Coverings 2018: Tile of Spain Exhibitor Directory

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain is a proud sponsor of Coverings 2018 , The Global Tile & Stone Experience, which will take place May 8 through May 11, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visitors to the Spanish Pavilion will witness some of the most advanced ceramic tile technology and breathtaking design choices the world has to offer from 85 Spanish ceramic and stone manufacturers. Below is a list of companies exhibiting in the Spanish Pavilion: COMPANY BOOTH NUMBER WEB SITE. TILE OF SPAIN 3718 [link].

Spain 117

Bigger Is Better: Large Format Porcelain Tile

Architectural Ceramics

Go big or go home. OK, we’d love to go through your home. Architectural Ceramic’s put together a small list of some of our large format porcelain tile collections. No matter the type of renovation, we can change the look of your home in a big way. About Porcelain Tile. Why are large format tiles typically porcelain? To avoid getting into the nitty-gritty, it’s because of how the tile is made. Porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature.


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White Tiles at The London Tile Co.

The London Tile Co.

In any area that involves creativity you will always find classics; a little black dress, an armchair, even a ball point pen. Often overlooked as boring or too simple, we believe that the white tile is a classic that deserves more recognition. There are so many little touches that can set a white tile apart from the others and so many ways to style them to make stand out. At The London Tile Co. we have a great range of white tiles in all shapes, sizes and styles – read on to find out more.

Tile 165

2018 Tile Trends from Tile of Spain

JG Kitchens

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the major Spanish tile show, Cevisama , in a hosted press tour, in 2012, and seeing Tile of Spain ‘s exhibits at Coverings at several shows. Here’s the trade group’s take on what’s hot for ceramic tile in 2018: Monochromatic. Grey, white, black remain the top three colors in that order for both floor and walls with greige (gray-beige) following as a close fourth depending on the collection’s design inspiration.

Spain 100

On the Road in New York-ICFF, Art & Great Food

Kitchens for Living

This year my birthday coincided with Design Week so I thought what the heck, it’s time for another On the Road episode, this time to the Big Apple for ICFF. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair was held at the Jacob K. Javits Center May 20-23 and is known as the North American platform for Luxury […] Read more.

Cool Kitchen Backsplashes to Whet Your Appetite

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The basic function of kitchen backsplashes is to prevent water, food and other types of liquids and solids from damaging the wall behind your kitchen counters. However, backsplashes can be both functional and stylish. There’s a dizzying array of styles to choose from, but we’re skipping the most popular backsplashes (since you’ve probably seen them anyway) so we can highlight some of the coolest options.

The hands of a working man

Tile Excellence

Ive been posting articles here since 2011. Ive been criticized by my peers mostly competitors and at times threats of being sued because i shared my opinions of products and procedures I use tried and true from over 35 years of laying tile. I write here on this blog for the sole purpose of helping and informing hard working people like myself how to get the best quality tile job possible at the best possible price or even do it yourself.

Boston 125

More Trending

Arizona Tile: Live Seamlessly: Arizona Tile’s new R11 Anti-Slip Finish

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

CTDA Wants You To Know. CTDA Home | Contact Us. 2018 Ceramic Tile Distributors Association. All Rights Reserved. 800 Roosevelt Rd., Bldg C-312, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137 P: 630.545.9415 F: 630.790.3095.

Outdated Home Trends That Could Be Making A Comeback

Trendir Magazine

Some home décor trends are timeless, such as fireplaces and marble counters. But others can be quite baffling like using outdoor furniture indoors and/or popcorn ceilings. Just like fashion, home trends are always evolving and coming full circle- that is the case for these outdated home trends that are currently making a huge comeback. Wood Paneling If you have been eyeing having wood paneled walls yet do not want to make the full commitment having an accent paneled wall could be the way to go.


Ceramics of Italy

The company belonging to the ITALCER group, under the leadership of its CEO Graziano Verdi, launched its new exhibition centre inside the enchanting fifteenth-century building Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, in the heart of the Emilian city. LA FABBRICA SPA , whose headquarters are located in Castel Bolognese, is specialized in the production of high quality Italian pottery and on 12 th April it inaugurated its excellence exhibition centre in Imola, where art and history are oriented to the future.

Italy 63

Nature: The Timeless Trend

Tile of Spain USA

Natural motifs in interior design are timeless trends that are in constant evolution. Architects and designers are always looking for new ways to translate the beauty of nature into different styles for residential and commercial projects. Ceramic tiles allow for easy inclusion of this practice by applying the latest patterns and easily adapting to all requirements and tastes.

Trends 112

Made By Moms, For Moms: Tiled Spaces with a Feminine Touch

Architectural Ceramics

For a lot of mom’s, a simple gesture like a hand-made card, breakfast in bed, or a bouquet of flowers means a lot on Mother’s Day. But what about when she simply wants to get away to pamper herself in a feminine space? Claire from the show Modern Family wanted to create her own ‘she-shack’ in the backyard, but Phil won out with a batting cage. Well, sorry men, this blog post isn’t for you. Ladies, let’s focus on spaces designed by moms for moms.

November Featured Tiles: Andalusia & Earth

The London Tile Co.

After a month of sunshine and surprisingly warm weather, November has started with a heavy rainstorm here at London Tile HQ. Still, we’re looking forward to cosy evenings and comfort food in the run up to the festive season – and we have some fantastic news about our monthly Featured Tiles. Thanks to the success of the scheme over the last year we have decided to raise the discount from 10% to 20% so you can save even more on tiles to transform your home. Andalusia.

2018 Tile Trends from Tile of Spain

JG Kitchens

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the major Spanish tile show, Cevisama , in a hosted press tour, in 2012, and seeing Tile of Spain ‘s exhibits at Coverings at several shows. Here’s the trade group’s take on what’s hot for ceramic tile in 2018: Monochromatic. Grey, white, black remain the top three colors in that order for both floor and walls with greige (gray-beige) following as a close fourth depending on the collection’s design inspiration.

Spain 100

LPE Group Taps Van Der Bas for North America

Stone Update

Longtime stone-industry figure will head up U.S., Canada operations, including Turrini USA unit. Featured People+Places News

What’s Trending in Bathroom Design? The National Kitchen + Bath Association Reveals All

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Traditional bathroom designs are taking a back seat to a more spa-like, clean and minimal look, according to the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA). The organization queried hundreds of designers, remodelers, architects, manufacturers and dealers to discover the trends in bathroom styles, sinks and tubs, cabinets, lighting, flooring, colors and other elements.

Florida tile installation pay is only half of Boston and I still made over $ 10,000 in just over a month

Tile Excellence

Florida tile installation pay is only half of Boston and I still made over $ 10,000 in just over a month Ive been writing about the opportunity presented by the purchase of tileexcellence.com for some time now. Ive clearly stated the income possibilities to easily surpass the cost of the business in a very short time. I have always done all installation myself without help of others or a tile crew.

Boston 130

New Trends In Bathrooms, "More Marble?"

How to Floor Tile

I have noticed a lot more Marble and Travertine in showrooms across the metroplex showcasing these two Natural Stones. I have some very strong opinions about these types of material and their use. My opinion is they do not belong in abundance in a shower or wet area. It can be intimidating trying to determine what type of material you should use in your shower and why. There are some specific reasons from an installers point of view for using this material over that.

Marble 109

Caprice Grove Cement Tile Echoes Traditional French and Spanish Patterns

Cement Style

Inspired by French and Spanish cement tile traditions, the Caprice Grove cement tile pattern by Villa Lagoon Tile is a new classic featuring alternating quatrefoils and spear-point crosses. The Caprice Grove handcrafted cement tile features a floral pattern that makes for a sophisticated backdrop in a home bar and entertainment area, inside or out. Pictured here, the bold combination of green apple, straw, jade and velvet sky adds a distinctive personality to any space.

Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2019

Trendir Magazine

As the year is coming to an end it is time to begin taking a look at the hottest and latest trends for 2019. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to begin taking a look at the hottest bathroom trends for 2019. While the bathroom might not seem like such a “special area” it sure is one of the most used spaces of the home right next to the kitchen. With that being said, here are the hottest bathroom trends for 2019.

Big And Beautiful – Gauged Porcelain Slabs

Conestoga Tile Blog

The Italian tile manufacturers have done it again. Always the pioneers in ceramic technology, they have once again developed a porcelain tile that is sure to change the interior and exterior ambiance of the world’s architectural structures. If you haven’t learned about gauged porcelain slabs yet, please read on. 60″ x 120″ gauged porcelain slab demonstrates the extreme beauty it can can deliver. Pictured: Fiandre Precious Stones Yellow Onyx.

2019 Tile Trends Round-Up

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain , the association of over 125 Spanish tile manufacturers, is forecasting macro trends for 2019 which include: neutral colors, innovative formats, chiseled edges, vintage looks, geometric accents, gauged porcelain panels, and porcelain pavers. The overall feel of the trends this year are multi-layered and sophisticated without feeling pretentious.

Trends 124

Surge: AC’s Glass-Inspired Ceramic

Architectural Ceramics

During the month of March, we all feel a sudden surge run through our bodies, that sends us running to the party store for shamrock cut-outs, leprechaun hats and the like. So if you like St. Patrick’s Day and the color green, then you’re in luck with our Surge Collection. Check out Architectural Ceramic’s Surge Collection, featuring a large-format ceramic tile, that mimics illuminated glass and includes bold electric colors too. About Our Surge Collection.

Why Choose Porcelain Paving?

The London Tile Co.

If you’ve been on the hunt for new paving recently you have probably come across one or two products made from porcelain. This versatile material is taking over most areas of our home, but you might be wondering why it’s become so popular externally.

Design & Construction Week 2018 – Fine Homebuilding Fave Products Posts

JG Kitchens

The editors of Fine Homebuilding particularly liked these cool new products shown at Design & Construction Week, and asked me to write them up for their website. Here are the posts with their links and photos. More DCW coverage to come! Add lighting to your countertop supports! Photo Courtesy: Federal Brace ). Federal Brace – Your stone countertop typically needs support if extending past the cabinets for serving, dining, reading, etc.

The Cement Tile Backsplash: How the Look Has Changed Over the Years

The Cement Tile

A long, long time ago, kitchens didn’t have any backsplashes. It might seem impossible to imagine a kitchen without one of the most decorative parts of it, but prior to about the 1940s, they weren’t needed. Kitchens have always served the same function (to prepare meals), but they only advanced enough to include design features within the last century. The backsplash was initially only about 4 inches high and went above the sink and stove (where splashes were most prevalent).

National Kitchen + Bath Association Reveals Key Design Trends in U.S. Kitchens

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Want to know the trendiest styles, colors, materials, finishes, appliances and lighting fixtures in U.S. kitchens? Sure, you do! The National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) queried hundreds of designers, remodelers, architects, manufacturers and dealers to discover the most dominant preferences and the biggest kitchen design trends. Freshome asked trend spotter Elle H-Millard, Certified Kitchen Designer and Industry Relations Manager at the NKBA, for photos and insights regarding the key U.S.

Bath 81

Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners

Tile Excellence

Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners By Sandra Belakoni Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners 1. Home Fair - www.homefair.com Home Fair provides city reports, school reports, salary calculator, cost of living standards, and a multitude of other useful tools and information for a new homeowner, or any person looking for more information tailored to a specific location. 2.How to Clean Anything Clean Anything www.howtocleanaything.com The name says it all.

Tile 116

How To Care For Marble Or Natural Stone From?

How to Floor Tile

Marble Institute Of America! link] I personally do not advocate using Marble, Travertine and other natural stone in showers or wet areas because it is too soft and hard to maintain. I built this shower recently and all the tile looks like marble but it really is Porcelain and manufacturers copy natural stone for a reason.


Ciao Tile

to the ones who make it, the ones who show it, the ones who love it + the ones who choose it. we love tile, but we love the people involved in the process even more.

Tile 100

New Decorating Trends That Are Totally Worth Trying In 2018

Trendir Magazine

The great thing about a new year is that new trends and new ideas can be incorporated into the home for an easy revamp. With so many different trends merging on the scene it can be hard to decide which ones are actually worth investing time and money in. We have rounded up the ones worth trying this 2018 to help you with your selection. Heavy Metal Metallics work well in a kitchen because they add color and texture in a big way.

Fresco For Forward Fashion

Diary of a Tile Addict

The prototype Fresco design by Naxos. I have spent the past couple of weeks going back over my notes and photographs from Cersaie, and wading through reams and reams of press material and PR photography to discover the hidden gems among a plethora of – admittedly wonderful – white marbles, distressed woods, cement-effects, encaustic stylings, et al.

Tile 58

The 2018 Passport to Creativity Tour in Review

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain USA recently hosted a group of tile savvy designers, architects and journalists on an educational tour through Valencia and Barcelona. Participants were able to experience first hand Spanish culture, get an up close look at Tile of Spain manufacturers exhibiting at Cevisama 2018 and immerse themselves in the deep architectural history of ceramics in Spanish cities. DAY ONE – VALENCIA.

Avoid Spooky Tile Situations with Advice from AC’s Customer Service Team

Architectural Ceramics

Don’t let tile mistakes haunt your home renovation. With expert advice from Architectural Ceramic’s Customer Service team, you can be prepared throughout your tile purchase and renovation. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, or a DIY homeowner, we’ll help you avoid spooky tile situations. Our CS team knows its ways around the block. It takes a lot to scare us.

New Tile Ranges at The London Tile Co.

The London Tile Co.

We’ve had a sudden influx of new tile ranges here at The London Tile Co. and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. Whether you’re refreshing your kitchen for summer or planning a bathroom makeover, we have some stunning new ranges. Don’t forget that tiles can be used in any room in your home – they are hardwearing, hygienic and easy to keep clean, making them perfect for hallways, living spaces and even outdoors. Atrium.

Cement 130

REMODELING Cost vs. Value Report Highlights

JG Kitchens

Are you planning a remodeling project in 2018? If so, REMODELING Magazine’s latest Cost vs. Value Report will be helpful in deciding where to put your money and what it’s likely to yield in increased home value. Here are the highlights for Gold Notes ‘ readers: Small remodeling projects, like this San Diego powder room, have higher ROI than large projects. Photo Courtesy: JG Kitchens / Terry Smith Cabinetry and Design in New Bathroom Idea Book ).

Report 101

Pratt & Larson’s Quick-Ship Brownstone Collection at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile

If you’re designing a project, you aren’t looking for a fleeting dream. You’re looking for beautiful craftsmanship. But also you need something meant to last, with a tile pedigree that is second to none. When it comes to the test of time, few companies are.