Why is my White Marble Turning Yellow?

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The availability of so many wonderful marbles. In conclusion, ensure if you’re going to install white marble or light stone use a white colored thinset and portland cement (or waterproof system).

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Marble Days #3 Intricate Marble Bathroom Installation

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Deco Marble Base, Chair Rail, Pencil Trim and Mosaic Border This is the final part of the 3 series marble blog. The first one walked the reader with pictures thru the demolition of a tub and the installation of a walk in marble shower.

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Trick or Treat: Trade Tips for a Sweet Install

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“If you are ordering marble, limestone, or any natural stone, be prepared to go with flow. Keeping the look traditional in this DC-area home meant weaving together various shades of warm and cool-toned marbles. We all know the phrase: trick or treat!

How To Incorporate Marble Into Your Interior Design

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A marble island will give the room a sleek look. In the past few decades, marble has fallen by the wayside in interior design. Odds are that when you picture marble as a design element, you have visions of large, cold rooms encased in floor-to-ceiling stone.

Marble Countertops 101: Yes, They're a Great Idea!

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Marble in a modern kitchen from Hus & Hem via Riazzoli. I''ve always loved white marble countertops and I last wrote about them five years ago (43 comments BTW). They are bright, elegant, add character and are wonderful to cook on, particularly if you''re baking.

Truly Unique – Marble Countertops

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Marble is a classic and visually striking choice for countertops. Marble is a natural stone found in mountainous regions of North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Marble develops a patina over time, reflecting your cooking history.

Marble Mosaic Medallion Tile Foyer Flooring Installation I Tile Installation

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marble days blog #2 The second in the 3 part series of "marble days" is a little more elaborate than the first as promised and describes and shows the use of perimeter borders of marble around the edge of a foyer floor.

Tile Spotlight: Using Marble Tile In Your Home

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Marble is a perfect example, as it's a long-lasting material that never seems to go out of style. Marble tile is particularly popular with homeowners who want to update their bathrooms and kitchens. Design trends come and go, but there are some that remain classic and timeless.

Achieve Affordable and Practical Marble Beauty with Tile

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The beauty of white marble has an undeniable allure. In nature, marble is created when natural limestone undergoes heat and pressure during metamorphism. Unlike natural marble, porcelain ceramic requires much less maintenance and can be used in high-traffic areas.…

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Marvellous Marble – Get The Carrara Marble Look For Less

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From phone cases to couture dresses, it’s not hard to see why marble is back in fashion. With a timeless elegance that looks stunning in any room in the home, marble is often seen as a luxurious material choice. Want to add a touch of marble to your small kitchen?

Making a Statement with Shower Accent Walls

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Photo: AC’s Brocade Collection, featuring the Chevron Mosaic in thassos and cararra polished marble, photo via AC on Houzz. The polished white thassos and grey cararra marbles give a lux feel to the design. Trends. They come and they go.

The Hot Kitchen Trend Giving White Marble a Run for its Money

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White marble — especially the snowy and subtly veined carrara — has long been a dominant material in kitchens. If you're looking for something a little different, or want to embrace the trend of darker, more layered looks that are coming to the kitchen lately, consider black marble. It has all the loveliness of its lighter counterparts, stains less easily, and is a great way to add class and character. READ MORE ». Kitchen. Ideas & Inspiration. Remodeling Ideas.

Tile of Spain Now Recreates Marble to Perfection

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Tile of Spain now recreates to perfection the look of another treasured building material – marble. Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible for Tile of Spain manufacturers to recreate the look and durability of marble.

The choice was easy for Huard Tile & Marble….ARDEX WA!

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We are thrilled to feature an installer testimonial from Randy Olson, Huard Marble & Tile Ltd. Huard Tile and Marble recently rebuilt the men’s and women’s steam rooms at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel using ARDEX WA ™ Epoxy Grout and Adhesive. It’s Tile Tuesday!

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How to Fix Peeling Marble Table? — Good Questions

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Q: We have a wonderful marble coffee table that my husband and his roommates bought off Craigslist his freshman year of college, and it's still going strong. and treat the marble somehow? Pin it.

Classic DIY Trend: 10 Affordable Ways to Add a Faux Marble Look to Your Home

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Marble in interiors is no new trend; folks have been incorporating the subtle sophistication of this veined stone for generations.

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What tile should I pick if I don’t know my cabinets or counter yet?

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5) If you really want a natural look, something natural like white marble, or something with texture like ledger stone or a split face stone will convey that feeling. Swiss Alps White Marble. Design brick tile Terra Cotta tile white marble

9 Best Marble Flooring Tile Designs for Entryways


This is the main reason people choose to apply the marble flooring designs for entryways. Flooring marble flooringPeople may keep coming for more and more into the convenient place. It may make people to always be missing the house while they are being out of the house.

Look We Love: White Marble in the Bathroom

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We love the look of white marble in the bathroom. and we can''t get enough of these twelve modern-luxe spaces that make the the most of this beautiful white stone. READ MORE ». Bathroom

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Contemporary three dimensional marble mosaics

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Alaska is a beautiful white and grey marble with a strong linear movement. Precision-cut into two gorgeous contemporary mosaics, this marble is giving a touch of urban elegance with random three-dimensional texture. Related Images: tile marble mosaics olympia

Switching Gears: AC’s Mosaic Tile Collection

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Photo: AC’s Gears Collection, available in three main options: a honed marble or two matte porcelains. AC’s Gears Collection , offered as a marble or porcelain water-jet mosaic, has several features that will turn your tile project into a unique one: interlocking 12×12 sheet.

9 Best Marble Flooring Tile Designs for Entryways


This is the main reason people choose to apply the marble flooring designs for entryways. Flooring marble flooring People may keep coming for more and more into the convenient place. It may make people to always be missing the house while they are being out of the house.

Arresting Miniature Architectural Details Carved in Stone and Marble

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Working with stone or marble in some cases, the artist imagined a world of tranquility and stillness encapsulated in stone. Large blocks of stone and marble were carefully chiseled to shape arches, columns, vaults or stairs.

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Chevrons add a new angle to classic marble

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We have three great new chevron mosaics that will create a modern look and feel with the classic look of polished marble. Three popular marbles including Athena Gris, Oriental White and Bianco Wood are re-imagined into a clean, geometric pattern. tile chevron marble mosaic

Indonesian Inspiration: AC’s Batik Collection

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Our Legend Collection, featuring the Flagstaff pattern in tumbled Thassos, Bardiglio and Cavern marbles; image via architecturalceramics.com. This natural stone collection features six distinctly different marble blends that create fabric-like patterns through hand-clipped mosaics.

20 Gorgeous Marble Kitchens

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There''s nothing quite like the beauty and elegance that marble brings to a kitchen. Of course marble in the kitchen is nothing new, but lately we''ve been seeing new and different ways to use marble, and marble showing up in more and more modern kitchens.

Natural Stone 101

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There’s nothing wrong with the other options, I love them too in the right applications, but if you’re looking to personalize your kitchen and be, wait for it, DIFFERENT, go natural. When I say natural stone I mean granite, quartzite, marble, limestone, soapstone, slate and onyx.

How To Install Marble Tile Walk In Shower I Tile Installation and Repair-Tile Excellence

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Walk in Marble Show er The beginning of this job there was a cast iron tub to remove and fabricate a walk in marble shower.This is how it looked when i first arrived This marble job is a start to finish walk in shower completely torn out and built from scratch.

5 Places to Use Marble (That Aren't the Kitchen or the Bathroom)

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We're used to seeing marble in bathrooms or on kitchen countertops, but this gorgeously veined stone can make a big impact in other parts of your home, too. Life + Times. Pin it.

Considering white marble counter tops? | Life of an Architect

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Home / Interior Design / Considering white marble counter tops? Considering white marble counter tops? Bob Borson — December 5, 2013 — 31 Comments There are few things that are as stunning to me as a white marble counter top … I love them and appreciate the character and history they have as a material. I thought I would put together some information that might help that person who loves the look of white marble but is afraid of using the material.

Tile Installation-Tile Repair-Tile Experts: Tile Excellence: 4ft by 4ft.

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4ft by 4ft marble mosaic with marble boarder in 70 sq ft foyer. A wonderful 4 ft by 4 ft marble mosaic in Swampscott Ma. white marble around the outside of the mosaic. of brown marble around the perimeter of the room. The marble 4 ft by 4ft.

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Cersaie 2015: Tile Trends From the World

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Uncategorized 2015 backsplash bathroom cersaie home design italian marble italian trends kitchen kitchen remodel tile trends

Musing Over Marble: Top 5 Marble Accessories to Work into Your Space

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One of our favorite accents that seems to be here to stay is the marble trend. After seeing the way marble can completely transform a space, we are beginning to understand what the Romans made all the fuss about. We are absolutely musing over marble. Marble Terracotta Planter 2.

4 Ways To Get the Look of Marble Kitchen Countertops Without Spending $$$ Money

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Marble countertops are a sophisticated, classic, and beautiful choice for kitchens, and work well in modern, traditional, and even vintage-inspired kitchens. But what if you could get the look of marble, with the high cost or inconvenience?

Do it yourself backsplash tecniques that make all the difference in your home.

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colored thin set diamond tile glass tile grout color hand cut dots hand cut trim marble mosaic mother of pearl glass tile pencil trim rainbow glass subway tile teardrop shaped tile travertine marble A backsplash is one of the quickest easiest ways to improve your kitchen without spending a arm and a leg to get it done. There are certain pointers and techniques that I've learned over 30+ years of tile installation that will make the job more manageable.

Moscow Flat Remodeled with Marble and Wood

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There is also an emphasis on marble accents in the kitchen and foyer. The post Moscow Flat Remodeled with Marble and Wood appeared first on Freshome.com. Alexandr is a remodeled flat located in Moscow, Russia.

Brass, Marble Details Define Contemporary Home in Italy

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Marble accents add a touch of elegance and charm to the interior, while natural wood makes the space warm and cozy. Photos and information provided by Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov] The post Brass, Marble Details Define Contemporary Home in Italy appeared first on Freshome.com.

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Try This Super-Simple DIY: Marbled and Ombre Concrete Planters

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Marble them, create an ombre stack, go two-tone. (Image credit: Alexis Buryk ).

Big Impact (Low Budget) Ways to Enjoy a Touch of Real Marble in the Kitchen

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Spacious, waterfall-ing marble countertops are incredibly beautiful, but they're not in the budget for everyone. Pin it.

How To Remove Sticky Residue From Marble — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

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Yes, marble is a stone, but it is surprisingly soft which makes it very susceptible to damage. Pin it. Minimize the risk of scratches by avoiding using tools like a metal spatula blade or butter knife to remove sticky residue. Try this tip instead: READ MORE ». Cleaning. Tutorials