Get the Look: Inspired by Egypt

Granada Tile

We’re remedying that today and giving you some suggestions on how to get the look of some of Egypt’s cement tile in your own tile installation project. We’ve got plenty of border options to choose from, including our Girasol border, which, with its acanthus-like motif, effortlessly suggests ancient Egypt. Both our Khufu tile design and our Luxor tile design take their names and design roots from Egypt.

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Caterpillar Commits to Support Egypt’s Infrastructure Development

The A to Z of Building

At the U.S.-Africa Africa Business Forum last week, Caterpillar Inc. Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman sat down with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to discuss the future of Egyptian rail

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Twin Cities Tile Spotlight: Porcelain Inspired by Ancient Architectural Traditions

Rubble Tile

With that in mind, Mediterranea has designed two porcelain tile collections that evoke the timeworn stone look of ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon. We often find inspiration from the architecture and design of past eras and civilizations.

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Considering the Reuse of Wastes in Architecture as a Sustainability Strategy

The A to Z of Building

The American University in Cairo, Egypt, held the 6th LafargeHolcim Forum titled “Re-materializing Construction” on April 4th to 6th, 2019. Over 350 experts from architecture, planning

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Cement Tiles Around the World (Infographic)

The Cement Tile

Egypt. Get Inspired Living History Brazil cement tiles Colombia Costa Rica Egypt France Guatemala Infographic Morocco Nicaragua Panama SpainShare this Image On Your Site. </p><br </p><br /><br /> <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p><br

More from Cersaie 2014

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

Marmomacc-a sleeper company to watch is Logix Stone they are a very well run tile factory out of Egypt and will be adding slabs next year! From Joseph Lundgren with Joseph Lundgren Consulting. Day 3 & 4. OK day three came and went fast so I reviewed some halls and spent half a day at the show before boarding a train to Verona for Marmomacc, if I find anything interesting I will pass that on. Hall 25. Marazzi – Always in the game on technical products.

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Tile Tuesday: The Many Meanings of “Encaustic”

Kitchens for Living

Encaustic painting predates oil painting and was used to create portraits on mummy casings dating back to 100BC in Egypt. What is encaustic painting? As an artist, I love the sensuousness of working in the encaustic medium which I discovered in 2008. Encaustic painting involves beeswax, resin and pigments in varying combinations. They are mixed together and applied to a panel in layers which are fused with a torch or heat gun. This is where the name comes from.

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FLSmidth Selected for Operation and Maintenance of Production Lines at ACC's Cement Plant

The A to Z of Building

FLSmidth has signed a contract with Arabian Cement Company (ACC) for operation and maintenance of the production lines at their cement plant located near the city of Suez in Egypt. The parties have

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Get the Look: Bring the Flavor of Guatemalan Cement Tile’s to Your Next Project

Granada Tile

The abstract design brings a bit of Egypt into a cement tile installation, and—much like Kiev—it looks great installed in a continuous field or as a tile carpet. Last week, we showed you some great cement tiles Melanie and Marcos came across on trip to Guatemala. This week, we thought we’d show you how to bring the look of Guatemalan cement tile into your own concrete tile installation project.

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How To Get The Art Deco Look In Your Bathroom

The London Tile Co.

Inspired by the glamour of early Hollywood, coupled with exotic influences from the Orient, Africa and Egypt, art deco made its way into every room of the house – including the bathroom. As the emerging profession of interior designer began to increase in popularity in the 1920s, so did the opulent and sophisticated art deco styles.

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How To Choose Your Tile Material

The London Tile Co.

Durable – historic tiles from Egypt and China have shown us that ceramic is long lasting. If you’re considering updating your kitchen or bathroom, or any other room in your house, have you put any thought into which tile material you’re going to use? If you haven’t we’re here to give you some advice about the different types of tile.

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Back to Basics: AC’s Ceramic Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

Originally, handmade tiles were used to adorn places of worship like temples and mosques throughout countries like Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. It’s that time of year, when kids to go back to school. We can’t scroll through our Facebook news feeds without seeing a tiny person holding a chalkboard sign with their name and grade on it.

Avente Tile Talk: California Dreaming: A Profile on ARTO Brick and.

Tile Talk

In his birthplace of Egypt, Arto got his start in the business world by helping his father as a shoe cobbler. Tuesday, March 5, 2013. California Dreaming: A Profile on ARTO Brick and California Pavers. Los Angeles is a place where California history is still held sacred.

Drifting Away

KB Culture

It''s inspired not by drifting snow, but by the desert dunes of the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. The winter-weather prognosticators are at it again—only this time, I''m inclined to believe their warnings about frigid conditions. Even though we''re surrounded by an icy, wind-sculpted environment that all-too resembles the design of this bathtub, I would happily fill it with hot water for a long, thawing soak. There''s a bit of cold irony in Caroline Beaupere''s fixture design, though.

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MIA Technical Expertise Showcased at the Middle East Stone Show


Jim Hieb with new MIA member Ashraf Awad of Kiro Marble in Cairo, Egypt. The Dubai World Trade Centre was the setting for the first annual Middle East Stone Show where the MIA assisted with eight of the forty educational sessions. Many in the Middle East region are familiar with the event’s host (dmg events) and the Big 5 construction show they also produce.

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Architectural Blogging … It isn’t for Everyone

Life of an Architect

Once I shared this post on Facebook, as evidenced by the comment above, someone felt compelled to point out that you “During ancient Egypt, you could even get killed if you fail the Pharoah … So who says its a wonderful job. ? needle scratching the record ] How did working for the Pharoah during ancient Egypt get in the conversation? My computer is dying … I am systematically killing it with all the stuff I keep on here.

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Cement Tiles Around the World [Infographic]

The Cement Tile

Egypt. Cement tiles can be seen across countless blogs and magazines in countries around the world. Learn about the cement tile styles from various regions and cultures, and get inspired by the endless possibilities. Share this Image On Your Site. </p><br </p><br /><br /><br /> <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p><br

How Architects Take Advantage of The Golden Ratio

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

While there is some controversy over the exact origins, many people believe that use of the ratio dates all the way back to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Check out why architects love the golden ratio. Image Via: Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC. When you really think about it, one of the coolest facets of architecture is the ability to have buildings be so different – so varied in terms of size, shape, and style – and yet so similar at their core.

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10 Furniture Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

Trendir Magazine

They originated in accent Egypt as they were considered daybed and let’s not forget the Greeks and Romans loved them too. Decorating a home is very personal to the homeowner. In fact, it is so personal that it is said that the way your home is decorated says a lot about you and your personality. Therefore, you want to have pieces of furniture that speak to you on a personal level.

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Some of the earliest known examples of the dovetail joint are in furniture entombed with mummies dating from First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, as well the tombs of Chinese emperors. PAGES. SLIDESHOW. FOLLOW. CONTACT. ABOUT. DESIGN TERMS | DEFINITIONS. DOVETAIL JOINT. Dovetail Joint - A joint where a mortise and tenon combine to for a solid structure. Created entirely from wood. From Wikipedia. Dovetailed woodworking joint on a Romanian church. photo credit wikipedia.