Spacious Single-Family Home in Slovenia Built on a Compact 33 Square Meter Footprint

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The post Spacious Single-Family Home in Slovenia Built on a Compact 33 Square Meter Footprint appeared first on Rising north-west of Ljubljana, in Škofja Loka, this single family house exemplifies creativity under pressure.

Interactive Exterior Slats Transform a Slovenian Kindergarten Classroom

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In 2010, Jure Kotnik Architecture modified a 1980s kindergarten classroom in Ljublijana, Slovenia to add a colorful and interactive facade. The project transformed three of the exterior walls of the building with brightly painted wood slats (all locally sourced).

Ingenious Rotating 360 Shelf Makes All Your Favourite Things Stand Out [Video]

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Slovenia-based freelance industrial designer Luka Pirnat introduced us to the 360 Shelf , a simple, rotating unit that allows you to create wall color patterns and makes all your favourite things stand out.

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Retail Space Converted Into Fresh Coffee Shop Design in Serbia

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The result of the design collaboration between Trije Arhitekti and Kaval Group, Lolita Coffeehouse in Ljubljana, Slovenia showcases an impressive [.] -->. Best Of. Apartments. Architecture. Bedroom. Furniture. Ideas. Kitchen. Living Room. Bathroom. Freshome. Freshome. Best Of. Apartments.

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