10 Design Lessons You Can Learn From Scandinavian Interiors

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Scandinavian design is modern and minimalist with plenty of natural views. Image Source: Jeffers Design Group. You may be surprised to hear that the beauty of the Scandinavian design movement wasn’t fully recognized until the 1950′s. Since then, this minimalist European design has brought acclaim to many prominent and noteworthy Scandinavian designers who have made a global mark by creating unique furnishings and housewares.

Avente Tile Talk: Christmas Greetings from Avente Tile

Tile Talk

Denmark: The Christmas feast is celebrated at midnight Christmas Eve. backsplash designs. bathroom design. design. design ideas. design standards. design trends. fireplace tile designs. hearth tile design. low cost design. Discover Design with Historic Spanish Tile Installations in Los Angeles. By Arpi Nalbandian , Tileometry Custom tile design by Carson Magness Landscapes at The Pasadena Showcase House of Design.

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#BlogTourAmbiente – Best Global Design Trends at Ambiente


My trip to Ambiente with Modenus’ BlogTourAmbiente in Frankfurt, Germany was a whirlwind of size, dimension, design inspiration and global trends. I love traveling internationally to see what design trends are populating the design showroom floors and which ones will have an influence on American design. BlogTourAmbiente – Best Global Design Trends at Ambiente. Global trends show off design without fuss. Scandinavian Design.

Scandinavian Simplicity: The Influence of Danish Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Influenced by the German Bauhaus school, Danish designers and architects are known for treasuring the concepts of minimalism and functionality. London-based modern-furniture store Aram sent us this infographic that explains the influence of Danish design throughout its history. Making use of natural materials such as wood, granite and leather, the projects envisioned by Danish designers commonly aim to make a powerful visual impact. Ideas Danish Design

Kitchen and Residential Design: Scandinavian Made, a webshop

Kitchen and Residential Design

Kitchen and Residential Design. Notes and anecdotes from the design world. The Serra womens roots run deep in Denmark and Susans long made it a habit to bring back handmade items she found on her annual trips to Denmark for her design clients. Labels: art , design. 5 comments: Kelly @ JAX does design 14 December, 2011 08:42 Oh wow, everything in the shop is beautiful! kitchen design. interior design. bath design. design.

The Finalists – 2015 Life of an Architect Playhouse Design Competition

Life of an Architect

The Finalists – 2015 Life of an Architect Playhouse Design Competition … there are a lot of people from around the planet who are anxiously awaiting these results. is a design and manufacturing company specializing in sculpture, architectural features and commercial products Joe McCall – A noted and reputable designer with over 23 AIA award-winning buildings to his credit, there are so many accolades that you can share about Joe that they are too numerous to list.

The Costs Associated with becoming an Architect | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

It is not (and should not try to be) an endorsement of your superior design skills. I personally feel that having fewer licensed architects is bad for the profession because good designers will go unlicensed and clients will start to recognize (correctly) that they can hire unlicensed designers who are equally qualified to do the work. It’s easy to forget that many designers in the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s worked for years with no real practical experience.