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Tile of Spain Video: Distinctively Unique

Tile of Spain USA

Take a look at this video to see more! Blog ASCER tile of spain video' Tile of Spain creates special designs to awaken your senses, capable to fulfill your wishes and imagination. Because every creation is distinctively unique. You deserve it and Tile of Spain makes it. … Continue Reading.

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VIDEO: Spanish Tile Trends from Cevisama 2014

Tile of Spain USA

Click the video below! Blog 2014 Cevisama tile of spain video' Themes trending in Spanish ceramic include technology advances, classic encaustic ceramic hydraulic cement styles, beveled tile, geometric and fashion inspired patterns, and oxidized or fossilized looks. … Continue Reading.

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FloorFolio introduces new LVT designs using 3D video technology

Floor Covering News

The company is promoting its new products via 3D video technology. “In Highlighting vivid details and engaging cinematic angles, the video is designed to reveal the beauty of the flooring when captured in different residential and commercial settings, the company said. Each plank is 7.25

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How To Cut Glass Tile Video Explanation.

How to Floor Tile

Still working an in depth video but I am sure this will help. Probably one of the most popular posts on this blog and viewed many thousands of time is how to cut glass tile. Know that any glass tile can be cut with a wet saw. If you have large solid glass tile just run the material through the saw slowly.

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Video Details Hands-on Certified Tile Installer (CTI) Test

Ceramic Tile Education Foundation

Have you seen this video by Sal DiBlasi about the hands-on Certified Tile Installer (CTI) test ? If you haven't and you're considering becoming certified, we encourage you to do so. We've even embedded it into this article.

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Breaking News: Our New Video Shows You How to Install Cement Tile

Granada Tile

So, we’ve listened to your requests and are thrilled to share a new video with you showing the nitty gritty of concrete tile installation. To create the video, we reached out to the folks at Design Vidal. It was a natural fit to team with them for a concrete tile installation video.

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Avente Tile Talk: A tile shower installation- Time lapsed video.

Tile Talk

A tile shower installation- Time lapsed video/explanation. A tile shower installation- Time lapsed video/expl. Tuesday, September 25, 2012. How to tile a shower in 48 seconds! Ah wouldnt that be nice but in reality it took a bit longer. Now for a bit of the explanations behind the process. ► January. (5). ▼ 2012. (58).

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