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Granada Tile’s Tunis Cement Tile Shines As Kitchen Tile

Granada Tile

Granada Tile Company’s Tunis cement tile from The Echo Collection forms a gorgeous focal point, used as the kitchen tile in “ The Current “, a modern luxury high rise in Long Beach’s downtown. We love the way that the cement tile is used as both floor file and as decorative tile on the kitchen island. In midnight and white, the concrete tile works to warm up what might otherwise be a cold space.

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Kitchen and Residential Design: Trading palm trees for corn fields

Kitchen and Residential Design

Kitchen and Residential Design. I longed for a change of venue, some kind of different scenery. As much as I love walking down the sidewalk to the beach, it doesnt really feel real. I do hope you will venture up to the city and we can have a nice long lunch, maybe in July? I did not like the Long Beach area, but the woman I married in 1976 had a family in Orange County, so I knew we could never go too far from there. Kitchen Creations. tile. (77).