Cultural Center in Senegal Connects Local and International Art

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Thread is a visually stunning cultural center in the Tambacounda region of Senegal. So, it welcomes community residents to explore the artwork inside and encourages the artists in residence to embrace rural Senegal.

Isolux Corsan Announces Completion of Two of Three Contracts in Senegal

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Isolux Corsan has completed two of the three contracts in Senegal awarded in 2013 by Millenium Challenge Account with a total budget of over €111 million. In January 2015 the Company delivered

International Center’s Design Infuses Utility with Symbolism

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Located in Senegal’s capitol city, the utility of this stunning complex is imbued with a deep symbolism. Dakar’s International Conference Center, designed by Turkish architectural group Tabanlioglu Architects , is a beautiful homage to the country’s culture and landscape.

Outdoor-Oriented Dream Home/Office Implants Modern African Aesthetic in Switzerland

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The owner can boast about a wonderful collection of homes in Cape Town and Paris and Senegal. We’re used to SAOTA ‘s impressive and imposing residences and pleased to see each of them unravel before our virtual eyes.