Survey Says: This is the #1 Design Trend of 2017

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In a survey of over 1,000 Americans, the team at Next Day Blinds found that the #1 home trend of 2017 was "Modern Farmhouse" with one-third of respondents listing this as their favorite style. (Image credit: Cambria USA ).

Reader Survey: Where's the Craziest Place You Store Things?

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Survey. New York Post.

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Reader Survey: Apartment Therapy Needs Your Help! — Reader Survey

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We've created a year-end survey to help us better understand our readers. This survey will go a long way in helping us continue to do just that! Click Here For The 2016 Apartment Therapy Survey. SurveyThank you for being a part of the Apartment Therapy community! We always strive to provide the ultimate experience for our community. Thank you in advance for your time. READ MORE ».

Trend Thermometer: Taking the Temperature of What's In & What's Out — Apartment Therapy Survey

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Survey As the year winds down, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the most popular design and decor trends and take your temperature on whether you think these trends are still going strong or are petering out. I know you have opinions - share them! READ MORE ». Trends.

These Are America's Favorite Stores, According to a Satisfaction Survey

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This new survey ranks retailers on a scale of 0 to 100 in terms of consumer satisfaction. Shopping can be fun or it can be a chore. Either way, leaving a happy customer is important. Check out which stores made the grade. READ MORE ».

New Book? Really? What's It Going to be About? You Tell Me! — Reader Survey

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Dear Readers, Behind the link below is a survey I just put together to see what you all think of our books so far and where you'd like to see us go next. → Go To The Survey. Pin it.

33 Statistics Summarizing the Year in Public Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO

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Many of the posts published here are heavily weighted with surveys and reports. The median salary for PR professionals was $91,000 in 2017, which is a small drop compared to the median salary reported in 2016 survey of $92,125. PR Salary Survey ).

Dads, Weigh In! What Gift Do You Really Want for Father's Day? — Survey

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We've surveyed moms in the past about what they really wanted for Mother's Day and now it's the dads' turn. Nic and Megan's Playful and Pragmatic Home. Pin it. Father's Day gift guides abound this time of year, full of suggestions for the most perfect gift for your dad.

What's Your Price For a Quality Sofa?? — Reader Surveys

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Survey Because you''re a saucy (and smart) crowd and always have a lot to say about prices in the comments, I thought I''d get direct today.

What It's Like Building & Living in a Sustainable Earthship Home — Taylor & Steph's House Tour Survey

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Pin it. Taylor and Steph, the owners and builders of a small, sustainable "Earthship" home in the mountains of California, have a lot of advice to folks considering building their own home: "Forget about normal and make designing and building fun. Don’t let the process stress you out.

Help Make Apartment Therapy Better (And Enter to Win Our New Book!) — Reader Survey

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Do us a solid and take this quick survey. Take the Survey. Pin it. Without our readers, Apartment Therapy wouldn't exist. That's why we're reaching out to you to help us improve the site.

How Many People Buy Real Christmas Trees Over Fake? — Reader Survey

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Posting about upside down Christmas trees yesterday , your comments got me to thinking about how people really do like their trees, so today''s survey should be helpful.

Take the 2015 Apartment Therapy Census! — READER SURVEY

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SurveyPin it. Hello Readers! Below you'll find our 2015 Apartment Therapy Census. We'd love it if you'd take a few minutes to go through and answer our questions (it's easy - you'll mostly be clicking buttons).

Latest home design trends from AIA survey

JG Kitchens

Here’s what they’re seeing now in the way of features and spaces homeowners are interested in, based on the latest Architects Institute of America (AIA) member survey. Architects are great sources for home design trend spotting.

MIA Releases 2014 Benchmarking Survey

Stone Update

More than 200 North American fabricators offer vital information on the dimensional-stone and slab-materials industry. Featured Latest News

Top Designers and Architects Speak: What’s In and Out in Home Design Trends for 2018

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Research firm Surveys & Forecasts, LLC took the responses and tabulated them to find out what home design trends will dominate in 2018, what 2017 trends are on the way out and the most common mistakes clients make when redesigning a space. Ready to access the design hive mind?

Design Duel: Bedding Style, Crisp vs. Relaxed

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Survey. Jess'' Colorful Urban Townhouse. There is something so luxurious about crisp, perfectly pressed bedding, add a border and a monogram and it feels like you are staying in a five star hotel.

The New iPhone 6: What's Your Take on the Designs? — Reader Survey

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Take our survey. If you''ve alive and kicking then you no doubt have heard about Apple''s new releases yesterday. Big phones and bigger phones and a watch, oh my! Well, now we''re wondering what you think. READ MORE ». Home Tech


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We teamed up with Furniture Today , the weekly trade newspaper for the furniture industry, to bring you this Winter 2016 Home Decorating Survey. Take the survey! Pin it. It’s a fresh new year and we're looking to get a fresh take on how you make your decorating decisions.

Reader Survey: What Kind of Photo Keeper Are You?

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With phone cameras that are far superior to the digital handhelds of just a few years ago and ubiquitous DSLRs, we''re all "photographers" these days. If you want to get me going on a topic, ask me about what I do with my photos and why it means so much to me.

What You Should Know About Perimeter Surveying

Kitchen and Residential Design

via Perimeter surveying is one of those subjects that you probably know very little about as it is not something which often affects you. In fact there are several types of land survey which you should know about.

This Cleaning Survey Has Officially Ruined My Life

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Warning: What I'm about to tell you might upset you, but apparently according to a new study from Mulberrys Cleaners , there are too many people out there just. not washing their underwear. READ MORE ». Cleaning

Last Chance to Participate in the Free Fabricator Benchmarking Survey Underway


The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has released the 6th annual MIA Fabricator Benchmarking Survey. The free survey is made possible by grants received from Cosentino USA, KOHLER CO., Participation in the survey is available to all fabricators in North America. The survey is confidential and every participating company receives a customized report comparing their firm with firms of similar size and provides suggestions for improving profitability.

What Are the Best Questions to Ask at a Dinner Party? — Reader Survey

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With the holidays around the calendar corner, you might find yourself hosting or being a guest at a great many dinner parties and get-togethers. Do you know the best ways to getting the party started and keeping a great conversation going? Do you always have everyone in stitches?

The #1 Most Repeated Piece of Advice From Our House Tours

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Time and time again we hear our House Tour subjects tell us the same piece of "best advice" when they fill out our style survey. Violaine & Gaetan's DIY Design in Montreal. Pin it.

Survey Says: Here's What People Really Think of Decorating "Rules"

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Survey. A recent poll by asked people from all walks of life how they really feel about so-called design rules. Their mission? "To To find out if the principles we read about in design magazines mirror the preferences of the average American." READ MORE ». Design 101. Interior Design

30 Contemporary Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

According to a survey by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry , the top universal design feature consumers want in their homes is a barrier-free shower — essentially one that is easy to access without having to climb in and out.

Are Your Neighbors Locking Their Doors? This Survey Tells All

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A new survey from looks at the door locking habits of folks across the country. Growing up in a city, everyone I knew locked their door. Granted, we all hid keys in easy to find places like the doormat right in front of the locked door, but we locked them nevertheless.

How Has Color Changed Your Home For the Better?

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Survey. We talk often about how color has a huge impact on our hues are supposed to relax. Warm shades supposedly amp up the energy in a space. Boring rooms are made better (so we hear) from a healthy dose of bold color.

These Cities Have the Most Vermin — Design News

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Bloomberg tallied US Census 2013 American Housing Survey to find the most vermin-infested cities across the country. Pin it. Where are you most likely to spot a roach or a rat at home?

Survey of Art Shows Historal Shift from Orange to Blue — Design News

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Like Picasso, art in general has had a blue period. Psychologist Martin Bellander analyzed over 130,000 paintings made between 1800 and 2000, and found a shift from orange to blue.

You Can Own This Internet Famous Airstream Trailer — House of the Day

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In his House Tour survey , architect Matthew Hofmann said, "Some friends and family don't understand why I've chosen this lifestyle, while others say I'm living their dream." (Image credit: Courtesy Hofmann Architecture ).

Reader Survey: What Influences Your Paint Decisions?

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Take the survey below! (Image credit: Pablo Enriquez). We've got some exciting paint projects on the horizon, and we want a fresh take on how you make your paint-project decisions. Whether your home is a studio apartment or a two-story house, whether you live alone or with 2.5

Haunted Houses Don't Spook All Home Buyers, Survey Says

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For some, not necessarily, according to a new survey released today by Picture it: the house you're looking at comes with three bedrooms, two baths, and a couple of ghosts. Is that a deal breaker? READ MORE ». Real Estate.

MIA+BSI Announces Countertop Fabricator Benchmarking Survey

Stone Update

Seventh annual study now running; deadline is Feb. Featured Latest News

Granite Is No Longer the Most Popular Kitchen Surface and This Material Is

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The National Kitchen & Bath Association announced its results from a survey of kitchen designers that granite is no longer the top choice for kitchen counters — quartz is. We hope you like the products we recommend.

The Most & Least Charitable States in the US — Design News

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According to a survey by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, only one state donates 6% or more of their income to charity: Utah. It''s Giving Tuesday, how charitable is your state?

New MIA Fab Survey Deadline: Nov. 15

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Sixth-annual study provides industry benchmark and allows anonymous comparisons with similar-sized fabrication companies. Featured Associations News

Vote for Your CTDA Supplier of the Year!

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This survey will only take 5 minutes of your time and you may complete the survey for multiple supplier nominees CTDA will again be honoring domestic and international supplier(s) who provide the most value to our distributor members and the ceramic tile and stone industry. The supplier(s) of the year will be announced at Coverings in Las Vegas. Click Here to cast your ballot and recognize your most valuable supplier(s) by March 15th.

Survey Finds Almost a Third of People Would Live in a Spider Infested House For Free Rent

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Just in time to give you the heebie-jeebies before Halloween, a recent survey from Insight Pest Solutions found some. well, surprising information about how far people will go for free rent.