Designing with Ceramic Wood

Tile of Spain USA

Interior design and decor are forever seeking new formulae for reinterpreting designs based on natural materials that are suited to spaces of all kinds and styles. Design Ceramic Wood Design Trends interior design Spanish Tile Tile of Spain Wood Look

Decorative Tile in Commercial Design

Tile Talk

Surprisingly, I''ve discovered some stunning uses of decorative tile in commercial design on the storefronts and facades of many buildings that pay homage to this state''s romance with tile during the early 1900s. Decorative tile adorn this building on Wilshire Blvd. Spanish and Moorish designs influence the border patterns along this storefront. The designs you''ve seen thus far were all found on storefronts  below the window panes, down to the sidewalk.


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Decorative Geometrical Tile Coda

Tile Talk

Two weeks ago I introduced our new decorative glazed ceramic tiles. The simple, soothing inter-connected ellipse pattern is slightly contemporary but takes its design cue from Art Deco styles. Geometrical tile pattern glazes are from the Malibu Field Tile palette and make designing easy and fun. Here, the Geometrical Weave pattern uses that bright red and white to really add a pop of color and bold design. Take a look at all of our glazed decorative Geometrical tiles.

Designing a Home with Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Designing a home with ceramic tile has never been more exciting! From geometric walls and patterned floors, to decorative facades, there are more options than ever to curate a truly one-of-a-kind house. With series available in anti-slip finishes, multilateral shapes and dynamic decorative reliefs, Spanish tile manufactures have crafted collections to cover surfaces in all areas of the home. Designing with Nature.

Ceiling Decor

Tile Doctor

Design Examples Installation Tips Material - Tile, Natural Stone, Marble ceiling ceiling decor When you think of updating a room, you think of flooring and walls, right? But what about the ceiling. They can have a huge impact on the room too. Besides painting, you can put wall coverings, tile or even hardwoods. Another reason to use tile or hardwoods on a ceiling.

Week of December 9, 2019 – Holiday Decorating

Architectural Ceramics

Design with a Purpose. 4 local designers participate in Children’s National’s annual Light Up the Season , Northern Virginia Magazine. We are so proud to see the work Case Design’s Allie Mann and Alexandria Hubbard are doing for the Light Up the Season annual holiday fundraiser.

Intense colours and bold decors

Diary of a Tile Addict

The company has a deserved reputation for offering unique pieces for home decoration, with varying finishes, and a wide range of sizes and decors for every type of environment. Coverings Digital Decoration coverings 2020 tile blog Vallelunga & Co

Commune Design and Granada Tile’s Sofia Cement Tile In Elle Decor

Granada Tile

The quartet of designers that comprise Commune Desig n have been making waves in the Los Angeles area (and beyond!) This project in the July / August 2015 issue of Elle Decor spotlights the versatility of Granada Tile’s Sofia cement tile from the Echo Collection in a custom black, white and coral colorway. Used as kitchen tile, it forms a strong counterpoint to the bright blue cabinetry, providing a link with the Bassam Fellows stools from Design within Reach.

Holiday Decorating for Busy People

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

You love the holidays, but let’s face it: you have neither the time, nor the desire to actually decorate your home for the holiday season. Here are some holiday decorating tips for busy people. Image: Red Agape Blog “For quick and easy ways to decorate for the holidays I recommend using what you may already have in your décor and layering holiday items in,” advises Karen Otto at Home Star Staging in Dallas, TX. “For Looking for more easy holiday decorating ideas?

Modern Rustic décor the only decorating style your truly need

Trendir Magazine

Why is it that when we think of decorating the home, there is always the habit of considering one decorating style alone? Though most of us always have a particular decorating style in mind, others do not. For those that don’t this article is specifically designed for you.

Decorate With Red to Give Your Space a High-Design Vibe

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

A deep, rich red is the “it” color of the moment and we’ve got some great ideas on how you can decorate with this rich, sumptuous hue. Here are 24 ideas on how you can decorate with red for a high-design look that’s both inviting and intimate. How to decorate with red furnishings and accessories The fastest way to infuse red into your environment is by adding a few accessories like new bedding, throw pillows, a throw blanket, rugs, vases and wall art.

Tile of Spain Manufacturers Present Top Micro-Trends that will Shape Architectural and Interior Design in 2021

Tile of Spain USA

This year, Spanish tile manufacturers worked harder than ever to craft new ranges of ceramics to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving landscape of interior and exterior design. With the preference for more demure designs, shading becomes vitally important. Dynamic Design.

Spain 207

Small Kitchen Decor Options

Trendir Magazine

“Although it might be small it is always mighty,” the saying may not be exactly about interior designing but it sure does come in handy when describing a small kitchen. The idea is for the space to feel so complete it doesn’t necessarily need extra decor. A modernly decorated kitchen is the perfect way of having a small space feel larger. The idea of it is to keep the space as minimalist as possible to allow the freshness of the white decor to make the bold statement.

12 Pretty Reasons Plaid Decor is Exactly What You Need

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Buffalo check is a non-fussy way to add plaid decor to your living room. There are some decorating trends that never fade away. We love plaid decor, and it’s a perennial favorite with interior designers. Just like floral prints, plaid has many different patterns that can weather interior design trends every season. The historically traditional plaid patterns have been adapted by decor designers for decades.

Design 101: 5 Home Decorating Problems and How to Fix Them

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

But luckily, many home decorating problems have easy fixes you can tackle in just a few hours or a weekend. Here are five of the most common home decorating problems and how you can easily fix them. Image: Toronto Interior Design Group If you feel like one of your biggest decorating problems is a small, cramped space, you can do a few things to improve it. Image: Naked Decor If you can’t stand your floors, then cover them up.

Gorgeous Ideas for Fall Porch Decorating

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Autumn is the perfect season for fall porch decorating. We absolutely love fall decorating. Decorating your porch for autumn starts with colors. Before you begin your fall porch decorating, you’ll need to create a color scheme. Here are some inspiring ideas for your fall decorating color scheme: Best colors for fall decorating Orange: This is the first color that comes to mind when we think fall. Black: Yes, black works very well in fall porch decorating.

Week of December 2, 2019 – Holiday Parties and Christmas Decor

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. Whether you’re on the planning committee for your office Christmas party or the tried and true holiday host for your family gathering, we hope this week’s Top 5 Design Posts for Christmas parties will spark your imagination!

Update Your Patio This Year With This One Outdoor Decorating Trend

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Designers are focusing on one main zone of your outdoor space this year: your outdoor flooring. Stain the concrete in a designated area to create an outdoor room effect. The post Update Your Patio This Year With This One Outdoor Decorating Trend appeared first on Decorating Ideas Design and Decorate Home Exteriors Lawn and Garden Outdoor Paint Decorating Design & Decor outdoor patio

Modern rustic decor with an enchanting twist

Trendir Magazine

The following modern rustic decorating ideas come with just the right amount of enchantment. Concrete is not only modern, but it makes the room feel chic and even a bit “cold” it’s definitely one of those decorating elements that add no warmth whatsoever.

How to Elevate Your Fall Decor With Cement Tiles

The Cement Tile

Fall is upon us once again, and it’s time to look toward your seasonal home decor. Read on to learn how to elevate your fall decor with cement tiles, and discover where you can find the best patterns from our tile collections. Designer: J.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens Inc.

If you’re drawn to the elements of a traditional kitchen —things like classic styling, neutral colors, and natural materials—this is the design style you should use in your home. The trick is to narrow down your options into a cohesive design that matches your tastes and lifestyle.

Are You Making The 4 Bedroom Design Mistakes That Keep Decorators Up At Night?

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Are you making one of these bedroom design mistakes? Are you feeling like you’re not designing it to its fullest potential? These bedroom design mistakes are all too frequent. Image: Gunter & Co Interiors Ltd Design mistake #1: choosing loud colors The design mistake : Choosing bold, bright colors, such as yellows, oranges, or reds. Let us help you fix these bedroom design mistakes.

Designing with Spanish Tile: 5 Keys to Adding Ceramic Motifs to THe Home

Tile of Spain USA

More specifically, the unique decorative motifs that adorn the surface of Spanish ceramics allow homeowners and interior designers to explore their creativity and find the style that best suits the environment they wish to achieve.

How to Decorate Your Home with the Olvera Collection

The Cement Tile

The Olvera Collection is an excellent choice for those looking for a classic, rustic design. There are several good reasons why cement tiles are a fantastic choice for any home design. They are long-lasting and add a touch of beauty to any design. . About the Olvera Collection.

Client Feature: Seek Interior Design

Decorative Materials

Over the years, the Decorative Materials team has developed strong relationships with several of the industry’s most inspirational designers. We talked to her recently about the latest trends and challenges in interior design — and reminisced about our work together over the years.

Week of July 27th, 2020 – American Designers

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. As Summer dwindles on, let’s take a moment to honor our favorite designers hailing from the United States! Take a look our top 5 design posts of the week below! Designer Spotlight: Lauren Liess , AllSortsOf.

Design 130

Week of December 21st, 2020 – Cabins and Fireplace Design Inspirations

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. Celebrating the first day of winter, December 21 st , we thought it would be fitting to dive into some design inspirations revolving around cozy cabins and warm fireplaces. Modern Interior Designs for Cabins. Luxury Cabin Design.

Design 130

5 Classy, Modern Ways to Decorate with Hearts

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

For instance, you’ll see many Valentine’s Day décor designs featuring bright pink paper hearts, which are great for an elementary school classroom or a child’s room. However, if you want to take decorating with hearts to the next level, below are some high-class ways to incorporate hearts into your décor style. Also, a wonderful aspect to many of these designs is that they don’t necessarily have to be only for Valentine’s Day. Use Frames to Decorate with Hearts.

4 Ways to Decorate Around Minimalistic Mantels

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Because of how minimalistic they are, there are several different ways to decorate around minimalistic mantels. Read on to discover how to work with the simple, but powerful, design element that is the minimalistic mantel. Having both a sense of minimalism and a classic appeal, they make a great addition to more timeless designs. So could art pieces that use mirror surfaces as part of their design. Decorating Ideas Design and Decorate Homes

Visualization Technology and Digital Design Tools with Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain USA

The applications we are seeing offer users a uniquely creative opportunity to explore innovative formats, applications and finishes to meet specific design needs.”. Users can select the number of pieces in their sheet, color, and finish to design custom mosaic creations: [link].

Tools 130

Designing the Perfect Kids’ Bathroom

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

I asked some of the people known for designing bathrooms and selling homes to provide insight on this topic. “When designing this space, we incorporated each of their favorite colors and chose to have fun by painting the clawfoot tub a bold pink color,” he says. The bathroom above was designed by AFT Construction in Scottsdale, AZ. Leavitt says it’s also important to design the bathroom based on needs. Image courtesy of Sanctuary Home Decor.

Designing with Color: Chromatic Trends Inspired by Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Thanks to their versatility in finish, format, shape and size, ceramic tiles offer an unlimited number of design solutions for residential and commercial spaces with which we can explore. Design 2020 Trends Ceramic Tiles Color Spanish Tile Tile of Spain

Colors 130

Home Bar Decorating Ideas That Are One Of A Kind

Trendir Magazine

The Sophisticated Add a metallic touch for a grander effect, while keeping your decor upscale and grand. Adding a set of seating is great when you want to make it a designated space for entertaining instead of a simple display. The idea is to allow your decorating style to be felt throughout even with your stools. Color is one of the best additional decorative bits you can add to a room. The same goes when you are decorating your home bar.

How To: Incorporate Surfboards in Home Decor

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Are you ready to catch the wave of surfboards in home decor? Image: Starr Sanford Design Americans have always had a love of surf culture. The surf culture hype is nothing new – but its introduction into interior design is. Now, everywhere we look, we’re seeing surfboards in home decor. When done right, using surfboards in home decor can give a room a laid-back air. Decorating with surfboards can kill two birds with one stone.

Top Decorating Tips Designers Swear By

Trendir Magazine

Every one knows designers and celebrity styles have all the tricks on hand at all times. This is why we wanted to take the time and put together our take on the top decorating tips designers swear by. Having neutrals will ground the room while taking your decor to the next level.

Week of August 31st, 2020 – Southern Hospitality & Design

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. Inspired by its Southern roots and the history of horse-racing, we turn to our top 5 design posts of this week, featuring some southern-style charm that’s full of character and inspiration. Southern Design Tips by a Southern Designer.

4 Ways to Decorate with Antiques and Heirlooms

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

But there are several ways to decorate with antiques to keep your house looking timeless. Below, we’ll cover how to tastefully decorate with family heirlooms in a way that doesn’t make your home look haphazard. Create a retro look with antiques Antiques are a natural design element in retro styles. Image: Sarah Greenman The most direct approach for decorating with antiques is an overall retro design. Throw pillows with vintage designs can work as well.

New Decorating Trends That Are Totally Worth Trying In 2018

Trendir Magazine

Pair it in a room with bold hues and vivid decor to complete the trend. Tiles have always been a big part of interior designing from having them as a display in the kitchen to showcasing them in the bathroom, the tiling concept is now taking a different direction and getting creative. Choose tiles with designs and colors that stand out and make a statement. Gender Neutral Nurseries Gender neutral is perfect when you want to decorate your nursery without adding bold hues.

Week of March 30, 2020 – Design Trends

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. Design trends pull from all aspects of society and do a fair bit of influencing in return. Take a look at our Top 5 Design post to see a variety of tasteful designs, and maybe you’ll be able to identify some of the emerging trends for 2020.

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4 Ways to Decorate with Neutral Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Interior design is an extremely personal thing; while some love a clean and minimalist look, others prefer to fill their homes with colour and kitsch accessories. This week we’re looking at simple and neutral designs, and how we can incorporate them into our homes using tiles. Tiles have seen a rise in popularity recently thanks to the wide range of designs and materials available. We’ve put together some ideas to help you use tiles in your neutral decor.

10 Designer Tips For Moroccan Inspired Décor

Trendir Magazine

Our designer tips will help guide towards bringing Morocco directly to your door. Lower Furniture When in doubt, bring your decor directly to the floor, even in the dining room. Instead of having tall, bold decorative items, interchange them for lower pieces that are closer to the ground yet bold and enchanting. Often, we will come across lamps and candles with intricate designs on them or with gold finishes in Morrocan décor. Can Morocco get any more beautiful?

Ceramic Tile for Universal Design & Minimalist Trends

Why Tile

Interior decor trends are rarely both fashionable and functional — until now. Minimalism and universal design are currently two of the hottest trends in home decor. While the two aren’t exactly the same, these styles have plenty of elements in common that enhance both styles.

Non-Working Fireplace Decorating Ideas That Make Beautiful Use Of The Hearth

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

These non-working fireplace decorating ideas transform an ordinary hearth into a cool and creative focal point in your home. Non-Working Fireplace Decorating Ideas Featuring Tile, Mirror And Wallpaper. Image: Elle Decor UK. Non-Working Fireplace Ideas Featuring Decorative Objects. Images: Elle Decor and Real Simple. Did these non-working fireplace decorating ideas inspire you to reform the space into something cool and different?