Why You Should Consider Cement Tiles Over Other Flooring Types

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Your indoor flooring needs to be able to handle a lot of use and abuse, especially in high traffic areas. Cement tile, for example, is a durable option and great choice for indoor floors, but don’t just take our word for it! An Affordable Home Flooring Option.

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The Most In Demand Flooring Trends of 2018

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Floors in homes and commercial spaces can set the mood for the entire atmosphere of a design. New ceramic tile technology makes it possible to get creative with flooring by playing with colors, shapes, installation techniques and textures for spaces that are uniquely your own.

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Benefits of Cement Tile Floors

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We’ve created a list of the top ten benefits of cement tiles to show you just how flexible and durable cement tile floors really are! A cement tile floor will look as good as the day it was installed with just a little care. A cement tile floor can help insulate your home.

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Linear brass inlays on the floor pick up the metallic accents elsewhere in this bath, and make the room truly memorable. Picture the floor as plain marble, and you'll see what I mean.]

How to Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles

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The floor of your kitchen might not be the first thing you decide on, but it can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room. We’ve put together some tips to help you just the right floor tiles for your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use a coloured floor tile, particularly if your overall colour scheme is quite simple. Ceramic can be used on the floor, but it is not ideal in high traffic areas.

Feature Floor Fashion

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Bold and bright, or discreet and understated; whatever the style, sales of feature floor tiles are on the up and outselling plain floor tiles, claims British Ceramic Tile. All of the above will support sales in store and tap into this hugely important feature floors trend.”.

"Cool New Laminate Flooring Designs"

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I happened to visit a new Floor And Decor that recently opened in The Colony Texas. This application was on the walls but it would look great on floors as it was intended too. You will not find other products at Daltile as you would in Floor and Decor.

Ceramic Tile Repairs: Floor Tile Replacement and Shower Re-grouts

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Ceramic Tile Repairs: Floor Tile Replacement and Shower Re-grouts By Chris Lawson Tile repairs are a very specialized service and it can be hard to get tile contractors interested in small, sometimes difficult, detailed repairs.

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How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor

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In response to the question, "How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor" "To i nstall ceramic tile , first grout the area. Even "expert" how-to books will say to start in the middle of the floor with the whole tiles, thus insuring full tiles on all sides. I won''t even touch the " aesthetic " value of a floor which starts in a corner. After the floor is laid with thin-set the floor is covered with grout.

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Avente Tile Talk: Creative floor tiling

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Creative floor tiling. Its a bit of a story to this tile project as this section of the floor has been concrete for a few years. Well this year we decided we would tackle this floor when we returned but there were complications that worked out for the best. The finished floor.

Mixed Floors

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I like the floor tiles in this bathroom.mixing materials adds so much interest to a space! You could create a similar look using our Lansdale Carrara 1" Hex and Fresh Grey Ceramic tile

New Wood Flooring "VS" Your Pets, Who Will Win?

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Wood Flooring will lose. OK, you just installed you old worn out carpet with new warm wood or engineered wood flooring partially to make it easier to clean and eliminate some of the odors that can emanate from older carpet. I found this at Floor And Decor and it is amazing.

Laying a Travertine Marble Tile Floor Successfully

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Laying a travertine marble tile floor seamlessly (i.e., do-it-yourself project grout home improvement laying a travertine marble tile floor mortar natural stone thin-set thinest til floor tile travertine marble tile travertine tile installation without grout) is a skill that you can easily develop. Only a little bit of knowledge, a few tools, patience, and diligence are required to complete this job successfully. There is no need to be intimated by this type of project.

Cement Tile Patterns for Patios and Floors

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Cement tile floors for outdoor patios or indoor living spaces allow you to create unparalleled visual appeal using patterns together with the colors of your choice. Each project shows how cement tile is being used to create flooring that is both personal and unique.

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Cool Floor

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I like the pattern of this stone floor from Brandon Morrow''s friend in California

Great Floor

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Love this great tiled floor

Fab Floor

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I like the way they used four tiles to create the color blocks in this black and white floor

Get The Look: Union Sun Floor Tiles

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Also in the Union range are matching wall and decor tiles in Steel and Light grey colours, and Union Sun floor tiles are also available with an anti-slip finish. Advice Tile Design Tips floor tiles get the lookUnion Sun tiles have a mid grey-brown colour that features a stone effect look. These square porcelain tiles are hard-wearing and perfect for high traffic areas in the home such as kitchens and hallways.

Ditra under tile floor system reality check

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From the first introduction of Durock then Hardi board Even back as far as metal wire and hand "dry pack" concrete bed floors. Right on this bag of thin set itself it says "for use on concrete floors" It also says to use "acrylic mortar admix" in this product (prohibited with DITRA).

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Money Floors

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I found these tiled floors on Apartment Therapy.what a cool use of coins! Nickel floor tile featured in a Seattle bathroom: The Nickel floor bathroom was inspired by the Standard Grill''s penny tiled floor in NYC

Tile Flooring for Kitchen – A Sleek Look Flooring


Searching for a modern kitchen’s design with a sleek looks of beige and white or black and white can be realized by the tile flooring for kitchen. When you want to look for tile flooring for kitchen and you want to accentuate kitchen, those tile flooring for kitchens can be your option.

Ditra Flooring Membrane Underlayment System Reality Check

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Ditra Flooring System Doesn''t Make Sense I''ve been installing tile most of my adult life. From the first introduction of Durock then Hardi board, Even back as far as metal wire and hand "dry pack" concrete bed floors.

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Innovate Your Dining Room Floor by Using Modern Tiles

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Dining room floor tiles are an excellent way to add lasting style that is neither boring nor too trendy. Why Are Modern Cement Tiles Perfect for the Dining Room Floor? No more covering up your flooring with a rug. Our Favorite Ways to Use Dining Room Floor Tiles.

Get The Look: A Black And White Bathroom Floor

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Get The Look: A Black And White Bathroom Floor. We love a black and white floor. To get the look of this bathroom floor, chose our Sofia cement tile. The post Get The Look: A Black And White Bathroom Floor appeared first on The Cement Tile Blog.

Benefits of Using Cement Tiles for Bathroom Floors and Walls

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It’s no secret how popular cement tiles are for floors and walls in stylish homes and trendy commercial spaces. When used only on the floor, they add a pop of texture and pattern while breaking up an otherwise plain space.

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Oh La La! A Granada Tile Cement Tile Floor in Sacramento’s Brasserie Capitale

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floor tile restaurant restaurant design restaurant floor design restaurant tile Sacramento tile floorThis came into our inbox recently: I’m wondering if you’d be interested in a submission?

A Playful Bathroom Floor Using Tunis Cement Tiles

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A Playful Bathroom Floor. For the bathroom floor of a renovated 1890s Chicago townhouse, architect Rebecca Liddy of Kulinski and Rappe Architects , was hoping to find tile that would be appropriate to the period. Moreover, our cement tiles are the ideal choice for a bathroom floor.

Why Jacksonville Homeowners Are Turning to Concrete Floors

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In an effort to keep homes cooler while providing a modern aesthetic design, many Jacksonville homeowners are choosing polished concrete floors. Concrete floors last longer than tile or carpet, are allergen friendly, and easier to clean and maintain. Concrete Floors

A Granada Tile Normandy Cement Tile Floor Brings Elegance To A Luxury Bathroom Renovation

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Because of their matte finish, making them non-slip even when wet, extending these concrete tiles into the shower floor as floor tile extends the bathroom. encaustic tile encaustic tiles Los Angeles shower floor tile shower stall tile

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Focus on the Floor… Spanish Tile Brings Artwork Underfoot

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This week we take a look at the company’s unique ceramic tiles that can make the floor an artistic canvas and the focal point of a room. Here is an example from the Museum ceramic tile collection, the Newspaper series, an interesting use of newspaper imagery spread across an office floor.

Granada Tile Company’s Buniel Cement Tile For A Black And White Kitchen Floor

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A black and white tile floor is always welcome in a kitchen! Breaking News Buniel floor tile kitchen kitchen floor Von Fitz VonFitz DesignIt’s a classic that never goes out of style, whatever the tile pattern.

Exceptional Qualities of Floor Tiles for Kitchen


Floor is one of the most important part in the kitchen to support the overall appearances in this area, so homeowners often try to choose the right flooring for supporting the atmosphere that they want to bring in their kitchens and one of them is floor tiles for kitchen.

Tired of Cold Floors?

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Did you know that Nuheat Floor Heating System brings soothing heat to tile and stone floors? Simply install a Nuheat mat under your tile and stone floor for a maintenance-free, economical, efficient heating alternative – with no cold spots.

Floor Tile Slip Resistance Ratings Explained

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Contaminants on either the floor or soles of feet/shoes can cause slip hazards, so it’s important to try and keep these as clean and dry as possible. Grouted joints will add extra slip resistance – mosaic tiles have added grip thanks to the additional grout lines, however we do not recommend glass mosaic tiles for floors. Suitable for dry internal domestic floors, e.g. kitchens, dining areas, hallways. Wet ramps, walk through pools & jacuzzi floors.

Tile Installation Formulas for Floors and Walls

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Tile Installation Formulas [for installing tile flooring and tile walls) How to Figure Out Square Footage How to Know How Much Tile to Purchase (once you have sq. ask chris backerboard bathroom bathroom floor bathrooms concreate board cost diy Dorock durock hardy board hardyboard grout materials tile installation thin set tile answers thinset

Choosing the Best Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns


Kitchen floor is an element of kitchen that needs great attention. The beauty and cleanliness of kitchen floor influence all aspects in your kitchen. It is better for you to choose kitchen floor tiles patterns in appropriate selection.

"Now, About Your Shower Floor"

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Some say a solid cultured marble floor is the way to go. I have not torn out any floors with small tile. I have removed and replaced solid cultured marble and 4x4 and 6x6 tile on a shower floor because eventually the grout failed water invaded the space.

Slippery Floors?

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So whether your flooring is laminate, wood or tile; contaminants such as dirt, water, soap residue, oil, or grease can change the amount of slipperiness on these surfaces. A higher coefficient of friction indicates increased resistance of movement over the floor tile.

#FlexBoneFriday Feature: Fastidious Flooring

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Andrew Wheeler of Fastidious Flooring recently converted a residential duplex built in 1874 into a single-family home. Beautiful installation Fastidious Flooring…be sure to follow their work on Facebook.

What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Home?

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Many homeowners are looking into purchasing new flooring for their home. But, which type of flooring is right for you? You may be surprised to learn how many types of flooring are available in today’s market. Cork In cooler climates, cork flooring can be a popular choice.

Cement Tile Is The Best Tile Flooring For Indoor Showers

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Here are additional reasons why cement tiles are the perfect option for your indoor shower floor and surround. Tip: Consider a smaller tile design for the floor of your indoor shower for more grout lines and more traction.

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Marble Mosaic Medallion Tile Foyer Flooring Installation I Tile Installation

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marble days blog #2 The second in the 3 part series of "marble days" is a little more elaborate than the first as promised and describes and shows the use of perimeter borders of marble around the edge of a foyer floor.

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How to Install a Cement Tile Floor

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Installing cement tile flooring is a common request for many homeowners, interior designers and restaurant owners. Installing cement tile flooring can take some time to go from start to finishing. To order cement tiles for your floor, giver us a call at 213-788-4238 today!

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