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Ceramic Morphologies: 3D Printing on Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Harvard University researchers and students from t he Material Processes and Systems (MaP+S) group once again delighted visitors to the Trans-Hitos exhibit at CEVI SAMA (2017) with their new project entitled “Ceramic Morphologies.”

Keeping Warm with Fireplace Tile

Architectural Ceramics

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. This year, winter brought falling temperatures and snow that broke records from coast to coast. Thankfully, we’re done rushing around for the holidays and we can stay warm inside.

Cement Tiles Around the World [Infographic]

Granada Tile

Cement tiles can be seen across countless blogs and magazines in countries around the world. Learn about the cement tile styles from various regions and cultures, and get inspired by the endless possibilities. Share this Image On Your Site. </p><br

Cement 130

January Featured Tiles: Caress & Destiny

The London Tile Co.

Happy New Year! Many of us have resolved to eat better or exercise more, but we think a better resolution for the new year would be to give your home a makeover. Simply changing the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom can breathe new life into your existing decor, or you could do something more drastic like adding a tiled feature wall to your living area or converting your bathroom into a wet room. Whatever you decide, we stock a wide range of traditional and modern tiles to suit any project.

10 Trendy Kitchen Island Ideas

Trendir Magazine

Functional yet stylish is the perfect definition of a kitchen island. Their versatility has made them a top favorite in the kitchen space. So much so that many individuals are redesigning and revamping their kitchen around the idea of having a modern kitchen island.

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Adding Color to an All-White Kitchen Without Disrupting Your DéCor

Trendir Magazine

We all love an all-white kitchen it is crisp, clean, elegant, and modern. However, even though an all-white kitchen is beautiful to look at it is also a lot of work. Maintaining the all-white shades crisp and clean the entire time can become a bit exhausting and let’s just say even a bit boring.

Indonesian Forest Retreat Unveils Leaf-Shaped Roofs, Grotto Pool

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Ananda House is an unconventional holiday retreat designed by IBUKU Architecture in the shape of two multi-level structures. Hidden in the tropical forests of Abiansemal, Indonesia, these two architecture gems blend natural materials with innovative lodging.

Plants to Consider for Your Home

Kitchen and Residential Design

Plants make homes look pretty. They’re like natural home furniture. Not only that, but some are great air filters and humidifiers, which makes them especially good for cold winters when windows and doors are closed shut.

Home Design & Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2018

JG Kitchens

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holidays were happy and healthy. If you’re looking at ways to improve your home in 2018, this article that just ran in the San Diego Union-Tribune could be helpful to your plans. It can also help if you’re planning on buying a house.

Strategy Talk: Can the Latest Organizational Innovations Really Help Us?

The Ace of Space

Evaluate new management approaches, such as holacracy and agile, based on how they can improve clarity and collaboration at your company

6 Tech Developments to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

From augmented reality in the palm of your hand to conversational platforms that can do much more than give you the forecast, 2018 promises to be full of exciting IT developments. Technology


Data as jet fuel: An interview with Boeing’s CIO

Apartment Therapy

It isn’t always comfortable, but data analytics is helping Boeing reach new heights. Our Insights

15 Pieces Of Winter Style You’ll Want For Your Home

Trendir Magazine

It’s that time of the year. Cuddling up on the couch next to the fireplace, enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, rocking your coziest scarves and comfiest of boots, winter can be a magical season. And that magic – and coziness – can inspire so much in the interior design world!

Somehow, 2018 Feels Different

Life of an Architect

2018 is only a few hours old and it already feels different to me.

4 Interior Design Optical Illusions That Change the Way You See Your Space

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

These interior design optical illusions can totally transform your space. Image: Klopf Architecture If there’s one goal of interior design, it’s to make the most out of your interiors. Sometimes, the space you’re working with is ideally set up and all it takes is a few small tweaks.

Apartment Therapy's House Tour & House Call Submission Form

Apartment Therapy

Would you like your home to be featured as an Apartment Therapy House Tour or House Call ? Fill out this short submission form to share your style with the world (and Apartment Therapy readers!): READ MORE ».


GIO Looks at Non-Residential Construction – 2017 Overview, 2018 Predictions


As a company focused on commercial design, not only do we track style trends, we also we stay apprised of what’s happening on the construction side.

Top Posts of 2017: Disruptions, Technology, and Supply Chain Trends

Rubble Tile

Technology and innovation drove many conversations in the global logistics and supply chain industry in 2017. Those topics reigned among the top posts here on Connect , too—as did posts about managing supply chain disruption and global shipping projections.

What’s Your Interior Design Style? Ask These Questions to Identify Your Aesthetic

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Here’s how to figure out your interior design style once and for all. Image: helsingHouse Fastighetsmäklare Before you can start any design project, you need to have some sort of inspiration in mind.

50 Gorgeous Gallery Walls You'll Want to Try

Apartment Therapy

Gallery walls are a decor trend that seem to be able to stand the test of time and for good reason.

Toshiba Unveils Symbio Multi-Function Smart Home Solution

The A to Z of Building

Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation has announced the U.S. release of the new Symbio™ multi-function smart home solution, delivering the capabilities of six products—a wireless security


The Perfect Kitchen and Bath for 2018

The Perfect Bath

In this blog and elsewhere, I have been writing about the bath for years. Of course I will continue to do so, but in 2018 I also plan to include more kitchen ideas and images in my posts. Waterworks has offered kitchen sinks, faucets and surfaces for nearly 40 years. But in 2015, we added cabinets as the final ingredient for the kitchen. Over the past two years we have built and installed countless kitchens, including my own (although mine is not quite finished yet).

Bath 40

What To Do When It Feels Like Something’s Missing: 3 Interior Design Tweaks That Make a Difference

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Sometimes, even the most beautiful rooms can benefit from a few interior design tweaks. Image: Catherine Staples Interiors Sometimes, even when you follow the fundamental interior design principles to the letter, your project doesn’t come out quite right.

Try This 2-Step Weekend Plan for a Warm and Spotless Home — The January Cure — Assignment #4

Apartment Therapy

You know that old cliche about taking medicine with a spoonful of sugar? Well we believe in it: do something you like and something you don't like at the same time. That's why you have two tasks today. One that's fun and one that's not-so-fun but really important. READ MORE ». The January Cure


Garage Organization: Tips to Start off the New Year


In all the organizing and cleaning of the house, the garage is often forgotten. But especially if the garage is also used as storage, there is always need to for keeping it practical and useful. Here are a few tips on how to do that. If you’re looking for helpful garage organization tips , here are some great ones to get started with this New Year. Garage Organization: Tips to Start off the New Year. Figure out how much space you have.

Tools 20

Terrace House in Melbourne Embraces Sustainable Architecture

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Ben Callery Architects completed the rehabilitation of a terrace house in Melbourne, Australia. The old heritage building on the site was dark, narrow and overshadowed by neighboring walls.

4 Simple Steps for Ruthlessly Clearing the Clutter in 2018

Apartment Therapy

Emily Ley is a mama of three, a designer, author, and the creator of the wildly popular Simplified Planner. She lives in a perfectly imperfect new-build house in Florida with her husband and kiddos.and she knows a thing or two about simplifying life.

Anti-Resolutions Are The New Resolutions — Here's Why

Apartment Therapy

Did you set resolutions this year? Maybe you're a few days deep into your first Whole30 or a new journaling routine. While a new year can be invigorating and inspiring for some, plenty of people struggle with making and keeping resolutions.

Emily Henderson On The One Thing That Makes The Biggest Impact When Refreshing Your Bedroom

Apartment Therapy

If 2018 has you in a "new year, new home" mindset, you're not alone. Thankfully, designer Emily Henderson chatted with us about how to give your sanctuary spaces—your bedroom and bathroom—a fresh start for the new year. READ MORE ». Decorating & Projects. Bedroom. Bathroom

Modern Minimalism Meets Traditional Beautifully in Brooklyn — House Call

Apartment Therapy

Name: Bev Wilson. Location: Boerum Hill — Brooklyn, New York. Size: 975 square feet. Years lived in: 2.5 years, owned. "I I am a Brooklyn-based lawyer with a passion for interior design and photography," writes Bev Wilson of Room Sauce. "My

The Best Insulated Blackout Curtains to Keep the Sun & Cold Out

Apartment Therapy

Let's face it—those cheap roller shades you've been using to block out the light don't offer much in the looks department. What if we told you there were stylish, affordable, and multi-purpose alternatives available that don't break the bank?


Smart Roof Extension Boasts Panoramic City Views in Beirut

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Brussels practice Notan Office completed a roof extension and water tank project in a crowded urban area of Beirut, Lebanon. The unconventional extension has a total surface of 250 square meters (2,691 square feet).

Make Your Radiators More Effective With This Household Staple

Apartment Therapy

If you're on the East Coast of the United States, chances are you're currently being pummeled by what meteorologists are (horrifically) calling a bomb cyclone. Basically, it's a blizzard on steroids (aka low barometric pressure).

?This $20 Find Can Cut Your Vacuuming Time in Half

Apartment Therapy

So often, our biggest hurdles to getting stuff done are mental ones. This is most true when it comes to little things like vacuuming.