Wed.Jul 28, 2021

How to Design Your Home to Help you Move More, Eat Better, and Sleep Soundly

JG Kitchens

I've now had two of my pieces published by Blue Zones, including this past weekend. I'm extremely proud to share it here with my Gold Notes readers. The piece was inspired by my 15 Summer Fitness Goal Tips, and includes some of them. You can click this link to get the rest of the tips.

How To 207

Architects on the Screen

Life of an Architect

Our profession has been represented as architects on screen for entertainment purposes for quite some time. As a profession, we have been portrayed in various movies and television series for almost as long as the mediums have been around.


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6 Must Have Products for Grinding Concrete Floors

Onfloor Technology

Did you know that, according to IBISWorld , there are 121,876 flooring installer businesses this year in the US? The growth of these businesses in 2021 was 4.8%, and they experienced an annualized business growth of 3% between 2016 and 2021.

Stop Driveway Failures

The Armchair Builder

July 28, 2021 We just published a new video in our owner builder online course that covers the pre-pour quality inspection for the concrete driveway. A new concrete driveway can cost up to $10k so it’s very important we hold our concrete contractor accountable.

Video 52