Strategy Talk: Can the Latest Organizational Innovations Really Help Us?

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Evaluate new management approaches, such as holacracy and agile, based on how they can improve clarity and collaboration at your company

Home Office Hacks: Sneaky Strategies For Hiding A Clunky Printer

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(Image credit: House of Wood ). Does anyone else feel like printer design is stuck in the 90s (and not in a cool crop-top-with-mom-jeans way)?

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The Student Strategy for Eating Well on a Small Budget — The Kitchn

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My Strategy for Eating Well on a Small (Student) Budget. From The Kitchn ? READ MORE

5 Strategies to Help You Achieve the Organized Pantry of Your Dreams — The Kitchn

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From The Kitchn → 5 Strategies to Organize Your Pantry (and Keep It That Way). Pin it. READ MORE

Shelf Help: Strategies to Style Your Open Shelves (And Keep Them Looking Neat)

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Ask anyone who's lived in rental apartments with questionable design decisions, there's definitely a different vibe between embracing trends because you want to and embracing them because you have to. White appliances are hot again!," they say. So why can't you look at your circa-1996 kitchen and get excited?)

5 Small Space Strategies Everyone Should Use (Even If You Have Plenty of Space)

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Lots of small space strategies are about so much more than just making it work in an itty bitty box; they're smart ideas that everyone can use in any space. An Art Lover's Harmonious Home. Pin it.

5 Smart Strategies to Avoid Overeating at Holiday Parties

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To lend a helping hand to fellow snickerdoodle (and pie and charcuterie and cheese plate) lovers, here are five strategies to help you avoid overeating while still savoring every moment of all the holiday parties to come. Full disclosure: I am eating a snickerdoodle cookie as I write this.

5 Foolproof Strategies for a Mess-Free Dog Bath

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Your dog needs a bath. You don't. You also don't need a wet bathroom floor. Or muddy paw prints all over your carpet. And certainly no stand off pitting damp-and-grumpy you versus grouchy-and-dripping-wet Fido. READ MORE ». Pets at Home. Cleaning

5 Pricing Strategies All Savvy Shoppers Know

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When you go out to shop for, say, a new side table, what''s going through your mind? Style, definitely. Your budget, probably. Then you might have some thoughts about the abstract concept of value; if the price on the price tag is "worth it" or not.

Chore Wars: 3 Smart Strategies for Splitting Up Household Tasks

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If you''ve outgrown the camp-style chore chart, consider these three strategies for divvying up the duties fairly. If you share a space, then you''ve no doubt faced the battle of the chores!

Your Audience’s Real Roadmap Questions

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Leadership Market Thinking Organizations Portfolio Management Product Management Strategy audiences goal alignment management politics priorities product management roadmap selling validation

Sales 31

Smart and Simple Strategies for Dealing With Sentimental Clutter — September Sweep

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Deluttering can be a very emotional endeavor and especially so when the "stuff" isn't just "stuff." For this decluttering task, I'm not going to point you to an area as much as I'm going to direct you to follow a feeling. Our target today is less about the location of your clutter and more about the stuff itself. The sentimental stuff. READ MORE ». Organizing. Decluttering

Get Your Best Home Ever: 5 Slow-Down Decorating Strategies

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Danielle & Patrick''s Warm Modern Home. When faced with an empty room, it''s so tempting to rush out and just grab what you need right away—but resist! The best, most satisfying spaces grow with you over time. They look layered and purposeful, not like they came from a catalogue.

Real People Share Their Strategy for Downsizing (& It's Advice Anyone Could Use)

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Need to ditch some of your stuff soon because you're moving to a smaller home? Or have you recently looked around your home and thought "What is all this stuff?" Whatever your motivation for wanting to declutter, you might find some useful inspiration with this advice — all from people who had to downsize their stuff when they moved into their current home. Their words resonate because many of us — probably most of us — have all had to deal with stuff at some point. READ MORE ». Decluttering.

Strategies that Helped 9 Real People Smash $475,000 of Collective Debt

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Pin it. If you're facing a mountain of debt–credit cards, car loans, student loans–it can be impossible to see to the other side. But you can be debt-free one day. You just need diligence, hard work and a motivational tale to keep you going.

111 Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Organizing Your Kitchen — The Kitchn

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Pin it. From The Kitchn → Our Epic (Almost) A-Z Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen. READ MORE

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Our Best Cleaning Tips, Strategies & Advice — Best of 2015

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Gabrielle's Charming & Logical Condo. Pin it. While it often feels like drudgery, cleaning our homes is a necessity of life.

3 Strategies for Dealing With Exposed Ductwork (and What They Will Each Do For Your Design)

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Pin it. Finding a place with exposed ductwork is like the holy grail for industrial types–you've found something that totally speaks your style, and now you need to know what to do with it.

9 Strategies For Finally Tackling Your Junk Drawer

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If you see someone with a slightly obnoxious holier-than-thou glow about them, it''s probably because they recently cleaned out their junk drawer.

Looking Forward: 3 Strategies for Goal Setting in 2015

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Look, I know. You''ve got a lot on your plate right now: last-minute gift-buying, house-decorating, party-attending (and maybe throwing), not to mention all those work projects with the same perplexing end-of-the-year deadline. And now we want you to think about your goals for next year as well?!

A Kitchn Editor's Strategy for a Clean House That Lasts

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Usually, when someone hears I work at Apartment Therapy, the very next words out of their mouth is, "I have a post idea for you!" And nine times out of ten it's about chicken coops (I can't explain it, I guess people love chickens. Note to self, CHICKENS).

Just Starting Out? 5 Strategies for Outfitting Your First Apartment

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Here are five strategies to help furnish your home when you're just starting out. Pin it. Homes are made up of so many pieces from furniture basics to personal touches so how do you make a place feel like home when you're starting from scratch and with little scratch to spend?

Reducing Clutter in 2015: 3 Strategies to Adopt Now

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The neat, healthy and clutter-free, home: such a lovely concept, such a hard one to actually achieve. Unfortunately, people and places come with stuff , and the longer those people live in those places, the more the stuff can really start to take over.

American Olean Entourage Series - Felicity & Strategies

ISC Surfaces

Strategies is a Structured Railroad Mosaic using metallic look glass in both glossy and frosted. Strategies in Silver Intentions Entourage is a collection of eight outstanding glass tile, glass mosaic, and glass / natural stone blend mosaics.

Rockhead Group Changes Management and Adds Marketing Partner

Stone Update

Marqet Group will develop strategies to expand membership. Featured Association Beat News

A Scandinavian Design Strategy for Beating the Winter Blues

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Typically, at this time of year when the holidays are over but there's still plenty of winter ahead, I start to resort to common coping mechanisms to deal. Namely, denial and escapism (in my mind, I swear I live in Miami). But recently, the Scandinavian craze and the general assumption that Swedes/Norwegians/Danes do it best have inspired me to reconsider the power of embracing the season I can't avoid—and even invite it inside. READ MORE ». Interior Design. Design. Ideas & Inspiration

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When You Absolutely Must Visit the Mall this Month: 5 Strategies for Survival — Homebody Handbook

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We're officially in the thick of the holiday season and that means malls everywhere are jam packed with shoppers, which makes the entire gift shopping experience oh so very stressful. READ MORE ». Mindful Living

Mission Statements | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Home / Career / Mission Statements Mission Statements Bob Borson — January 30, 2014 — 58 Comments I’m going to come right out and go on record by saying that I think Mission Statements are silly – particularly if you make them public and part of your marketing strategy. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?

Small and Having It All: A Year of Small Space Advice & Strategies — Best of 2014

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Last week we shared small space advice geared toward specific rooms in your home, but living well in a small space is sometimes less about "fixing" rooms and more about your mindset, general approach and strategy. Maxwell & Lulu''s Temporary Digs.

Sales Tips: 6 Strategies to Get Buyers to Talk to You

The A to Z of Building

Sales Tips: 6 Strategies to Get Buyers to Talk to You. By Connie Schlosberg, Primary Intelligence.

Faking an Entryway in a Small Space: 6 Strategies That Really Work

Apartment Therapy

Rachel & Brian's Spacious Place. Pin it. Don't have an actual entryway? You're not alone.

Buzzed on a Budget: 5 Surefire Strategies to Curb Your Night-Out Spending

Apartment Therapy

A night out on the town with your partner or your friends always sounds like a great idea. until you see the number on your bar tab. Drinks and food at bars and clubs are expensive, especially in big cities like New York, so if you don't keep track of your spending, you can lose a lot of money in just a few hours. A night of barhopping and partying doesn't have to hurt your wallet so much, though, if you follow some simple spending rules. READ MORE ». Budget Living. Thrifty Tips

Radical Gift Giving Strategy: Give Everyone the Same Gift

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Pin it. Some people have a true knack for gift giving and manage to think of a thoughtful and personal gift for everyone on their list. Then there's the rest of us who struggle, procrastinate and, often, end up with gifts that are generic, uninspired or wholly unsuitable for the recipient.

Bathroom Remodel: 4 Smart Strategies to Get You Started

Conestoga Tile Blog

The post Bathroom Remodel: 4 Smart Strategies to Get You Started appeared first on Conestoga Tile. Flooring is an immensely important part of the decision making process when you’re remodeling a bathroom.

Chill Out: How To Pack A Cooler So It Stays Cold All Day — The Kitchn

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From The Kitchn → 5 Strategies for Packing a Cooler to Last All Day Long. (Image credit: Christine Gallary ). READ MORE

ARDEX Americas Wins Engaging Pittsburgh Innovation People Practices Award

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

This award exemplifies the commitment we have made to key business strategy, “Drive Culture and People Development.”.

30+ Shortcuts & Strategies to Get Your Home Cleaner Faster

Apartment Therapy

Raise your hand if you wish you could clean your home faster, but you just don't know how to make it work. I'm raising my hand along with you, if you couldn't tell). The good news: Housecleaning pros, former messy people and the like all weighed in on Reddit with their best speedy—but effective—cleaning tips. Below are some of the best methods and tricks from the thread that might help you reduce your cleaning time and clean more effectively. READ MORE ». Cleaning. Decluttering. Organizing

Editing Your Home to Happiness: Our Best Decluttering Strategies — Best of 2016

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Clutter, probably more than cleanliness, affects our sense of well-being at home. And in a place where we should feel relaxed, refreshed, and most like ourselves, it's imperative to shed anything that makes us feel otherwise. Here are our top tips for sorting through and shedding the clutter energy-zappers that drag us down. Cheers to a clutter-less fresh start! READ MORE ». Decluttering. Hot Posts

Decorating Strategy: How to Use Small Furniture As Your Final Layer

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Erin's Modern Loft. Pin it. After you’ve figured out paint color, window treatments, hung artwork and picked out lighting, it’s time to add the final touches to your space. It's these things that ultimately make a space look textured, thoughtful and unique.

7 Ways to Get Your Landlord to Buy You New Appliances — Kitchn

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From Kitchn → 7 Strategies to Get Your Landlord to Buy You New Appliances. (Image credit: Celeste Noche ). READ MORE