Pyramid Cottage House Reflects the Icelandic Landscape

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Located in the middle of Iceland’s famed Golden Circle Route, about an hour and a half ride from Reykjavik, the Pyramid Cottage House is an unconventional holiday retreat. The lovely wooden deck with minimalist furniture acts as an open invite to witness fresh summer mornings in Iceland.

Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin Furniture by Sentient

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With Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin covering the Long Wool Sofa, the idea of snuggling into it is sooo enticing and while curling up amidst the luxuriously soft 6"-8"L wool you can reflect upon the untold stories within its reclaimed Oak wood frame.

Soffia's Family Home in Iceland — House Call

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Location: Alftanes, Iceland. Name: Soffia. Our home has to be comfortable for all of us who share it, that includes mom, dad, a 8 year old girl, a 4 year old boy and our two labradors (16y and 7y). I think we are a mix of country/industrial, or somewhere in between.

Iceland's Buubble Hotel Has Not Just 5, But 5 Million Stars

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At Iceland's Buubble Hotel, guests can experience the upside of intentional isolated living. I can't count the number of times I've been advised against living my life in a bubble. But what about spending the night in one? READ MORE ». Travel.

Industrial Farmhouse Style in Iceland — House Tour

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Location: Alftanes, Iceland. We first got a peek at her inspiring Icelandic home in her house call two years ago.but it's already evolved a lot since. Name: Soffia Gardarsdottir. Size: 1991 square feet. Years lived in: 9 years, owned. Floral designer and interior stylist Soffia Gardarsdottir likes to mix it up. Often. It's a stylishly designed home, but it's also comfortable, which is important for a family of four (five with dog, Storm). READ MORE ». International. House. Tours

Tile Installation-Tile Repair-Tile Experts: Tile Excellence: Welcome.

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Off the Beaten Path Honeymoon Travel Destinations


Why not take a helicopter ride in Iceland. Image via: Extreme Iceland. Honeymoon Travel – Iceland. With glaciers, lagoons, and volcanoes all waiting to be explored, Iceland is truly a nature lovers paradise.

Before & After: Bookcase Lightens Up for a Kid's Room

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Soffia bought two of these tall, imposing pieces at an Icelandic Goodwill—I''ve dubbed them "bookdenzas"—and wanted to lighten them up and give them some personality to use in her son''s bedroom.

This Livestream of Kittens in a Dollhouse is the Best Kind of Reality TV

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Even if you've never seen an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we can assure you you'll be wooed by this Icelandic spinoff. Keeping Up with the Catdashians is the cutest reality TV show you'll ever watch. READ MORE ». Popular Culture

Architectural Bucket List

Life of an Architect

Image credits: here Image credits: here Image credits: here Iceland – 3,760 miles from my house Hmm, what do you know? Either way, I challenge you to look at pictures from Iceland and tell me that it isn’t one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen.

This Human Habitat Floats with the Tides

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This project brought students from Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania together to create this floating human habitat. This Veetee (“Water Way”) structure began as an experiment.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Hosts Scandinavian Design Exhibit — Design News

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Northern Lights" explores the innovative concepts that have shaped design in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, and features everything from mid-century furniture to Minecraft.

Why Drones Are The Future of Design Photography

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Recently, a drone captured footage of a live volcanic eruption in Iceland, as well as previously unseen footage of humpback whales in the middle of the ocean. Drones are changing the way we see design photography. Image Via: Rick Ryniak Architects.

New United States Embassy in Reykjavik to be Built by Ístak Ísland

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Ístak Ísland H/F, the Icelandic subsidiary of Per Aarsleff A/S, has entered into an agreement with the US authorities to build a new United States Embassy in Reykjavik. Construction work

A Photographers Bag | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Since I’m over there, I’m fulfilling a long time dream of spending some time in Iceland. Also included is the International Photographer’s map of Iceland. Lonely Planet’s Iceland book was also helpful. Iceland’s weather is insane, and changes rapidly. Iceland is extremely windy. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?

Could This Optical Illusion Save Lives?

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We know better than to play in traffic, but there's an eye-catching 3D zebra stripe crosswalk in the Icelandic fishing town of Ísafjörður that hopes to better protect you if you were to do just that.

A Nordic Style London Flat — House Tour

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Having grown up, studied, and worked in Hong Kong, Isabella and Oscar went on a trip of a lifetime to Iceland, fell in love with Europe and decided to relocate to London together to pursue their dream of traveling around this little continent. Name: Isabella and Oscar. Location: Wembley, London. Size: 870 square feet. Years lived in: 1.5 year, owned.

Artecnica’s Playful Yorky Light

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Yorky, designed by New York-based Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason, has a whimsical shape, but it will sit, stand on a surface … Continue reading → Lighting Products Artecnica Light fixture Modern Lighting The Los Angeles-based design house Artecnica has introduced a new light fixture that looks almost like a child’s toy.

Stunning Linear Glass & Stone

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In a random pattern linear mosaic and 5/8" square mosaic, bamboo, cabarnet , cappucinno , creme brulee , iceland (shown at right), midnight, spa and waterfall are sure to appeal to your senses. Long and skinny. Polished and tumbled. Neutral and bold.

A Monochrome & Minimalist Masterpiece in Culver City — House Tour

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Inspired by the stark and minimal styles found in Brutalist architecture and Icelandic design, homeowners Matt and Julie fully committed to a strict black-and-white color scheme and it definitely paid off. Name: Julie and Matt Stephenson. Location: Culver City, California. Size: 2900 square feet. Years Lived In: 6 months, owned. It's no secret that sticking to a minimal color palette can help create a sense of order and cohesiveness in design.

A Shared "Scandi Hippie Kitsch" Montreal Apartment — House Tour

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Their personal style emerges out of the objects they surround themselves with, but certainly contains elements from their Icelandic and Austrian-Scottish backgrounds. Name: Mark Andrew Hamilton and Bergþóra Jónsdóttir. Location: Montreal, Canada. Size: 800 square feet. Years lived in: Rented. This Montreal rental is shared by two artists with a great eye for design and finding wonderful treasures in random thrift stores and pop-up flea markets.