CEMEX to Sell its Operations in Croatia for €230.9 Million

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announced today that it has signed an agreement for the sale of its operations in Croatia, including its assets in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, to CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V.

Open Floor Plans: A Trend for Modern Living

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Image source: Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro What Started This Trend Decades ago, homes were built with the notion that every room has a distinct function. A modern open floor plan. Image source: Webb & Brown-Neaves Turn on any home-design TV show and you’ll repeatedly hear the words “open concept.” Tearing down walls to create open floor plans for the living, dining and kitchen area is what open-concept design is all about. For some, separate rooms still hold their charm.


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Why You Should Use The Golden Ratio In Your Decor

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Image Via: Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro. Use the golden ratio to create balanced rooms. We’ve all heard of the golden ratio. Most likely, it’s filed away with all the rest of your memories from your college art class or you read about in passing when perusing an article in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago. But, did you know that the golden ratio also plays a role in what we perceive as “good” interior design?

Why Our Brains Love Luxurious Interiors

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Image Via: Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro. Have you ever wondered why we love luxury interiors so much? Image Via: Marilee Bentz Designs, Inc. Luxury. The word even feels nice rolling off your tongue. There’s something so clean and crisp about it. Perhaps it’s the way that the simplest mention instantly conjures up mental images of sprawling mansions, designer collections, and sleek cars. Reality is, everyone loves lavishness, especially when it comes to interiors.

Kitchen and Residential Design: The Affordable Care Act and you

Kitchen and Residential Design

1 comment: Marta Montenegro Martin 01 October, 2013 17:02 This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Kitchen and Residential Design. Notes and anecdotes from the design world. Pages. About Me. Contact. My Work. My Store. Social Media Training. 01 October 2013. The Affordable Care Act and you. Posted by Paul Anater. at 11:54 AM. Its here at long last.