Tile Updates: Current Tile Trends

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But while a wide range of looks may be available, certain trends are worth following if you're hoping for an updated and sophisticated design. Tile Trends Design

Cementing The Latest Trend In Design: Cement Tile

Architectural Ceramics

Wait…Cement Can Be Tile? Cement tiles are an ingenious combination of cement, marble powder, water, sand, pigments, time and patience. Manufactured in the mid-nineteenth century to cover floors with novel designs, bold colors, and to withstand footprints and the passage of time.

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Tile Trends: Encaustic and Hydraulic Cement Looks

Tile of Spain USA

Spanish tile manufacturers are on the forefront of this ceramic tile trend. Blog Aparici Apavisa cement ceramic Cevisama Coverings encaustic hydraulic Mainzu natucer Tau Tile Tile trends Trends Encaustic and hydraulic cement styles are making a comeback in tile.

Cersaie 2015: Tile Trends From the World

Architectural Ceramics

Confidence in the market means trends are on the rise. Light airy patterns might be the next trend. Trends – The hex is still trying to make it as a trend.

Big Trends from KBIS Part II

Kitchens for Living

Last post I shared some of my kitchen trend discoveries from KBIS2015, the 51st Kitchen & Bath Industry Show held last month in LasVegas. Today I’ve got the scoop on what’s trending in the bath.

The Top 8 Design Trends For 2016

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Trends 2016 Atlanta Market 2015 AtlantasMart beliquist.com Bernie de Le Cuona Codarus Cotton & Quill David Ryan de le Cuona Emma's Blog Harolds Finishing Touches Interior Design Trends 2016 J. I have to say AtlantasMart this year was one of the best.

GIO Looks at 5 Top Tile Trends


A good design should be impactful, capturing the spirit of the times and speaking … Commercial Design Specifications Design Trends Tile TrendsStriking a balance between unique and timeless in commercial design can be a lofty goal.

GIO Tile Looks at Color Trends in 2018


From the ongoing love of minimalism to a newfound fascination with maximalism, commercial design trends continue to evolve in a wide range of directions.

10 Top Kitchen Trends for 2015

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

So, let’s look at the hottest kitchen trends for 2015, and ring in the new year right with a new, en vogue kitchen: Let’s look at the hottest kitchen trends for 2015, and ring in the new year right with a new, en vogue kitchen. Best Of 2015 Kitchen trends

Savvy Timeliness: 2015 Tile Trends & Innovations

Tile of Spain USA

Ryan Fasan, Tile of Spain consultant, recently presented on trends and innovations in ceramics at Coverings 2015. The presentation, which is embedded below, showcases the multiple tile trends that never go out of style.

Top 2016 Design Trends You Need To Know

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Which design trends will be popping up everywhere in the coming months? We have compiled a list of what we predict will be the biggest 2016 design trends. One key difference that sets this year’s take apart from previous metallic trends is the flexibility to mix and match.

Tile Trends: Fossilized Looks

Tile of Spain USA

Fossilized looks are a trend we see in Spanish ceramic tile design today. Blog Azuliber CERACASA ceramic Cevisama Fossil Fossilized Tile Trends

15 Home Design Trends That Rocked 2016

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Yet like any other, it brought new home trends that we saw go from the homes of prominent designers to our own abodes. Here’s a look back at all of the trends we saw influencing our own homes and design styles in 2016. What was your favorite home design trend of 2016?

Our Pick on the Best Kitchen Design Trends

Trendir Magazine

Year after year for almost a decade or so we have all seen the white kitchen dominate the home décor trends. Although, it still remains to be a top competitor in the home kitchen décor department, we are beginning to notice new trends that have reawakened our love for kitchen designs.

Tile Trends 2015 : Variety is the Spice of Tile

Tile Talk

The week-long event took place in Orlando, Florida and was filled with highlights including seeing long-time friends, a face to face meeting with designer Alena Capra , and listening to Ryan Fasan , Tile of Spain ''s Technical consultant, speak about trends with design.

Here’s How To Pull Off Those 2017 Style Trends You’ve Been Hearing About

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We want to participate in a trend without letting it overwhelm. Get ready for 2017’s style trends. Image: DREAMHOUSE decorations Let’s be honest, it can be hard to keep up with design trends. Realistically, we’re not that surprised to see this trend cropping up.

Tile Trend Watch: Modern Naturals

Tile of Spain USA

Tile trends today include versatility and the ability to be used in any room of the home. Blog Equipe Ceramica Inalco Keraben Group modern Naturals STN Ceramica Tau Ceramica tile of spain trend

Tile Trends: GIO Looks at Metal Tiles for Commercial Design


Here at GIO, we’re … Commercial Design Specifications Design Trends Tile TrendsBoth metal tiles and tiles with metallic finishes have been growing in popularity in the design world the past few seasons, and the available selections just keep getting better.

Trending Now: Artistic Collaborations to Look For

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Tile Trends luxury tilesIn addition to making spaces comfortable and functional, thoughtful attention to Interior Design elements can capture the attention and imagination of potential home buyers.

Big Bathroom Mirror Trend in Real Interiors

Trendir Magazine

The big bathroom mirror trend will delight and excite those who love to work on their outfit and look a lot, but it has so much more to offer in terms of design and decor. Grand Minimalism Minimal bath interiors can really benefit from the big bathroom mirror trend.

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Tile Trends: GIO Looks at Glass Tiles for Commercial Design


The reflected light can give the appearance of water, and that is just one reason … Tile Trends Wall TileGlass tiles offer unique looks and unmatched shine compared with other materials for walls.

Tile Trends: GIO Looks at the Popularity of Patterned Tile


Here’s a look at the history of patterned tile, … Design Trends Tile Trends decorative tile paterned tileColorful, patterned tiles have been around since medieval times, but they are currently having a moment in interior design.

Tile of Spain reveals global design trends and innovation at CEVISAMA 2016

Tile of Spain USA

Spanish ceramic tile exports grew by 6%, continuing to make Tile of Spain Europe’s leading ceramic tile producer – and the second largest exporter of tile worldwide.

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Sunny Side In: Sunroom Design Trends and Tips

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The post Sunny Side In: Sunroom Design Trends and Tips appeared first on Freshome.com. Ideas conservatory design tips design trends solarium sunroomIf you’re fortunate enough to have a sunroom, chances are it’s your favorite room in your home. Sunrooms offer not only natural light in the daytime hours and views of the landscape, but also a comfortable space to relax and unwind in the evening. The first sunrooms showed up in the 17th century.

Tile Trends for 2017

The London Tile Co.

Many of the trends they saw were expansions on what we have seen recently, but there were also some exciting new trends emerging. We’ve picked out our top five favourite tile trends that we think will be most popular for 2017. Advice Tile Design Tips cersaie tile trends

Here’s How to Incorporate the 2017 Copper Trend into Your Interiors

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Image: Riach Architects Shop a similar look: Pendants | Chairs | Sconce We’ve already talked extensively about the style trends you need to know for this year, but we would be remiss if we didn’t take a second to discuss one of its breakout stars.

VIDEO: Spanish Tile Trends from Cevisama 2014

Tile of Spain USA

Here’s a look at the latest tile trends and inspiration from Tile of Spain for 2014. Themes trending in Spanish ceramic include technology advances, classic encaustic ceramic hydraulic cement styles, beveled tile, geometric and fashion inspired patterns, and oxidized or fossilized looks.

Design trends with Ryan Fasan, Part 1

Tile of Spain USA

This week’s blog post is part 1 of 2 from Ryan Fasan, @Tile_Trends , research consultant, trainer and partner of Professional Attention to Tile Installations, an internationally renowned tile consulting firm. Blog Cersaie Ryan Fasan Spanish Tile Trends

Office Design Trends: GIO Looks at the Changing Work Environment


As designers develop solutions that reflect the needs of the modern day workforce, we’re seeing trends that foster spontaneous collaboration, mobility, reconfiguration, and more. Here are 5 cutting edge office design trends that are transforming work as we know it.

Tile Trends: “User Experience Focus” Presentation

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain consultant Ryan Fasan showcased tile trends in a presentation entitled “User Experience Focus” at Coverings 2016 in Chicago. In the tech world, operating systems are the long-term assets that live through the arcs of micro-trends in the fast-paced device innovation race. Tile of Spain explores the evolution of macro-trends in ceramics through the lens of evolving UX design principles.

GIO Looks at Hot Trends in the Tile Industry in 2016


When it comes to commercial design trends, each year brings fresh looks to the table. With continuously evolving manufacturing technologies, tile trends in 2016 are no exception.

GIO Looks at Tile Trends: The Chevron Craze is Still On!


A centuries-old design dating back to 1800 BC, the chevron has been on the forefront of modern design again and again since the Art Deco Movement in the … Design Trends Tile Trends

Top Designers and Architects Speak: What’s In and Out in Home Design Trends for 2018

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1stdibs , the global marketplace for dealers and collectors of home design pieces, polled 40,000 of the world’s top interior designers and architects to predict what’s in and what’s out in home design trends for 2018. Ready to access the design hive mind?

Top Three Trends from Cerasie 2017: The International Tile + Stone Show

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At the end of September 2017, designers from around the world convene in Bologna, Italy to share the hottest tile and stone trends of the season. Read on for a sneak peek of the upcoming trends at Cersaie this year. Tile Trends

Italy 21

Trend Alert: Pink, Marble & Copper

Apartment Therapy

Trends. The design world has seen quite a resurgence of the use of marble and copper. This timeless, natural stone is appearing just about everywhere, no longer only in traditional or classic settings. Copper has also made a comeback, not at all surprising giving it''s ever changing qualities.

New Trends and Innovations showcased by Tile of Spain Companies at Coverings 2017

Tile of Spain USA

is pleased to exhibit new product innovations and trends from Spanish tile manufacturers at Coverings 2017: The Global Tile & Stone Experience.

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Tile Trends: creative and artistic look of patchwork tile designs

Tile of Spain USA

Blog Aparici Grespania natucer Patchwork tile of spain trend Vives Tile of Spain patchwork tile patterns are the perfect solution to bringing vibrant, creative and distinct craftsmanship to the home. They draw inspiration from the centuries old popularity of patchwork design.

Back To The Future in 2017, Tile Trends Part 2

Tile of Spain USA

Trends in interior design change as the years goes by, but the below styles adapted from previous eras have proven to only get better with age. Here’s a look at current tile trends that are timeless. All trends have a counter-trend.

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Top Tile Trends for 2016

The London Tile Co.

2015 was a great year for tiles, with some fantastic trends including wood effect tiles and patterned floor tiles. This year we’re seeing these trends expand and develop, alongside new ideas, which we’re very excited about.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Top 2017 Pinterest Home Trends

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Check out the hottest 2017 Pinterest home trends. Interior design aficionados need to know that this platform is also a great source for getting the scoop on home design trends. The list below highlights some of the most popular 2017 home design trends.