American Olean Entourage Series - Felicity & Strategies

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Strategies is a Structured Railroad Mosaic using metallic look glass in both glossy and frosted. Strategies in Silver Intentions Entourage is a collection of eight outstanding glass tile, glass mosaic, and glass / natural stone blend mosaics.

Sales Tips: 6 Strategies to Get Buyers to Talk to You

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Sales Tips: 6 Strategies to Get Buyers to Talk to You. By Connie Schlosberg, Primary Intelligence.

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Bathroom Remodel: 4 Smart Strategies to Get You Started

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The post Bathroom Remodel: 4 Smart Strategies to Get You Started appeared first on Conestoga Tile. Flooring is an immensely important part of the decision making process when you’re remodeling a bathroom.

Strategy Talk: Can the Latest Organizational Innovations Really Help Us?

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Evaluate new management approaches, such as holacracy and agile, based on how they can improve clarity and collaboration at your company

ICP Construction Unveils New Architectural Paint and Coatings Strategy

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ICP Construction, a division of Innovative Chemical Products Group (ICP Group), has unveiled their architectural paint and coatings strategy. ICP Construction currently manufactures and markets under

Ceramic Morphologies: 3D Printing on Ceramic Tile

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” T he new installation, supported by the Ceramic Technology Institute ( Institution de Tecnología Cerámica, ITC ) in Castellón, Spain, e xplored the design opportunities of a no vel ceramic 3D printing strategy.

Study Results Help Design Possible Restoration Strategies for Buildings Close to Sea

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The University of the Basque Country’s (UPV/EHU) IBeA research group has studied by means of various analytical tools the influence that may be exerted by various marine and urban-industrial

Home Staging: Adding value to the home with ceramic tile

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Originally developed in Europe, the strategy of home staging is generally used to make the property more attractive, improving its looks to call the attention of future buyers or renters.

Cheng Kin Ming Announces Strategy to Accelerate World's Transition to Green Cities

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Cheng Kin Ming, whose recent investments in solar companies are estimated to be worth nearly $20 billion – making him the world's largest private investor in clean technologies – is

Doug Hayes named Vice President of Sales for Florida Tile, Inc.

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We are extremely confident in his ability to enhance our long-term strategy and lead the sales organization to a higher level of success.”. “I CTDA Wants You To Know. CTDA Home | Contact Us. September 20, 2017. Doug Hayes named Vice President of Sales for Florida Tile, Inc.

Breaking Molds with Tile

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The new strategy for customizing ceramic tiles entitled “Extruded Tesselation: Ceramic Tectonics” consists of automated cutting of extruded clay-based ceramic in a process whereby all the pieces are produced using the same extrusion die, reducing production costs.

Tile Style with Tile of Spain

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A key element of the communication strategy, the advertising campaign plays an essential role in the Tile of Spain promotion plan, defining the international position of Spanish ceramic tiles. .

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New CEU with Architectural Record – Ceramic Tile: Solutions for Holistic Sustainability

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On top of these advantages, the effect of ceramic tile on occupant satisfaction has been quantified and is now employed as part of a green building strategy – there are several empirical measures of how ceramic tile boosts contentment in a workplace, community facility, hotel, school, or home.…

Rockhead Group Changes Management and Adds Marketing Partner

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Marqet Group will develop strategies to expand membership. Featured Association Beat News

Cultivating your company’s strategic plan

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A good plan also includes: Strategies (broad directions to achieve your goals), Programs (shorter term actions required to implement the strategies), Metrics (such as incremental market share improvement), and. Assign responsible individuals to oversee each strategy or program. CTDA Home | Contact Us. Cultivating your company’s strategic plan. Most companies start life as a business plan.

Coverings Changes Show Management

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Taffy Event Strategies will handle 2017 Orlando event next April. Featured Shows, Seminars, Workshops Events

Lackmond Products Appoints Two in Sales

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Sullivan to direct Ontario strategies; McCoy covers the West Coast. Featured Company News

Molten Gold – Island Oasis

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One of my strategies for achieving that, regardless of whether I’m using my Crockpot, stovetop or oven, is with herbs and spices. I’m not an avid chef, as I’ve shared before in my In Praise of Slow Cookers post , but I love eating healthfully.

kbculture: In the Summertime, the Final Day

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Kelvinators cool view of life in 1947 may be a bit biased—as might be expected from a refrigerator manufacturer—but youll get no argument from me on its suggested strategy for summertime meal preparation. skip to main | skip to sidebar. 16 August 2013.

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Mission Statements | Life of an Architect

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Home / Career / Mission Statements Mission Statements Bob Borson — January 30, 2014 — 58 Comments I’m going to come right out and go on record by saying that I think Mission Statements are silly – particularly if you make them public and part of your marketing strategy. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?

Bellavita’s Wall Tile Factory Becomes First Chinese Manufacturer to Acheive Green Squared Certification

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One of our core strategies has been to marry the key strengths of Chinese manufacturing practices with top european machinery and operations,” says Mike Ward, VP of Sales for Bellavita, “achieving this certification goes a long way towards proving that Bellavita is a leader not just among Chinese manufacturers but on a global scale.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Tile: An Interview with Ryan Fasan

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Each one experiments with one of three post-forming strategies; cutting, folding and bending-by Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Before we get too crazy with the art here (I’m so sure we will!)

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New Office Building in High Point Features GIO’s “Midtown” Porcelain Stoneware in its Lobby


The 48,000-square-foot, two-story building was designed by West and Stem Architects and the interiors were designed and specified by Workplace Strategies , both of Winston-Salem.

Business Owners: Put your successor to work before you set sail

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Create a comprehensive strategy. CTDA Wants You To Know. CTDA Home | Contact Us. Business owners: Put your successor to work before you set sail. A hastily chosen or ill-prepared successor can lead a company astray or, in worst cases, mismanage it into bankruptcy. Before you set sail into retirement or perhaps on to your next great professional adventure, make absolutely sure that your chosen replacement is ready to, well, succeed. Build stakeholder confidence.

ARDEX Americas Wins Engaging Pittsburgh Innovation People Practices Award

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This award exemplifies the commitment we have made to key business strategy, “Drive Culture and People Development.”.

ARDEX Americas announces the expansion of their Dallas, Georgia manufacturing facility

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The 50,000-square foot expansion continues ARDEX’ growth strategy, focusing on manufacturing, training and customer support. ARDEX Building for Growth in the Americas.

H.B. Fuller Company Acquires ProSpec® Construction Products

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Fuller’s growth strategy by strengthening the company’s customer profile in the southeastern and western regions of the United States , where tile consumption is largest. Fuller Company (NYSE: FUL ) announced today that it has acquired ProSpec ® Construction Products, which is a provider of tile and stone installation products. This acquisition supports H.B.

NCKU Unveils New Design for Unique, Sustainable Floating House

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National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) reveals a new unique floating house design during the Conference on Taijian Floating Green House and Sustainable Energy Strategies. The Research Center for


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The show is managed by Taffy Event Strategies, LLC. CTDA Wants You To Know. CTDA Home | Contact Us. Press Contacts. Sharp Communications. Phoebe Lasky. Madeleine Tabing. 212-829-0002. COVERINGS 2017 CELEBRATES FIRST-EVER NATIONAL TILE DAY.

Festo Completes Development of Company Headquarters in Esslingen

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As part of its long-term location strategy, Festo started developing the company headquarters in Esslingen with its technological fields of expertise and turning it into a high technology site.

Perforated Brick Entrance Screen Defining Fairbairn Road House in Australia

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A key strategy employed to do this involved layering up the front elevation to the street to create depth as opposed to a flat facade,” explained the architects.

What's in Store

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As acceptance of the integrated kitchen continues to creep forward [although an interesting wrinkle is being posed by micro-apartments], designers continue to refine storage strategies.

How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor

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This gives a beautiful overall balances layout-not always the easiest, but certainly the most consumer-pleasing layout strategy. Tile Excellence responds to bad advise on "how to lay ceramic tile" found on Consumers Beware! Here''s a question from, which Tile Excellence oftens answers. We''ve even won best answer a few times. In response to the question, "How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor" "To i nstall ceramic tile , first grout the area.

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Strikingly Creative Apartment Remodel in Taipei [Before & After Photos]

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Similar strategies are implemented in the two bedrooms at the back of the apartment. Archlin Studio sent us photos and information depicting an inspiring apartment remodel in Yangming National Park,Taipei, Taiwan. The apartment has an amazing view of picturesque Mt.

Unique Fitzroy Park Home Embedded in Lush Surroundings

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Architects saw an opportunity to create an unusual floor plan inspired by surroundings: “ The design strategy takes advantage of the sloping site by creating new additional spaces within the lower garden level.”

Warm Colors For Your Home

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You don’t have to implement this strategy in every room of the house. Reds, yellows, oranges as well as various combinations of these colors are considered “warm” colors. Yes, as you use stronger color, its intensity also increases creating a warming effect.


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Management of Delay and Disruption and Proactive Strategies for Tile Contractors” – Tommy A. (ALEXANDRIA, VA— March 31, 2016) Coverings , the largest global tile & stone exposition in North America, has scheduled an exceptionally comprehensive conference program of notable and respected speakers to present on a number of topics at the forefront of industry conversation.

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Don’t Judge a Space By Its Size

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First, there are several strategies you can use to make your space seem larger. Small spaces in homes provide wonderful opportunities to create a spot where one can relax, think, read, or nap. Decorating these spaces can seem daunting, but we have some wonderful tips for you.

The Right Angle on Sustainability: Green Squared by Jeffrey Steele – Part One

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We’ve put together a pretty comprehensive standard for the industry that goes beyond just criteria of products, and also addresses corporate strategies and facility strategies.”. Everyone knows tile is green. So why is the new Green Squared standard and certification program launching at Coverings so important to the industry? How did it come together, who took part in the development process, and what is likely to be its impact over time?

GIO Looks At Evidence Based Design Beyond Healthcare


Building professionals will be held to higher accountability for their design solutions and designers will seek substantiated strategies to remain innovative and competitive in their fields.