a space. Blog ceramic tile Floor Tile Tile Trends

New Range: Design Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Unleash your inner interior designer with the Design range of patterned wall and floor tiles. Whether you’re looking for a feature floor in your kitchen, or a playful shower area in your bathroom – these tiles will help you make your design dreams come true. Hallway floors.


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Patio Flooring Buying Guide

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is what to use for your patio flooring. With so many patio flooring options, it can be tough to decide which is best. What is patio flooring? As the name implies, patio flooring is any flooring option used on an outdoor patio.

The Antique Floor Company

Diary of a Tile Addict

Boch Freres Art Nouveau floor – early 20th century. The Antique Floor Company was started by Philip Marr 12 years ago and specialises in carefully lifted flooring from properties all over Western Europe. French ceramic Perrusson floor. The Antique Floor Company.

Top Home Bathroom Flooring Options

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Choosing the most suitable bathroom flooring can be daunting. You want your bathroom flooring to complement the rest of the home yet still withstand high moisture levels, humidity and heavy foot traffic. Best waterproof bathroom flooring options. Waterproof vinyl flooring.

Medieval Flooring & Encaustic Tile

Architectural Ceramics

The image above shows the tiled floor of Winchester Cathedral , which boasts the largest area of original medieval tiles in the United Kingdom! Come with us back in time to learn a few quick facts about medieval flooring, from stone to encaustic! The image above shows the intricate detail that was put into floor mosaics. Ceramic floor tile first started to appear in medieval England in the thirteenth century. Rarely do homes from that period retain the original floors.

Modernizing the Checkerboard Floor

Garden State Tile Blog

When you think of checkboard floors, what does it bring you back to? Checkerboard floors are believed to have made their appearance in the 15 th century, dating back to old European paintings and resting in elegant entranceways. NOT JUST FOR FLOORS.

Cool Kitchen Flooring Tile Trends

Why Tile

Looking for kitchen flooring ideas? Stone-, slate-, and wood-look ceramic tile are all popular options for kitchen flooring, but no one said you have to stick with a traditional style.

Rare Mosaic Floor Discovered in London

Why Tile

Archaeologists excavating a construction site in London have uncovered a rare mosaic floor dating to ancient Rome. It’s not uncommon to uncover Roman ruins and artifacts in South London, where the Roman city of Londinium was located.

The Floor Collection: trending shapes, sustainably made residential tile

Rubble Tile

Adex USA’s highly functional and timely porcelain collection, Floor, is on display at Rubble Tile. All of the tiles in this collection are produced using recycled material ranging from 39% – 98%, making Floor a great choice in sustainable design.

Sorting Floor Tile

The Tile Doctor

Sorting Floor Tile Both stone and ceramic tile can have patterns on their surface as well as color variances. Ceramic tile is often manufactured with patterns imprinted on the surface and color or shade differences. General

Estimating Floors

The Tile Doctor

The first layout consideration in floors is based on vision. Where will the eye first fall? Sometimes this is at the point of entry into the room. If the room has multiple entrances, the eye may naturally travel to the longest wall. General

Floor Tile Installation Methods

The Tile Doctor

Letand#39;s start out by choosing a method. The method includes how the substrate will be prepared to receive the tile, the necessary materials, and can include the type of tile used. General

Floor Removal

The Tile Doctor

Generally any existing surface that would interfere with a good bond, is dimensionally unstable, or poses a threat to the quality or durability of the new tiled installation should be removed. General

Colorful Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Why Tile

Looking for fun flooring ideas for your bathroom? Colorful bathroom floor tile is just the pick-me-up we need to inspire our days, with options that span the rainbow and creative multicolor designs, as well.

A Word About Laminate Flooring

How to Floor Tile

Laminate Flooring has a place and technology is trying to keep up to survive normal wear and tear. It's great for a fast economic floor covering with many options in texture, style, feel and look. If you have Laminate in a bath or kitchen expect a very short life span of your floor.

How To 130


KB Culture

Linear brass inlays on the floor pick up the metallic accents elsewhere in this bath, and make the room truly memorable. Picture the floor as plain marble, and you'll see what I mean.] Sometimes the smallest gesture has the largest impact on a design. architect bathroom stone

How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Whether building a new property or renovating a current one, choosing the bathroom floor tiles should be one of the highlights. There are so many tiling choices to suit every tiling need that it can quickly become overwhelming, so use this guide to help choose the best bathroom floor tiles for you. Choose from Grey or Moon colours in 600x600mm porcelain floor tiles and matching 900x300mm ceramic wall tiles.

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The Most In Demand Flooring Trends of 2018

Tile of Spain USA

Floors in homes and commercial spaces can set the mood for the entire atmosphere of a design. New ceramic tile technology makes it possible to get creative with flooring by playing with colors, shapes, installation techniques and textures for spaces that are uniquely your own. Below are some of the most popular and innovative flooring trends of 2018. Blog Cevica Flooring Trends Grespania Land Porcelanico Mayolica pamesa STN Ceramica tile of spain

Trends 116

Cool Floor

The Tile Shop

I like the pattern of this stone floor from Brandon Morrow''s friend in California

Some Like It Hot: In-Floor Heating Options

Architectural Ceramics

Before the weather gets cold or you complete your next tile project, consider using in-floor heating as a way to keep your toes warm during these next few months. Because of our vendor partnerships with Laticrete and Schluter, AC offers multiple types of in-floor heating options. They’re experts in what goes between and under our tile; which includes floor warming systems. AC offers both an in-stock and special order in-floor heating system: Strata Heat.

Mixed Floors

The Tile Shop

I like the floor tiles in this bathroom.mixing materials adds so much interest to a space! You could create a similar look using our Lansdale Carrara 1" Hex and Fresh Grey Ceramic tile

Ramp Floor Tile Installation

The Tile Doctor

When selecting a method, you will encounter height differences between existing floors and the new installation. If the new installation does not involve a height difference more than 3/4, a threshold may not be necessary. General

Setting Floor Tile

The Tile Doctor

Setting Floor Tile Once the bond coat or setting bed has been trowelled, it is time to set the tile. Remember that it is a good idea to back butter tile larger than 8and#8243; or any tile where 100% coverage is desired. General

Hot Kitchen Flooring Tile Trends

Why Tile

Last week we shared cool kitchen flooring tile ideas with you, and now we’re heating things up with hot kitchen flooring tile. All in all, you’re sure to find a… The post Hot Kitchen Flooring Tile Trends appeared first on Why Tile.

Transform Your Floor With Our Cement Tiles

The Cement Tile

One of the best ways to breathe new life into a room is new flooring, and it’s hard to go wrong with cement tile. Learn how our cement tiles can transform your floor, and discover the benefits of selecting these tiles over other options. How Cement Tiles Can Transform Your Floor.

How to Install Specialty Tile Floors

The Tile Doctor

In this section, weand#39;ll describe three specialty tile installation situations you may encounter given how versatile ceramic, porcelain and stone tile are for flooring and transforming them into beautiful surfaces.

Avente Tile Talk: Creative floor tiling

Tile Talk

Creative floor tiling. Its a bit of a story to this tile project as this section of the floor has been concrete for a few years. Well this year we decided we would tackle this floor when we returned but there were complications that worked out for the best. Now once the decision was made I had to start the layout and plan on the concrete floor for how the tiles were to be spaced so that they looked like the design that I had made. The finished floor. floor tile.

Repair Leaky Floor Pan

The Tile Doctor

The leaking shower pan membrane may be made of any of the materials listed in the section on Showers and Tubs. The first step to always consider is determining exactly what is leaking. General

How to Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles

The London Tile Co.

The floor of your kitchen might not be the first thing you decide on, but it can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room. We’ve put together some tips to help you just the right floor tiles for your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use a coloured floor tile, particularly if your overall colour scheme is quite simple. Ceramic can be used on the floor, but it is not ideal in high traffic areas.

How To 122

All about laminate flooring: Understanding your options

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Laminate flooring buying guide. Laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years. Rather than just a cheaper alternative to natural wood or stone flooring, laminate flooring is available in a spectrum of styles to offer a beautiful and durable complement to any decor.

Grouting Floor Tile Installations

The Tile Doctor

Letand#39;s talk first about Portland cement based grout since this is the most commonly used material. Once the grout is mixed per the Manufacturers instructions, it needs to be installed. General

What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Mike K on Unsplash Many homeowners are looking into purchasing new flooring for their home. But, which type of flooring is right for you? You may be surprised to learn how many types of flooring are available in today’s market. But, hardwood floors can be costly.

Great Floor

The Tile Shop

Love this great tiled floor

Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Flooring

Decorative Materials

These elements are all important, but have you stopped to consider the impact of kitchen flooring? When you think of your dream kitchen, what do you picture? Beautiful cabinets and backsplash probably come to mind. Perhaps you imagine a kitchen island or granite counters.

2022 Tile Trends: Floor-to-Ceiling Marble Looks

Why Tile

That’s right, it’s floor-to-ceiling marble looks. Defined by a sense of movement and grandeur, these tiles are full… The post 2022 Tile Trends: Floor-to-Ceiling Marble Looks appeared first on Why Tile.

The Latest Flooring Idea: Staggered Tile Transitions

Why Tile

Staggered tile is one of the hottest new flooring designs. What Is Staggered Floor Tile? We’ve explored some beautiful options for this popular trend that are sure to give you a one-of-a-kind look!

Fab Floor

The Tile Shop

I like the way they used four tiles to create the color blocks in this black and white floor

Walk in Confidence with Porcelain Flooring

Garden State Tile Blog

With so many options available, the process of deciding on the right flooring can be overwhelming. One of the most frequently asked questions throughout the building and renovation process is, “What is the best option for floors?”. Low Maintenance Flooring Solution.

Cement Tile Patterns for Patios and Floors

Tile Talk

Cement tile floors for outdoor patios or indoor living spaces allow you to create unparalleled visual appeal using patterns together with the colors of your choice. Each project shows how cement tile is being used to create flooring that is both personal and unique. Cement tile floor pattern using Wave in Stormy Blue and White. Desiring a casual look for their floor, one of our Southern California customers chose the hip, contemporary and stylistic Wave pattern.

Cement 117

Money Floors

The Tile Shop

I found these tiled floors on Apartment Therapy.what a cool use of coins! Nickel floor tile featured in a Seattle bathroom: The Nickel floor bathroom was inspired by the Standard Grill''s penny tiled floor in NYC

"Cool New Laminate Flooring Designs"

How to Floor Tile

I happened to visit a new Floor And Decor that recently opened in The Colony Texas. This application was on the walls but it would look great on floors as it was intended too. Laminate used to be a bland, noisy, cheap floor covering that was slow out of the gate but now with advancements in photocopy technology and graphic application laminate is almost unbeatable in appearing even better than the real thing.

How To 100

Ceramic Tile Meets Radiant Heat: Guide to In-Floor Heating

Why Tile

Also known as in-floor heating, radiant heat can be a luxurious addition to a specific room or an effective solution for heating any space. Radiant… The post Ceramic Tile Meets Radiant Heat: Guide to In-Floor Heating appeared first on Why Tile.