Natural Stone 101

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Natural stone is sexy. If you want a countertop that makes a unique statement with lots of movement and natural variations I recommend natural stone. Granite is a natural stone that blends perfectly with so many styles. There, I’ve said it.

Quarry from Astor

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone

Quarry is a varied and unique series in that it combines the look of aged natural stones – somewhere between travertine, quartzite and stone. tile astor porcelain quarry

Quarry 175

Polycor Acquires New Quarries

Stone Update

Holdings in Maine, Oklahoma, Quebec to expand natural-stone company’s line of products. Featured Company News

A Clean Slate: How Rough Slate Can Have a Clean Aesthetic

Architectural Ceramics

At Architectural Ceramics, we’ve prepared a quick read for you about natural slate, and our client spaces and collections that feature it. Slate’s Natural Element. Before we jump into examples of slate tiles, let’s look at slate as a natural material.

TexaStone Quarries Gets ANSI Certification

Stone Update

Limestone quarrier becomes first to meet standards on sustainable production of natural stone. Featured Latest News

Tile with Money in Mind

Architectural Ceramics

Since we’re on the heels of our March Madness: ACI’s Final Four Tile Matchups blog, let’s round out a list in the same main tile types: porcelain, ceramic, glass and natural stone. You get the look of natural stone without the high price or maintenance.

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Expect the Unexpected from Tile Variation

Architectural Ceramics

The same could be said when considering a handmade ceramic or natural stone, because the variation in the tile’s glaze or veining may surprise you. Porcelains too, can be made with a uniform look or to mimic veining found in natural stone. Natural Stone Variation.

The MIA Toronto Chapter Discusses the Nuances of Natural Stone Installation


In June 2013, 15 Toronto based natural stone companies met at Picco Engineering to discuss the prospect of forming an MIA Toronto Chapter. The goal of this group would be to provide training for the Natural Stone Industry and create awareness to the Architectural and Design Communities. The MIA Toronto Chapter launched its 2014 programming with its presentation “Installation in the Natural Stone Industry” and an accompanying evening CEU Program.

Limestone by Ergon

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone

Inspired by the monolithic and integral beauty of stone slabs in the quarry, Limestone gives a new interpretation of the random movement, authentic splits and, the visual and tactile impressions of worked natural stones.

Quarry 152

MIA Releases Stones of North America Version 3


The Marble Institute of America has released Stones of North America Version 3. Stones of North America is a comprehensive iPad® app that gives design and construction professionals quick, easy access to detailed information about natural stones quarried in North America.

Hot Product ~ Stone Box Mini

As The Tile Turns

Stone Box Mini faithfully reproduces the grain of natural stone proposed in three color ways. Based on a selection of 36 different types of stones from three quarries blended together by color for superb harmony that gives sustained rhythm to the varying patterns.

Stone 151

Back to Basics: Which material is right for my design?

Architectural Ceramics

Should you choose stone, ceramic, glass or something else? Stone. Natural stone is harvested from quarries and then cut to various sizes. Some examples of stone tile include marble, quartz, limestone, slate, and granite.

"Travertine, Before And After"

How to Floor Tile

Travertine is a Natural Stone as you know, but did you know most of it is filled with grout? After it is mined or quarried it is cut into slabs and one side is finished. Installing this Natural Stone in your shower will require more maintenance.

Why External Porcelain Paving is a Safer Choice for Your Patio

The London Tile Co.

Much more scratch resistant than natural stone or concrete. Stunning stone effect with a realistic silver-grey travertine effect, Athena Silver is perfect for adding a natural look to patios.

Working in Harmony: Tile That Embodies the Principles of Feng Shui

Architectural Ceramics

Water: Moving to the wall that does double-duty as an accent in the shower and behind the vanity, our special-order Ambra Collection features natural limestone with a hand-carved relief. Earth: Quarried from the earth, this master bathroom retreat features natural stone on several surfaces.

Quarry 188

Bigger Is Better: Large Format Porcelain Tile

Architectural Ceramics

Ancient Stone. If this blog is about porcelain, then why does the collection’s name say stone? Because porcelains like our Ancient Stone Collection , are made to look like natural stone. Go big or go home. OK, we’d love to go through your home.

Chapter Leaders Gather at StonExpo


Members of the two chapters discussed ideas on how to increase chapter membership, event attendance and gain market exposure for the natural stone industry. While a number of topics were discussed, the recurring discussion included how to find educational topics that would appeal to local stone professionals and how best to reach those stone professionals. Work with local suppliers to build a distribution network that includes local stone professionals.

Make Your Country Kitchen With Rustic Tiles

The London Tile Co.

California mimics the look of natural stone and gives rustic charm to it’s surroundings. This retro metro look works due to the timeless nature of the brick shaped tiles. Natural Stone Bricks are perfect for those of us whose bricks are lost under various layers of plaster, or they just don’t look authentic enough! These tiles will add instant character to any home, pair with white grout to bring out the rustic stone colouring.

Sylvie Atanasio talks about the industry, design, and CTDA

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

Five years ago, in the deepest nadir of the Great Recession, Atanasio launched a new line of tile and stone, AlysEdwards. My commitment is to bring forth beautiful tile and stone products. We own our own quarries and the largest stone processing plant in Turkey, and now in Tunisia.

What’s The Difference Between Quartz and Granite Countertops?

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens Inc.

Trying to decide on a stone material for your kitchen countertops ? When our patrons ask about stone, two materials come to mind first: granite, and quartz. Granite is a natural stone material, quarried and cut from natural sources.

Women in Stone Connection Conference


The first educational event by the Women In Stone (powered by the MIA) group was held in conjunction with TISE/StonExpo East in Miami, FL on October 19, 2014. If you are interested in attending a webinar series featuring recorded versions of these sessions, be sure to Join Women in Stone by registering on our website We also witnessed the first of many Women In Stone discussion panels. education stonexpo women in stone

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Experiences of Buying Granite Worktops


At granite worktops we believe that there is a granite stone to suit every person. If you haven’t found the right stone for you yet, our experts will help you find the perfect one for you. Granite has its own aesthetic draws, depth and beauty that come with natural stone.

Meet MIA President, Dan Rea


NOTE: In February 2015, Revista Rochas de Qualidade (Quality Rocks Magazine) – a leading stone trade magazine in Brazil – conducted an interview with MIA president Dan Rea. You attended the Vitoria Stone Fair in February, what were the highlights for you?

President's Message: Introducing our new president, Dan Rea


I am employed at Coldspring, in Cold Spring, MN (formally known as the Cold Spring Granite Company) where I head up the sales and marketing for the company and have been in the stone industry with Coldspring since 1977. I am truly looking forward to leading this association as it grows and gains influence in the shaping of the natural stone industry worldwide. Hello fellow MIA members. My name is Dan Rea and I have the honor to serve as your MIA President for 2015.

A Note From Jim: MIA Focuses on 2015


I had the privilege of going to Spain in November to witness the MIA receive a Macael Award, as well as learn more about the local stone market in the Macael region. When discussing what it takes to be successful in the stone industry, I could have closed my eyes and I would not have been able to differentiate between the Spanish producer or the U.S. Two segments we expect to add members at a higher percentage in the next few years are restoration and the quarry/producer segments.

Catalina and CTaSC Announces the Release of the 2013 Stone Report

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

Catalina Research and Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants (CTaSC) Announces the Release of the. 2013 Catalina Report on Natural and Manufactured Stone. SAN DIEGO (June 27, 2013) - Catalina Research and Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants, Inc. CTaSC), a national company providing marketing research and business planning services, announced today the release of their 2013 Catalina Report on Natural and Manufactured Stone.

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Why You Should Use Natural Materials In Your Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Natural materials are good for the environment, your wallet, and your style. You’ve probably been heard about the advantages of decorating with natural materials like marble, wood, metals, and clay. Chances are, you’ve also wandered what exactly counts as “natural”.

Quarry 114

Kitchen and Residential Design: Let me vent a little about Houzz

Kitchen and Residential Design

Natural stone is a natural product and even stones that come from the same quarry change radically over time. You cannot order a natural stone counter out of a catalog and you have to pick the slabs your counters will be made from in person.

Kitchen and Residential Design: A Coverings preview

Kitchen and Residential Design

• Apavisa (Booth 2519) is heading to Coverings with Archconcept, a new collection of patterns in stone, metal and cement finishings that are inspired by the latest manufacturing technology and trends in architecture. Kitchen and Residential Design.

Kitchen and Residential Design: you're killing me

Kitchen and Residential Design

Similarly, natural stone patterns dont have formal names. A stone labeled Crema Bordeaux today looks nothing like the same stone from the same quarry in Brazil five years ago. Kitchen and Residential Design. Notes and anecdotes from the design world. Pages.