December, 2018

The Cement Tile Backsplash: How the Look Has Changed Over the Years

Granada Tile

A long, long time ago, kitchens didn’t have any backsplashes. It might seem impossible to imagine a kitchen without one of the most decorative parts of it, but prior to about the 1940s, they weren’t needed.

2019 Tile Trends Round-Up

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain , the association of over 125 Spanish tile manufacturers, is forecasting macro trends for 2019 which include: neutral colors, innovative formats, chiseled edges, vintage looks, geometric accents, gauged porcelain panels, and porcelain pavers.

Trends 178

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Design Trends: Going for Gold

Architectural Ceramics

Happy Holidays! Architectural Ceramics hopes you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends. Now, it’s time to transition from trimming a turkey to trimming the tree. Christmas is almost here! Children everywhere want to spot Santa sliding down the chimney.

Trends 197

December Featured Tiles: Save 20% on Burnt Oak Wood Effect & Sheffield Metallic Tiles

The London Tile Co.

We can’t believe December is here and we’re nearly at the end of 2018! It’s been a great year for us and we want to thank our amazing staff and customers for being so supportive.

Tile 144

2018 White Box Challenge: Color Us Impressed!

As The Tile Turns

The annual ASID White Box Challenge encourages top designers to think outside of the [white] box and create artistic masterpieces featuring unusual elements. Year after year, we're amazed by the sheer range of designs that can emerge from seemingly random materials.

Denver 148

25 Gorgeous Minimalist Fireplaces to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Minimalist fireplaces prove that function can follow form and still, well, function. Image: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects. In the winter, having a fireplace is a little slice of heaven.

2019 Color Trends: Here are What the Experts are Saying

Granada Tile

A world without color is no world at all. Seasoned interior designers, burgeoning home decor enthusiasts, and consumers are all captivated by color choices. In both the home and business, your color choice makes the first impression with visitors.

Trends 180

More Trending

Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2019

Trendir Magazine

As the year is coming to an end it is time to begin taking a look at the hottest and latest trends for 2019. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to begin taking a look at the hottest bathroom trends for 2019.

Trends 109

Big And Beautiful – Gauged Porcelain Slabs

Conestoga Tile Blog

The Italian tile manufacturers have done it again. Always the pioneers in ceramic technology, they have once again developed a porcelain tile that is sure to change the interior and exterior ambiance of the world’s architectural structures.

Shower Transformation In 3 Photos

How to Floor Tile

Shot 1. You can see some dark lines down low where most water contact is. There is much evidence grout leaking and lack of maintenance on this shower. It has a heavy fiberglass floor and when the drain begins to leak it needs to be fixed quickly. The decision was made to rebuild it.

Grout 130

Decorate With Red to Give Your Space a High-Design Vibe

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Red never goes out of style, although different tones of the color will be more popular for a while. A deep, rich red is the “it” color of the moment and we’ve got some great ideas on how you can decorate with this rich, sumptuous hue.

Big And Beautiful – Gauged Porcelain Slabs

Conestoga Tile

The Italian tile manufacturers have done it again. Always the pioneers in ceramic technology, they have once again developed a porcelain tile that is sure to change the interior and exterior ambiance of the world’s architectural structures.

Pratt & Larson’s Quick-Ship Brownstone Collection at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile

If you’re designing a project, you aren’t looking for a fleeting dream. You’re looking for beautiful craftsmanship. But also you need something meant to last, with a tile pedigree that is second to none. When it comes to the test of time, few companies are.

11 Modern Bathrooms That Will Inspire Your Creativity

Trendir Magazine

If your bathroom has been feeling a bit dreary or even lackluster it might be time to upgrade your design. We kept that in mind and have found 11 modern bathrooms that will inspire not only your creativity but your desire to upgrade your space.

Timber Transmutation

Diary of a Tile Addict

Bio Select by Lea Ceramiche. Today’s Tile Addict is inspired by two things. The first is to remind fellow tile enthusiasts that, although wood-effect tiles may have lost their star billing at recent tile exhibitions, ravishing new ranges are still being developed.


Garden State Tile Blog

Garden State Tile’s Fancy Stone collection consists of hand selected, premium quality marble, glass, and mother-of-pearl mosaics and water-jet tiles arranged in elegant, timeless patterns for walls, floors, and more. The post Fancy! appeared first on Garden State Tile. Blog What's New

5 Creative Ways to Get Bold Colors into Your Space

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Bold colors make a delightful addition to just about any space. They add an eye-grabbing element that just pulls you in. They also work well in a variety of styles, from the children’s room to artistic or boho spaces for adults.

Colors 111

4 Tile Trends to Look Forward to in 2019


It’s a fact that parts of commercial spaces (like floors and walls) are not practical to update often. These elements have to strike a balance between trendy and timeless in order to stay relevant as well as stand the test of time. And they must be durable and easy to maintain as well.

Vote for Valverdi in the Tomorrow’s Tile & Stone Awards

Valverdi Indoor-Out

We’re very excited to announce that we have been chosen as a finalist in the 2019 Tomorrow’s Tile & Stone Awards. Back for a second year, the Tomorrow’s Tile & Stone Awards highlights the best products, installations and innovations in the tile world.

Stone 75

ModCraft dimensional wall tile nominated Honoree at Best of Year Awards


ModCraft modern dimensional wall tile was selected as an Honoree at this year’s BOY awards at the Javitz Center in NYC. Our new 3-D tile SlopeStyle was selected by Interior Design Magazine in the the wall coverings tile and stone category.

Turn Up the Music in Studio – Dec’18 Mix

Life of an Architect

As 2018 comes to a close, we normally find ourselves in a bit of a lull as our clients start shuttering projects for the holiday season … that behavior isn’t too crazy as there are parties and trips to take and between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, and everyone seems to have a lot going on. This is fairly normal for a residential architecture firm, except this year we are busier this November and December then we have ever been and as a result, I have been digging deeper and deeper into my studio playlist to keep myself energized as I put in some longer than normal hours. One thing that brings me great happiness is when I play something that few people have ever heard of before … and they like it. With the current mix of people in my office, playing something that nobody has heard before is depressingly easy ( they irreverently claim “youth” as the main reason they have never heard of the music I play for them ) but I still think finding something that they like is a worthy goal. So combine longer hours at the office with my goal of finding and playing music that exposes my office to something they enjoy and you get my current playlist …which I’d guess achieved a ±90% “I’ve never heard this before” rating. Maybe you’ll fare better and have heard some of these songs before… or not. Okay, let’s get to it. All Them Witches – Charles William While they are musically categorized as a “Metal” band, don’t let that fool you or put you off. Sure, they play loud at times but I have never wanted to whip my hair around or hold a lighter up during one of their songs. My typical response is that I do whatever it is I’m doing a little bit faster than I was previously. I have two things about this video that might provide additional entertainment value to the song … First: Watch the right leg of the drummer, it’ll help show you how the bass drum is driving the beat. If you were me, you will also get a kick at the pattern of the hi-hat. Second: Stick around to the 2:30-minute mark and you’ll see what a rock-n-roll band looks like. Bonus Track – When God Comes Back I don’t know many metal bands that play with a Rhodes keyboard, this seems more like stoner rock to me. Either way, if this song is playing while you’re working out, go ahead and slide an extra 40lbs onto the bench press, you’ll be able to lift it. Matt Simons – I’m Already Over You Matt received his college degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance and you can definitely hear the jazz influence in his music. While this is probably not his most popular song, I like the keyboard … a trend I noticed that makes an appearance on a few of the songs on today’s list. Leon Bridges – Coming Home Hailing from my backyard in Fort Worth, Texas, Leon Bridges has a great throwback sound and a wonderfully smooth voice that is reminiscent of 1950’s crooners Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Bonus Track – Smooth Sailing From the genius that is the NPR “Tiny Desk” series, in this song you can get a better feeling for just how good a voice Leon Bridges actually has – Passafire – Submersible I only recently discovered Passafire and for the last several months, they’ve figured heavily into my playlist rotation. Formed in 2003, they are a reggae band made up from students that were attending the Savanah College of Art and Design … that’s right, it’s a reggae band from Georgia … that makes total sense. If you want to get your groove on, this is a good group to put on your radar. Agnes Obel – Familiar Another new artist for me – I originally discovered her from tracking down the music from a “Peloton” fitness ad (which was September Song if you are interested, as you should be). Pay attention at the 1:35-minute mark. That is still Agnes singing, it just has this interesting male timbre to it that made me go searching to discover who had contributed additional vocals to the track. I learned that Agnes sang that portion herself and had it slowed down to give it the sound that it has. Pretty cool I think. The Temptations – Papa was a Rolling Stone This is definitely a throwback song for me – but you know how I like a solid bass line. A psychedelic soul song that was originally written for the Motown group The Undisputed Truth. It was re-written as a 12-minute song for the Temptations that went on to hit #1 on the Billboard chart and take home 3 Grammy’s … Most of the time all I can think about is how pissed I’d be if I was in The Undisputed Truth and didn’t get the new version. But the Temptations are amazing AND this video has them singing the song on Soul Train. If you are like the people in my office and don’t know what Soul Train is, you need to go here … you can thank me later. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) Probably my most favorite Marvin Gaye song – which is saying something because all of Marvin Gaye’s songs are amazing … and it also has one of the best bass line hooks ever. This is one of those songs that I think everyone will know until I ask the folks in my office and learn that nobody has ever heard this song before. Nappy Roots – AwNaw I don’t know what to tell you other than I like this song. Whenever it comes up in my musical rotation, you had better watch out because I just might start bustin’ a move … also, this track is best listened to with the volume turned up. Recorded in 2002, there are a handful of songs from this period that is similar in sound to this one … maybe it’s the unexpected addition of the organ that pushed this one onto the list. Do yourself a favor and try to make it at least to the 45-second mark of the song before you punt out. Besides, it was either this song or Trick Daddy and In Da Wind The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Rascal King This is one of my favorite bands from my college days. Affectionately referred to as “The Bosstones” they are a hybrid ska-rock band and have been around since the early ’80s. They have never experienced huge commercial success but their fans are fairly passionate about the group. My favorite album from them was the 1993 studio album “Don’t Know How to Party” but I couldn’t find any videos from that album so I went with the Rascal King. Fun fact – there have been 15 members of this band through the years with only 4 being there the whole time; the lead singer, the bass guitarist, the tenor saxophonist, AND THE DANCER ! If you watch the video, the conductor is the dancer – Ben Carr. I can’t tell you how many times I practiced perfecting his moves. (FYI – The dancer in this video towards the end is not the dancer) The Green – Love I I haven’t met anyone in my life who has heard of The Green – which probably wouldn’t be the case if I lived in Hawaii. The song I have included here is off their debut album, which was named iTunes Best Reggae Album of 2010. I first heard them in an ice cream parlor when my wife and I first brought my daughter there on vacation back in 2011 and I’ve been a fan ever since. Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime I wasn’t going to include this song in today’s post but it fell into the “Everybody needs to know this song” category. In fact, I’m not sure that we can be friends if you choose to dislike this song. Another great bass line, the genius of David Byrne both musically and from a performance standpoint, what’s not to like? I typically try to avoid providing commentary on the video because they are only here as a medium to allow people to hear the song I am talking about, however, I specifically chose this version BECAUSE of this video. So there you go – hopefully, there are some new songs and bands in today’s post that are worth adding to your office playlist. This is the 5th entry into my “What Am I listening to” series. Just in case you make it through today’s list and you’re hungry for more., here are the links to the previous four: Turn Up the Music in Studio Turn up the music in the studio What am I listening to anyways? Architects and their Deserted Island Music Turns those speakers up to 11 and have a great week! Heard around the architectural studio Life in General What Am I Listening Too Music

Dolomite Porcelain Tile

Garden State Tile Blog

This line is based off the very popular natural stone, Bianco Dolomite. The veining is very subtle and clean. Our Bianco Dolomite porcelain tile is made in the following sizes and shapes: 30″ x 60″ polished. 12″ x 24″ polished & matte.

Cheap Tricks: 10 Inexpensive Design Elements to Upgrade Your Home

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Whether you’re building a new home or you’re looking to upgrade your space, you’ll find that little luxuries can add up. What might seem like a few bucks here and an upgrade there can totally blow your budget, especially if you have Versailles taste on a suburban budget.

Design 111

Engineered Stone Group Supports U.S. Tariffs

Stone Update

Producer association backs federal actions with Chinese quartz duties. Cosentino offers additional support. Featured Industry News

Stone 56

Kitchen Worktop Materials Guide

Kitchen and Residential Design

Planning a new kitchen, or refurbishing an old one, always leads to the question, “Which material should I use for my new kitchen worktop?” Nowadays, there are a lot of materials to choose from but which one will fit your; style, budget and your actual kitchen needs?

ModCraft dimensional wall tile nominated Honoree at Best of Year Awards


ModCraft modern dimensional wall tile was selected as an Honoree at this year’s BOY awards at the Javitz Center in NYC. Our new 3-D tile SlopeStyle was selected by Interior Design Magazine in the the wall coverings tile and stone category.

2018 The Year In Review

Kitchens for Living

2018 was a year of fun and exciting projects which challenged and sparked my creativity! White kitchens continued to be the hot ticket sometimes with an artful mix of natural wood or with deep rich blues. There were difficult situations but always solutions.

Video 202

Rubble Tile’s Mosa Featured in Horace Mann Elementary School

Rubble Tile

Tucked into St. Paul’s Highland Park, Horace Mann is a K-5 elementary school with a focus on individual growth. Boasting extensive parent and community support, Horace Mann has built a reputation for academic excellence since being founded in 1930.

2018 Design Trend Recap: The Year’s Most Daring Home Design Trends

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

It may be hard to believe, but it’s almost 2019. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to pause and look back at the last year at Freshome. We explored a lot in 2018. But what really made its mark? Which daring trends reshaped our homes – and maybe even our lives?

Trends 107

Xiamen 2019: Even Bigger

Stone Update

World’s largest stone event continues to grow. Featured Shows, Seminars, Workshops Events

Stone 52


Ceramics of Italy

At Palazzo Mezzanotte, center of the Italian Stock Exchange, the assignment of the award to the CEO Mr. Graziano Verdi. Milan, November, 23 2018 – Le Fonti Awards®, one of the most important events dedicated to the Italian excellence in entrepreneurial, financial, legal and insurance field, assigned to Italcer Group , in the person of the CEO and Co-Founder Mr. Graziano Verdi , the prestigious “Innovation & Leadership” award.

ModCraft dimesnional wall tile nominated Honoree at Best of Year Awards


ModCraft modern dimensional wall tile was selected as an Honoree at this year’s BOY awards at the Javitz Center in NYC. Our new 3-D tile SlopeStyle was selected by Interior Design Magazine in the the wall coverings tile and stone category.

Garden State Tile’s Charleston showroom makes its TV debut

Garden State Tile Blog

Operations Manager, Steele Trotter, guided viewers through the benefits of working with our team of design consultants and why choosing hard surface materials for your project makes for a sound, long lasting investment. Watch the segment that was broadcast on ABC News 4 Lowcountry Live here >>>> . The post Garden State Tile’s Charleston showroom makes its TV debut appeared first on Garden State Tile. Blog Media

Happy Holidays from Valverdi Indoor-Out

Valverdi Indoor-Out

2018 has been a wonderful year for us at Valverdi and we would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers for being part of it. We’re having a break between 21st December and 2nd January, but after that we will be back in the office and ready to help with any enquiries you might have.

4 Ideas for a Traditional Christmas Room Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Christmas is a unique time. You can deck out your home in the most traditional of ways and never have it go out of style. That’s because our cultural ideal of Christmas is one from a traditional era.

Design 105

GranQuartz Acquires Regent Stone Products

Stone Update

Distributor addition is in line with parent holding company’s strategy. Featured Company Insider News

Five Signs It’s Time to Get a New Roof


(A big “thank you” to our friends at Long Roofing for sponsoring this post!). When all is going well, you don’t pay much attention to your roof. As long as it keeps protecting you from storms, and it looks great on top of your home, you don’t give it too much thought.

Tile 32