How to Pick the Perfect Grout

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Okay, so grout is NOT the most interesting thing to read about; however, it’s such an important part of design! And she said something interesting to me, “She (Ella) wanted to use the dark grey grout with all that but the contractor had used something of their own.

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How to Make Your Home Stand Out to Buyers

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There are plenty of typical things to do before listing your home for sale — cleaning, de-cluttering, staging, and so on. We all know of these obvious tasks, but what are some of the less obvious ways to make your home sell fast and stand out amongst the sea of For Sale signs?

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How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor

Tile Excellence

Tile Excellence responds to bad advise on "how to lay ceramic tile" found on In response to the question, "How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor" "To i nstall ceramic tile , first grout the area. A pply more grout to the seams and let it dry for several hours. The advice given below and to this reader was based on my experience with this master tile installer, I feel I can respond. 1- GROUT is NOT used to lay the tile! !

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How To Create Your Own Japanese Garden

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Japanese gardens are created to be spaces of meditation and reflection. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax here after work? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to relax and feel peaceful—maybe even downright Zen ? Stay True to the Culture of a Japanese Garden.

How to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen

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Whether your kitchen is a true fixer-upper from decades ago or your once-trendy laminate countertop and linoleum flooring fell out of style fast, it may be time to modernize your outdated kitchen. Here are 10 creative ways to make your dull, outdated kitchen feel new and inviting once again.

Bringing a Modern Country Look to an Old Farmhouse Bathroom

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A country farmhouse with a vintage guest bathroom had an abundance of character, but not a lot of space to work with! I wanted to keep the farmhouse feel in the above photos, but modernize it for our family today. So, I decided to keep the clawfoot tub (so much character!),

How to Install Kitchen Tile Backsplash

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How to Install a Kitchen Tile Backsplash : Rooms : Home & Garden Television - [link]. backsplash diy diy tile glass tile How to how to install kitchen Backsplash kitchen tile mosaic designs tile installation

How to Choose the Right Flooring for your Home


Starting a new project within your home can be a challenge especially with so many areas to make a decision on. Choosing flooring is an important decision within your home and your project as we want to ensure that whatever our choice ends up being, is the right one.

Basement Flooring Ideas: How to Choose the Right Surface

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Everyone wants to make the most of their home’s square footage, and enhancing your basement’s potential as viable living space is an excellent way to do just that. To make your basement the space of your dreams, you’ll need to start at the bottom.

Open Floor Plans Require Special Thought: How to Transition Hardwood and Tile

Tile Doctor

A Smoother Way to Transition Hardwood and Tile One of the hardest things about installing a variety of flooring in a house is learning how to transition hardwood and tile. There are few things more unappealing than a sloppy transition between two types of flooring, and learning how to. How-To

How to Match Grout Color to Fit Your Project

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Choosing grout color is one of the most meaningful aesthetic choices you or a building/home owner will have to make when installing tile or stone. It will bring more focus to the tile and can also be utilized to highlight variances in the layout of the installation.

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Home Pet Tips: How to Make your Interiors Pet Friendly


So it just seems natural to have them around like family, only the family doesn’t put so much wear and tear on the furniture like our beloved pet members do. Home Pet Tips: How to Make your Interiors Pet Friendly. For more ways to make your home pet-friendly , click here.

How to Add Modern Elements to Your Landscape Design

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Your landscape design is the perfect avenue to state your personal style, telling others what they should expect to see inside your home. We think your style should shout from the rooftops, allowing passerby to immediately admire your personal style.

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How to Design an Open Concept Space That Looks Like it Belongs on TV

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Between giving hosts the ability to interact with their guests from the kitchen and allowing parents to easily keep an eye on the kids while they play, this type of layout has managed to become synonymous with modern sleekness and convenience.

How To Create Modern Victorian Interiors

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A room filled with lavish antiques and high-end modern chairs is a perfect mix to create Modern Victorian Style. Read Why You Should (or should’nt)Buy A Fixer Upper to learn more about remodeling an older home. Add Craftsman Character To Your Home.

Home Seller Guide: How To Sell Your Home

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Use this as a resource to help guide you through the selling process. Image: Design Build Duluth The decision to sell your home is a daunting one. We’re here to help. Following is a comprehensive guide to selling your home.

Here’s How to Incorporate the 2017 Copper Trend into Your Interiors

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Image: Riach Architects Shop a similar look: Pendants | Chairs | Sconce We’ve already talked extensively about the style trends you need to know for this year, but we would be remiss if we didn’t take a second to discuss one of its breakout stars.

How To Clean Burnt Pots & Scorched Pans

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How To. If you''ve ever experienced the pain of a burnt frying pan, I bring good news! You can put away your rubber gloves and rest your weary arms. I have found a solution that is chemical-free, cuts scrubbing time in half and lets you keep your pan. Cheer! READ MORE ».

Here’s How To Pull Off Those 2017 Style Trends You’ve Been Hearing About

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We want to participate in a trend without letting it overwhelm. Image: DREAMHOUSE decorations Let’s be honest, it can be hard to keep up with design trends. Marble is set to be 2017’s granite. Applying hygge to your interiors is fairly simple.

How To Hide Home Wires — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

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No matter how clean your space actually is, a tangled bundle of wires can instantly make the room appear messy and unorganized. How To. Pin it. Make your space clutter free and ready for its close-up with one of these helpful hints. READ MORE ». Tips & Techniques

How To Incorporate Marble Into Your Interior Design

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Odds are that when you picture marble as a design element, you have visions of large, cold rooms encased in floor-to-ceiling stone. However, the key to keeping the trend fresh is using it in small doses – accents and statement pieces – rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye.

How To Choose The Perfect Flooring For Your Home

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While you often hear people remark on how much they love the paint or furniture, the covering on the floor tends to fade into the background and become a strong supporting character. We’ve prepared a guide to help you focus in on finding your best option.

How to Create An Outdoor Oasis In Your Backyard

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Want to create an amazing outdoor oasis in your back yard? You need an escape, but you need one now— one that doesn’t require a plane ride to a beach resort. Why not look to your very own back yard? No matter how small, your back yard can be turned into an amazing outdoor oasis.

How To Design Your Bathroom Tile Like a Pro

As The Tile Turns

Choosing bathroom tile can be a fun and rewarding experience, but the last thing you want is to regret your decisions after the fact.

Outdoors to Indoors: How to integrate your indoor flooring to your outdoor living

As The Tile Turns

As a designer, your goal is to see that look of wonder and satisfaction when your client sees your complete design as a perfect reflection of their ideal living space. Home design can be an incredibly rewarding field.

How to Highlight Your Home’s Exterior Architecture

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Learn how to emphasize your home’s unique features. Highlighting the exterior architecture of your home might seem overwhelming, but no matter what style it is, there are lots of ways to make it shine. One way to change the look of your home is through color.

How To Choose Your Tile Material

The London Tile Co.

If you’re considering updating your kitchen or bathroom, or any other room in your house, have you put any thought into which tile material you’re going to use? If you haven’t we’re here to give you some advice about the different types of tile. We know that the choice can be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding, so why not narrow it down by knowing which material you want for your tiles. Easy to clean, sweep or use a damp cloth or mop.

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How To Remove Wallpaper — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

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How long have you been living with that wallpaper you hate? If you answered "too long," read on—we just might have the inspiration you need to get going on your long-awaited project. How To

Transitional Design: What It Is and How To Pull It Off

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Transitional design refers to a room’s meshing of modern and traditional elements. Image Source: Clarum We all know that transition means moving from one place or thing to another. But what does it mean in reference to interior design?

Tile Design vs. Electrical Outlets & Switches

Making Tile Modern

Your kitchen has many electrical needs: major appliances, small appliances, built-in appliances, lighting, exhaust fans, and basically anything you might want to plug in or switch on while you’re in there. Share them with us and we’ll add it to this blog! .

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How To Be the Best Gift-Giver Ever

Apartment Therapy

But now as an adult, I know the old maxim to be true: It really is better to give than to receive. Nothing feels better than presenting a much-adored gift to a nephew, sister or friend that you love. Finding the right gift is all about knowing where to look. How To.

How to Create Your Own Japanese-Style Bathroom

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The Japanese tend to have a flair for design that crafts tranquility in the home. Updating your home, whether it’s a little touch-up or full remodel, can be an exciting experience that makes your home more enjoyable to live in. Hygiene Essentials to Consider.

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How to See Your Home Like an Interior Designer

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It takes more than watching home-design shows to think like an interior designer. They certainly have a lot to offer and are an excellent resource for those who hire them — but many of us just don’t have the budget. Here’s how to see your home like an interior designer.

How To Make a Terrarium — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

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Making your own terrarium is fun and surprisingly easy - and equally easy to maintain. How To. Pin it.

How To Dye Textiles With Coffee & Tea

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It's an easy way to create a vintage look, or to disguise those badly stained kitchen towels—not to mention, the process smells a whole lot better than using commercial dyes! How To. (Image credit: Ashley Poskin ).

How To Bring Japanese Simplicity Into Your Interiors

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

It’s no surprise that after working all day and schlepping the kids to activities, we want come home to something a little calmer. The easiest way to do that is by simplifying our interiors. Of course, the question becomes how to bring this style into your own home.

How To Set The Table Properly

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I often get my left and right confused, so it''s not surprising that setting a table properly was a complete mystery to me before my years in food service. So I thought I''d put together some easy pointers and links to other good posts. How To

How To Decide If Homeownership Is Right For You

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Most people know they’d like to own a home eventually. That aspiration is certainly admirable, but in our experience, it often leads to a whole other set of questions. Such as: How do you know when is the right time to become a homeowner? Why Do You Want To Buy?

How To Get Rid of (and Prevent!) Fabric-Eating Moths — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

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Toxic moth balls can be about as dreadful as a moth infestation itself, so we've explored a few natural, pleasant alternatives you can take to protect your woolens and other clothing you keep stored away. How To. Pin it.

How To Make a Quick & Easy Folding Room Screen — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

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How To. (Image credit: Dabney Frake ). Privacy screens are like folding sculptures, both visually interesting as well as functional. In an outside space, they are a buffer between you and the neighbors, or can block out the bright sun.