February, 2020

Tile of Spain Companies Present the Latest in Products and Innovations at the 38th Edition of CEVISAMA

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain manufacturers returned to Spain earlier this month to bring their latest productions and innovations to CEVISAMA, the International Fair for Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings.

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Playing with Contrasts

As The Tile Turns

Contrast is a big deal in modern tile design. The most impactful looks balance elements that seem, at first glance, radically different. This infusion of multiple colors, patterns, or textures can quickly make a statement while also granting your space an undeniable sense of personality.

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Top 10 Residential Tile Trends for 2020

JG Kitchens

I love tile! It’s one of the most versatile, durable, low maintenance design materials available anywhere. You can see still see intact tile installations created hundreds or thousands of years ago when you travel to historic sites.

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Patio Flooring Buying Guide

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

A well-designed patio can become a second living room for your home, so it’s important to make smart design choices. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is what to use for your patio flooring. With so many patio flooring options, it can be tough to decide which is best.

Designer Spotlight: Carolina Wicker x Custom Copenhagen Tile

Granada Tile

Designer Carolina Wicker creates a custom look for any business perfectly capturing its individuality, imagery and life.

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Playlist of the Week – Game Night

Architectural Ceramics

Week of February 10th, 2020. Don’t let Valentine’s Day go by without spending it with your loved ones – plan a game night with close friends and family to make this year’s Valentine’s day full of love and care!

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A Journey Through Valencia and Màlaga on the Passport to Creativity Tour

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain USA traveled to Spain last week with a talented group of architects, interior designers and journalists for an educational exploration through Valencia and Màlaga during the annual Passport to Creativity Tour.

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Slate Tile, Another Warning, Not For A Shower!

How to Floor Tile

We like the appeal of warm Natural Stone and Slate offers an earthy look but it's days are numbered in your shower. There are a number of Natural Stone products you see installed in shower design centers all over made from Marble, Travertine and yes, Slate.

Aging in place: Renovating with independence in mind

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Getty Images/Mint Images RF. Most Americans settle in a home, envisioning a permanent life refuge. Achieving this vision of aging in place, though, means preparing the home now to anticipate future needs.

4 Most Instagram-Worthy Cement Tiles

Granada Tile

If there’s one thing that just about every designer wants in this day and age, it’s to have their room be Instagram-worthy. A great way to start is to choose elegant, sturdy, and vibrant cement tiles. These are outstanding for foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, or just about anywhere.

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Playlist of the Week – Beach and Island Getaways

Architectural Ceramics

Week of February 17th, 2020. President’s Day weekend is perfect for recharging. Enjoy your time off with a quick trip to the beach that will allow you to get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

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Trans-Hitos 2020 Widens the Identity of Ceramics

Tile of Spain USA

I·den·ti·ty /???den(t)?d?/ den(t)?d?/ noun) – the distinguishing character or personality of an individual, community, or object.

Why Tile: The Safe, Stylish, and Sustainable Choice

Garden State Tile Blog

Tile is everywhere. From the backsplash of your kitchen, the floors of your shower, the walls of your local bar, to the lobby of your favorite hotel – there’s no questioning the fact that tile covers some of our favorite and most intimate spaces.

Weaving and Panelling

Diary of a Tile Addict

Continuing our look at some of the mini-trends from Cevisama are two that lean towards the old-fashioned, replicating classic materials with ceramics.

A Word About Laminate Flooring

How to Floor Tile

Laminate Flooring has a place and technology is trying to keep up to survive normal wear and tear. Reasons why you should use Laminate are many as are reasons not to. It's great for a fast economic floor covering with many options in texture, style, feel and look.

How to Find the Perfect Concrete Tile Pattern

Granada Tile

Cement and concrete tiles are popular with interior designers and DIY home renovators alike because they hold a wealth of advantages over other types of tile. For example, the color on a concrete tile won’t chip or wear off because it’s hydraulically pressed into the tile.

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Top 5 Design Posts – Fashion Week

Architectural Ceramics

Week of February 3, 2020. February kicks off Fashion Week for many cities around the world. New York Fashion Week is coming up first – it runs from February 6th to February 13 th.

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Modern Rustic décor the only decorating style your truly need

Trendir Magazine

Why is it that when we think of decorating the home, there is always the habit of considering one decorating style alone? Though most of us always have a particular decorating style in mind, others do not. For those that don’t this article is specifically designed for you.

How Instagrammable Are Your Commercial Spaces?


There’s no doubt that social media (and Instagram in particular) has made a huge impact on the world of commercial interior design over the last decade. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, though, images are the whole point of Instagram.

Cevisama Curiosities

Diary of a Tile Addict

As with Cersaie , we have not only sought out the trends and fashions of the tile world at Cevisama , but also had some fun collecting some of the more intriguing designs. Among these curiosities are a few recurring themes, such as the prevalence of strokes, splatter, and all things paint.

Case Study: Kristine’s Of Princeton, NJ

Garden State Tile Blog

. PROJECT TYPE. LOCATION. Restaurant. Princeton, NJ. Riscala Agnese Design Group. PROJECT OVERVIEW.

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Marble Etching Stain Repair Jacksonville

Fabric and Tile Masters

Marble Stain Repair Jacksonville. Marble stain repair Jacksonville is a conversation devoted almost exclusively to the treatment of acid etch marks. Sure, rust, wine, food coloring and other chemical reactions can discolor the stone, but the acid etch mark is the main culprit.

Playlist of the Week – Man Cave & Bar Designs

Architectural Ceramics

Week of February 24th, 2020. The idea of the man cave boils down to a private retreat with a masculine flair. We can’t think of many things more manly than an ole’ fashioned cowboy! We found a great country playlist to match your man cave vibe.

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Stone Services Group, Quote Countertops in Partnership

Stone Update

Visualizing/quoting tool added to SSG’s lineup of software. Featured Company Insider News

Hot New Products at KBIS 2020 Showcase Five Facets of Wellness Design

JG Kitchens

I love attending the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, and go pretty much every year. What I’ve noticed in the last few shows has been the increasing presence of wellness design products and trends.

Hot and Cold with 70s Retro

Diary of a Tile Addict

There were a few trends around Cevisama that didn’t make it to the big list , but they’re still worth a mention. Florals didn’t stop at quaint and delicate or bold and tropical, for many companies they simply went hand-in-hand with their retro revival designs.

Neat Interior Life Hacks - How to Avoid Mess

Kitchen and Residential Design

Image by Photographee.eu I’m pretty sure most of us wonder why everything looks so beautiful in the photo from the net. But when you look around - it seems that there’s just a mess. Therefore, I’m going to write about how interior little stuff could affect our evaluation of ‘neat - not neat’.

Catch a Wave of Color & Texture with Point Break!

Garden State Tile Blog

Inspired by the coastal landscape of the Florida Keys, the Point Break glazed porcelain collection includes 3 small format sizes, 10 cool colors and a set of eclectic decos all reminiscent of the sea and sand. This 4”x8”, 4”x12” and 8”x8” matte porcelain features a soft undulated look that can be used on both floors and walls with colors ranging from blue to green and white to grey. Browse The Point Break Collection Here. The post Catch a Wave of Color & Texture with Point Break!

Week of February 17th- Beach & Island Getaways

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts – Beach & Island Getaways. For many, Presidents Day weekend offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A time when you can catch up on rest and relaxation, while also spending quality time with your family.

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Engineered Stone and Australia: A License to Cut

Stone Update

One state government to allow fabrication under strict rules; another bans dry-cutting and adjusts workplace silica-dust exposure rules. Featured Latest News

Introducing Rubble Tile’s New Porcelain Collections – Inspired by Ancient Legends

Rubble Tile

Some legendary places are so ingrained in our minds that we can imagine how they might look, and become inspired. Rubble Tile is thrilled to announce two new porcelain tile series whose designers were inspired by Atlantis and El Dorado; fabled cities of lore that. Commercial Inspiration Love the Look New Product Rubble News

Cevisama Curiosities II

Diary of a Tile Addict

Yesterday’s curiosities were only the beginning and there are still plenty of fantastic designs awaiting a mention. One collection could have easily been placed with the weave-look designs from the show, but its unique format and stone-look companions meant its own space was needed.

The Hidden Dangers Of Noise Pollution At Home

JG Kitchens

A couple of months ago, I discovered that one of my washing machine hoses was leaking. The insurance company sent a team to rip out the damaged laminate, subfloor and drywall. They set up three industrial-type fans to dry out the laundry closet and adjacent hallway.

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The Ultimate Home Security and Safety Checklist Every Family Needs

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Whether you’re planning on moving, are in the middle of a move, or are simply looking to upgrade your current setup, home safety and security are extremely important.

Week of February 24th, 2020 – Man Cave & Bar Designs

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. The man cave is a fun and functional space that lends an opportunity to express true imagination and really let loose. Sports, music, film and other aspects of pop culture are great places for the design process to begin.

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Coldspring Named Natural Stone Institute CEU Educator of the Year

Stone Update

Natural-stone quarrier/processor holds 240+ classes for more than 2,700 design professionals. Featured Association Beat News

How To Create A Luxury Touch In Your Bedroom

Trendir Magazine

Your bedroom is one of those areas that are extremely personal, its where you get to unwind, relax and sleep. Therefore, it only makes sense to get as personal as possible in that room.