Experimenting with Ceramic Formats

Tile of Spain USA

The joints where tile meets wall are no longer hidden, but are accentuated with the ebbs and flow of multilateral ceramic pieces. Experimentation with different ceramic formats allows us to try multiple installation methods and combine them to craft surfaces full of depth and interest.

Choose Ceramics for Safety

Tile of Spain USA

As the slogan for the ASCER and Confindustria Cerámica advertising campaign launched in early 2019 claims: ceramic is a safe choice. It is these features that have traditionally made ceramic tiles the covering of choice for kitchens and bathrooms all over the world.


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Designing with Ceramic Wood

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic is very much a part of this practice. At recent decor and ceramic trade fairs it has been evident that ceramic wood is still a major line for manufacturers, who are also developing new shapes that offer additional creative potential. Why is Ceramic Wood a Great Idea?

Modern Applications for Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tiles offer an exciting and infinite number of design possibilities for decorating interiors and exteriors. Read on to explore design with these avant-garde applications: Ceramic Rugs. Ceramic tiles have changed the way architects approach exterior design.

Exploring the Typology of Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

While ceramic tiles are available in an abundance of sizes, shapes, formats and colors, did you know there are also different classifications of ceramic pieces? Read on as we delve into the various genres of ceramic pieces and the defining characteristics of each category: Wall Tile.

Ceramic Tile: The Key Element to Sustainable Building

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tiles have become a fundamental building and surface material for the development, and design of sustainable commercial and residential projects. Read on as we explore the immeasurable benefits of ceramics and find out what makes tile from Spain so durable, safe and hygienic.

6 Ceramic Styles Heating Up Interiors This Season

Tile of Spain USA

The collections of Spanish ceramic floor and wall tiles available in this shade range are the perfect way to invite timeless design to interiors this season. The variety of formats and the complex details that can be found among ceramic motifs has become more sophisticated in recent years.

Ceramics Impose Their Rules

Tile of Spain USA

Spanish ceramics, compared to other materials, offers the perfect combination of quality and versatility, without losing the aesthetic that will make them unique. So, why are ceramics the best material for any home? The raw material that composes a ceramic tile comes from the earth (clay) that, together with water and fire, makes this material a natural product. When renovating or remodeling a house, there are multiple variables to consider.

Warmer Weather Brings New Ceramic Tile Trends

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic manufacturers anticipate this transition of trends by proposing suitable pieces to adorn spaces for the upcoming hot months. Ceramic tiles remain a popular choice for vacation homes as they are an adaptable material, perfect for multifunctional spaces and high traffic areas.

Trends 165

Ceramics, the Material of Choice for Residential Environments

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tile has earned notoriety as the top building and surface material when it comes to commercial design, but did you know it has also gained prominence as the material of choice for residential design? Learn more about the advantages ceramic tiles lend to each area of the home: Facades.

Sustainable Ceramics from Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tile has gained notoriety as the top building material for residential and commercial spaces. In addition to these qualities, ceramics are a completely natural, safe and hygienic material made with ingredients that come directly from the Earth.

Spain 130

Enhance Outdoor Spaces With Ceramic Tile From Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Make the most of your outdoor spaces year-round with ceramic tile from Spain. Thanks to its technical properties, ceramic tile can withstand the passing of time, resisting temperature changes, humidity, and inclement weather.

Spain 207

Innovation in Ceramic Architecture: The TR HOUSE BARCELONA

Tile of Spain USA

The home has several outdoor living spaces outlined by a continuous pattern glazed ceramic tiles stacked in a hanging interwoven stainless-steel wire mesh. The ceramic tiles appear in four different colors that reflect the calming hues found in the natural scenery enveloping the home.

The Spanish Tile Industry Returns to Normal Productive Activity

Tile of Spain USA

Since Friday April10, 2020, the Spanish ceramic tile industry is gradually resuming work after stopping their production activity, following the restrictions set by the Spanish Government to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

The Benefits of Renovating your Home with Ceramic Tile From Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tiles are a high-quality product that offers all of these benefits and so much more. Read on as we delve into the inherent advantages of ceramic tile and why you should consider this material for your home renovation: Heat Resistant.

Spain 208

8 Ways to Install Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

The possibilities of applying and combining ceramic tiles are infinite. Below we analyze eight different methods for installing ceramic tiles and the stunning looks they offer as a result: Aparici, Cotto.

Designing a Home with Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Designing a home with ceramic tile has never been more exciting! Read on as we explore diverse uses for ceramic tile in and out of the home, you may just find some inspiration for your next project! With the advancements made in tile production, ceramics have changed the way developers approach exterior design. For these environments, large-format ceramic flooring becomes an ideal option to establish a relationship between interior and exterior living areas.

Designing with Color: Chromatic Trends Inspired by Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Thanks to their versatility in finish, format, shape and size, ceramic tiles offer an unlimited number of design solutions for residential and commercial spaces with which we can explore. Design 2020 Trends Ceramic Tiles Color Spanish Tile Tile of Spain

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Exploring the sustainability of ceramic surfaces

Diary of a Tile Addict

Product quality, design, innovation, Italian origin, and sustainability are all key components of the Italian ceramic tile industry’s success. The Italian tile industry has analysed the product’s environmental impacts over its entire life cycle by means of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Ceramic Collaborations

Diary of a Tile Addict

RIBA North is hosting Moulding Futures: Collaborative Explorations in Ceramics for Architecture symposium on Friday 8th December, a one-day event created by ECAlab and supported by Tile of Spain, the University of Liverpool and Leeds Beckett University. Through presentations and chaired discussions, leading global authorities will explore the value that ceramics can bring to architecture. Pavilion by Harvard University explores 3D printing of ceramics.

A sector-specific eco-label for ceramic tiles

Diary of a Tile Addict

Ceramics are a safe choice for the environment. And it is not just underfoot that the impact of tiles is felt; the construction industry has utilised ceramic tiles to create high-tech ventilated façades, as well as roofs and demonstrated that major energy savings can be made.

Surge: AC’s Glass-Inspired Ceramic

Architectural Ceramics

Check out Architectural Ceramic’s Surge Collection, featuring a large-format ceramic tile, that mimics illuminated glass and includes bold electric colors too. AC’s Surge Collection, a large-format ceramic tile made to look like back-lit glass, has several features that make it a bright idea: 8″x24″ field tile. a glazed ceramic, glossy finish. With the look of back-lit glass, this large-format ceramic tile has us doing a double take.

Ceramic Pop Art

Diary of a Tile Addict

Retro-feel products, toys, and scenes grace the glazed earthenware tiles of Greg Hicho. Hicho’s ceramic art subjects range from the popular TV dinner, Fluffo Pancakes and messy kitchen, to Troll Dolls, Sea Monkeys, and gumball machines. 3D tiles Art and Artists Hand-made Tiles USA Andy Warhol ceramic pop art earthenware tile Fluffo Pancakes Greg Hicho handcrafted tile retro look tiles tile Troll Doll Troll Doll tile

Rubble Tile Spotlight: Modern, Elegant Ceramic Wall Tile in Stock in the USA

Rubble Tile

New Product affordable ceramic tile affordable tile minneapolis backsplash bathroom Bathroom tile ceramic tile commercial Kitchen backsplash residential restaurant shower tile Tile Minneapolis tile shop minneapolis wall tile where to buy ceramic tile in MinneapolisWhen we imagine the Riviera, we think of sun, warmth, and colorful architecture.

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Ceramic tile for safe and sustainable homes

Diary of a Tile Addict

Ceramic tile is not only beautiful, it is also healthy for your home. Some VOCs emitted by non-ceramic building products can contribute to a wide variety of health problems and Sick Building Syndrome, according to various health experts. Certified products from Mapei.

Designing with Spanish Tile: 5 Keys to Adding Ceramic Motifs to THe Home

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic walls and floors have the ability to define the personality of each room in the home. In addition to its unquestionable aesthetic value, ceramic tiles off innumerable benefits such as its resistance, stability, ease of cleaning and safety compared to other materials.

Back to Basics: AC’s Ceramic Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

While children everywhere are going back to school, let’s go back to basics and learn about ceramic tile through a few of Architectural Ceramic’s collections: Basics, London, and City Hall. With a few simple lessons in science, geography and math, we’ll see how ceramics are classified, where they come from, and how adding any one of our ceramic collections to your project, equals a great space. The principles used to create ceramic tile are basic.

Ceramics Supporting the New Reality: Healthcare Sector Architecture

Tile of Spain USA

If there is one material that can offer that complete package, it is ceramic tile. Porcelanosa, Ródano Ceramic. And this is an area where Tile of Spain manufacturers are relentlessly progressing in new production processes.

Minnesota’s Newest Ceramic Tile, Habitat, is a Natural Choice for Any Project

Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile is thrilled announce the arrival of our newest ceramic tile collection, Habitat. Commercial Inspiration Love the Look New Product Rubble News affordable ceramic tile affordable tile minneapolis backsplash bathroom Bathroom tile ceramic ceramic tile commercial field tile Kitchen backsplash shower tile subway tile Tile Minneapolis tile shop minneapolis wall tile where to buy ceramic tile in Minneapolis

Classics Tide, by Mosa Tile, Brings a Touch of Classic to a Contemporary Ceramic

Rubble Tile

For over 130 years Mosa has been manufacturing tiles using the purest materials and the magic of innovative Dutch design. By embracing the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and a commitment to design, Mosa has become one of the most innovative and sustainable tile makers in.

Tile of Spain Companies Present the Latest in Products and Innovations at the 38th Edition of CEVISAMA

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain manufacturers returned to Spain earlier this month to bring their latest productions and innovations to CEVISAMA, the International Fair for Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings.

Spain 204

The Art of Ceramics: Innovations with Tile of Spain

Kitchens for Living

Ceramic Solutions-Innovations Pushing Boundaries of Design was held at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design, presented by Tile of Spain. Several of the big Spanish tile companies were also on hand showing their wares and I’m happy to report that their innovative products are readily available to us here in South Florida and other parts of the US. This Congress Centre, located in Spain, exemplifies the structural use of ceramic tile.

Spain 153

Living Ceramics

Diary of a Tile Addict

Warp by Living Ceramics. As a Tile Addict I often stare out into the ceramic night sky to see if I can spot new stars through my tile-focussed telescope. It was in 2016 that I first came across Living Ceramics : one of the brightest additions to the ceramic tile firmament. Living Ceramics creates versatile ceramic solutions for interior design and architecture. Bera & Beren by Living Ceramics. Warp by Living Ceramics.

Spanish ceramic tiles steal the limelight in new book ‘Ceramic Material Systems’

Tile of Spain USA

Publishing company Birkhäuser, which specializes in architectural design, has published a book that addresses the current situation of ceramic tiles in architecture. The new publication ‘ Ceramic Material Systems in Architecture and Interior Design ’, by Martin Bechthold, Nathan King and Anthony Kane (Birkhäuser), addressing the question of progress of ceramic materials in architecture, their origin and upward growth trend.

System 107

Fresh Looks for Walls – Product Recommendations from GIO Tile


For many commercial environments, from restaurants and schools to hotel and office lobbies and more, tile — ceramic, porcelain, or glass — is an excellent surfacing material for walls.

Toni Cumella: Ceramic Visionary

Diary of a Tile Addict

And this morning I woke up thinking about the work of Toni Cumella: a true ceramic visionary. Born in 1951, the son of ceramicist Antoni Cumella, Toni Cumella studied industrial engineering at Barcelona University before dedicating himself entirely to ceramics in 1970. His ceramic expertise has since been utilised by architects such as Enric Miralles, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, and Jean Nouvel. Toni Cumella at work in his studio.

Ceramic Tile: Introducing the ADEX Ocean Collection

Rubble Tile

They are known as a high quality maker of ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles. The post Ceramic Tile: Introducing the ADEX Ocean Collection appeared first on Rubble Tile : Minneapolis Tile Shop and Showroom. ADEX History ADEX USA is a family-owned company with a commitment to excellence, craftsmanship and customer service. The Spanish and European design influence is evident in their varied collections of subway and other field tile, decorative tiles and moldings.

Get the Look of Hand-Finished Italian Travertine with a Contemporary Feel

Rubble Tile

The beauty of the natural world is often found in its smallest details—and the same is true with the beauty of human craftsmanship. When it comes to natural stone, it’s the slight variations in color, shape, and texture that help to create the unique, organic.

Tile of Spain Announces Upcoming Schedule of Digital Events Showcasing Spanish Ceramic Tile and Design

Tile of Spain USA

Coverings Connected: Full Spectrum Ceramics Industry Solutions & Best Practices 2020. With the rapid pace of innovation in the ceramic industry it’s easy to miss some crucial developmentsand have some blind spots in your specifications.

Spain 130

AlysEdwards at Rubble Tile: Tongue in Chic Ceramic Tile Collection

Rubble Tile

Their ceramic collection, Tongue in Chic, is no exception. These glossy ceramic tiles are available as 2.5″x10.5″ The post AlysEdwards at Rubble Tile: Tongue in Chic Ceramic Tile Collection appeared first on Rubble Tile : Minneapolis Tile Shop and Showroom. AlysEdwards, an innovative and trusted Rubble Tile vendor, never fails to disappoint with their stylish, high quality tile collections, as well as with their penchant for humor.

Kaleidoscopic Ceramics

Diary of a Tile Addict

To emphasise the decorative potential and practicality of ceramic surfaces, ABK’s Style Department has created a series of graphic designs to be coloured on the tiles inspired by the viral phenomenon of Colouring Books. Based on the creativity of young graphic artists, illustrators and product designers, these surfaces are capable of transforming spaces with an artistic and original touch. Wide&Style by ABK: Pop Marble Grey.

Avente Tile Talk: Portuguese Ceramic Tile Artistry

Tile Talk

Portuguese Ceramic Tile Artistry. Panel of Portuguese ceramic tiles by Jorge Colaço (1922), representing Henry the Navigator at the Sagres Promonory. According to the curators of the Palácio Nacional de Sintra (National Palace of Sintra) in Portugal, the use of azulejos (a form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile) in decoration is unique when compared with other countries by the way it adapts to architecture on a monumental scale. ceramic tile.

The Pratt & Larson Ceramic Scraffito Collection at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile

This handmade ceramic collection uses the ancient Italian technique of scraffito (or sgraffito) to create patterns with remarkable detail and contrasting colors. Inspiration Love the Look New Product affordable ceramic tile backsplash bathroom Bathroom tile ceramic ceramic tile design field tile hand made tile handmade tile kitchen Kitchen backsplash Kitchen tile Pratt-larson-tile Scraffito Tile Minneapolis tile shop minneapolis where to buy ceramic tile in Minneapolis