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6 Ceramic Styles Heating Up Interiors This Season

Tile of Spain USA

Each new season brings a new set of interior design trends. As the summer months approach and the warmer weather sets in, we inevitably think about how we can liven up our spaces with vibrant colors, bold patterns and statement accessories.

The new Fondovalle space: a laboratory of ideas with a homely feel

Ceramics of Italy

When renovating its headquarters in Torre Maina, Ceramica Fondovalle created premises that are not only ideal for showcasing the company’s products and know-how but above all are inspired by living spaces.


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Five Ways Your Home Can Help You Manage Foot Pain

JG Kitchens

Since I know that millions of other adults have the same challenges -- whether through their job or their fitness hobbies -- I was certainly going to share what I learned. Here's that wisdom, compliments of a Mayo Clinic foot specialist, via I hope it helps you too.

Design 130

Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All?

Life of an Architect

When developing architectural skills, should you focus on a specific area of expertise or do you attempt to do it all? Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All? The post Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All? first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All?

10 Modern Bedroom Ideas For Couples

Trendir Magazine

Whether you have lived with your partner for years or you have recently moved in together, creating the perfect space where both of you feel welcomed can be tricky. Not only because everyone is different but because concluding what the bedroom should feel and look like can be challenging.

Three must have items in your kitchen

Kitchen and Residential Design

Many solutions can give many solutions to complement your home decor. Many of these solutions have functional specifications and designs in mind when the kitchen is built—for example, large kitchen cabinets, countertops and larger furniture made of wood.

3D Model of Marble Block Reveals Material Wastage During Production of Slabs

The A to Z of Building

When it comes to ancient Roman imperial architecture, most people usually have a mental image of white marble statues, columns, or slabs. While it is true that many buildings and squares at that time