Historic Watchtowers in Hungary Offer Atmospheric Views

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This scenic hiking route winds its way through the north of Hungary and over Galyeteto, the third highest mountain in the country. The post Historic Watchtowers in Hungary Offer Atmospheric Views appeared first on Freshome.com. Hikers along the blue National Tourist Route will now have a new vantage point from which to stop and see the view. Old abandoned concrete watchtowers located in the heart of the 1,100-kilometer hiking route have been converted into interesting rest stops.

Zoltan Apartment is Contemporary and Timeless

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Designed in 2015 by A+Z Design Studio this contemporary apartment in Budapest, Hungary, utilizes sparse accessories to accentuate the sharp curvature of the space and draw the eye in. There are original touches throughout the apartment, such as the radiators and the pipes running from floor to ceiling. The apartment has been staged with a combination of rustic and contemporary materials, showcasing the timelessness of the space.


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Rohrdorfer Group to Acquire CEMEX’s Austrian and Hungarian Operations for €160.1 Million

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announced today that it has signed an agreement for the sale of its operations in Austria and Hungary to the Rohrdorfer Group for approximately €160.1 CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. million. The Austrian

Minimalist Penthouse Design in Budapest Treasuring Functionality

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Located in the 11th district of Budapest, Hungary, in Madárhegy near Budaörs, this minimalist penthouse envisioned by Adamdesign Bels?építész építész Studio meets the modern living needs of its owners. The location offers proximity and easy access to the center of Budapest, as well as breathtaking views of the Buda mountains. Part of a brand new building consisting of 4 units, the 150 square meter penthouse is accessible via a private elevator.

A Tiny Apartments Roundup: 500-Square-Foot or Less Spaces

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Size: 430 SQFT | See it here Travelers’ Homebase | Budapest, Hungary For a couple that is constantly on the road, a simple and uncluttered place to call home is the key to their sanity between trips. 500 square feet may not seem like a lot of space. But to some, it’s more than enough to create a comfortable and welcoming home. And we have more than enough of these tiny apartments waiting to give us inspiration right on our own website.

Small Apartment in Budapest for Style-Seeking Travelers

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Specially designed for two style-seeking travelers, this small apartment in Budapest, Hungary comes with a total area of 323-square-feet and plenty of surprising solutions. The layout is a key feature of this tiny abode, which provides all of the creature comforts of a full-sized home. The kitchen, bedroom, and office area are all organized in an open plan. For a nomadic couple almost permanently on the road, this flexible scheme allows for simplicity and ease while at home.

Micro Apartments are the Next Big Thing

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Budapest, Hungary This 322 square foot space includes plenty of practical and modular storage. For fans of tiny houses , there’s a new way to live small and affordably – even in the biggest, most expensive cities. Micro apartments are hot in many cities with developers busy building entire buildings of them in places like New York City and San Francisco. Read on to learn more about micro apartments and where they’re located.

Letters from a traveling Architecture Student | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Judit Hi Bob, I am an architect from Hungary and I really like your blog! about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?