Documenting Architecture with Photos

Life of an Architect

This is a perfect example of record photography documenting what went where … what I like to call, the “Triple W” ( I just made that up) The houses that we are getting built these days are a lot more weather tight that they used to be.

Instagrammer Documents New York's Interesting Building Numbers — Design News

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As a real estate broker, Will Sharon logs a lot of hours roaming around New York. He started snapping photos of the city''s more interesting building numbers and began sharing them on Instagram. READ MORE ». New York. Real Estate.

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Not All Wood-Look Tiles Are Created Equal

Architectural Ceramics

To understand the difference between a red clay, white clay, and porcelain tile, there is a document that lays out some specifications on our website here.)

Harvard University ceramics project to be featured at CEVISAMA 2015

Tile of Spain USA

Visitors to the trade show can view three large sculptural prototypes, smaller 3-D printed models, and a catalog documenting the investigation and extensive prototyping process involving Harvard University Graduate School of Design students.…

Spain 28

KHouse Modern - Progress Update 03 | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

This is the project that I will be featuring as we go through the design, construction document, and construction process. For some of you that read this site, you’ll know what I mean when I say that this project has been developed using “Revit” – a brand name for a drafting program that we use to prepare our design and construction documentation. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?

How To Creatively Document Your Trips: Discover Midori Traveler’s Notebooks

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I loved being able to document memories in a fun and creative way. When I was in high school, I was hardcore into scrapbooking (nerdy, I know). I considered taking up the hobby again in more recent years, but when I remembered back to how time consuming and exhausting it was to pick up my big mess when I was done, I quickly decided against it. READ MORE ». Travel. Organizing

Hospitality Design: Designing Hotels for Millennials


They live well documented lives in which they use social media to share their notable moments and special events. Millennials, born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s and with an estimated population of 70 to 80 million, are the fast-growing segment of today’s business travelers.

Jenia & Sergey's Victorian Row House — House Tour

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They've spent the intervening years giving it love: tearing up carpet, painting the walls, gutting the kitchen and bathrooms, and documenting it all on their home renovation blog, Victorian in Bloom. Pin it. Name: Jenia and Sergey. Location: Bloomingdale; Washington, D.C.

Avente Tile Talk: Interview with Nutmeg Designs

Tile Talk

This year Wayne and I began a blog at our website for collaborations (http//, documenting work in progress, our commissions and the process of being a Dynamic Duo. Tuesday, June 25, 2013. Interview with Nutmeg Designs.

Tile 86

10 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An Architect

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Architects are generally creative minds, but they are also business oriented; therefore, it’s expected that the contracts will be full of details as well as the documentation. Architects spend years training and studying their craft.

A Note From Jim: MIA Focuses on 2015


6) Dimension Stone Design Manual (DSDM) : one of the mostly widely used technical documents in the industry, several DSDM chapters have been updated and three new chapters are being added with vast enhancements to the restoration and maintenance sections. As a global stone industry, it goes without saying that stone expectations can be more readily agreed upon when the same technical documents are used/referenced.

Mara's First Home of Her Own — House Call

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I've done a lot of updates and made some changes from paint to decor and documented everything on my blog. Pin it. Name: Mara. Location: Evanston, Illinois. I bought my condo in June 2014.

10 Things You Should Always Keep in a Fireproof File Cabinet or Safe

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A fireproof safe will make sure all the documents protecting you, your assets, and your loved ones are secured in case of almost any catastrophic event, as well as allow you to keep all your important info in one convenient, private, burglar-proof location. Get these 10 things out of your car, wallet and drawers and into a safe place—literally.


Avoid the Madness – Laying Out Tile

Life of an Architect

I do want to go on record to say that we don’t always go to this level of documentation on every project. The curse of being an architect strikes again … every day starts off with a small slice of madness served up to me in my shower.

Grout 37

12 Adult Coloring Books: Relax, Unwind & Rediscover this Favorite Childhood Activity

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The New York Times treads a fine line of documenting a trend and creating one, but since their article about the rising popularity of adult coloring books last month several friends have mentioned to me that they have hopped on the coloring band wagon and find it a fun, relaxing way to unwind.

10 Seemingly Unimportant Things You Really Ought to Take Pictures Of, Everytime

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We've put together a list of everyday things you should be documenting with photographs in order to stay organized and sane, and to maintain a perfect record of parking spots and great haircuts alike. Pin it.


Praxis Portland- Thanks to All Who Attended!

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Various training sessions encouragde greater communication and better construction documents. Last week, installers and architects attended a two day Placement and Polishing Event in Portland.

10 Non-Cheesy Ways To Display Wedding Invitations + Marriage Certificates

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And unlike most legal documents, marriage certificates have a beauty to them that's worthy of framing. Pin it. After spending so much time and money on save-the-dates and invitations, why not display them like the works of art they are?


Balki's Sleek 400 Square Foot Downtown Toronto Studio — House Call

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In addition to clothes, it houses an extra folding chair, my laser printer, some documents, and much more! Name: Balki B. Location: Toronto, Canada. This is my 400 square foot apartment in downtown Toronto and I love small space living! My space is practical and functional for my needs.

The Kindest Cut

KB Culture

Should you find this photo of the Cut kitchen intriguing, I hope you'll take the time to watch the video that documents the design of the space and its furnishings.

Video 15

How to Make Your Next Move Your Easiest Ever

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Our Best Moving Advice Move less No, don’t reconsider the moving documents you just signed. Whether it’s a simple Word document, scribbled on the pages of a legal pad, or created with an online organization tool like Trello, have a place where you can dump all of the details and free yourself of having to remember tasks. Remember to designate a folder or binder for all important moving documents, such as mover contracts. We’ll say it: moving isn’t fun.

Tools 40

How Your Interior Design Is Influencing Your Subconscious

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Believe it or not, the choices that you make when deciding how your home will look have a documented effect on your emotions and perceptions. Tailor your design so it pleases your body and mind. Image Via: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

Residence in Norway Embedding Innovative Sustainable Features: ZEB Pilot House

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According to the architects, focus on carbon emissions associated with building materials represents a new direction in the vital drive toward a sustainable construction industry: “To achieve ZEB-OM classification the project is required to document and verify a minimum of 100% CO2 offsetting.

Cement Tile

The Perfect Bath

The production of cement tile is documented as far back as the 13th century in France and Portugal with some early installations still in in remarkably good condition.

Get Up Close & Personal With Your Blank Room — Apartment Therapy Design School: Lesson #2

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Today’s Topic : Reflect on how you want to use your room, and document its dimensions and features for later reference. Pin it. Pin it. See all the lessons! Apartment Therapy's Design School.

Design in a Day

Life of an Architect

Another example for review is the ‘ Waterfront House ‘ (currently in the construction documents phase of the project) Waterfront house client plan. I have known architect Douglas Burke for a few years … although we have never met.

Home Seller Guide: How To Sell Your Home

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Image: Sundeleaf Painting Negotiating an Offer Look Over the Agreement of Sale If a buyer is interested in purchasing your home, he or she will submit an offer through a legally binding document known as an Agreement of Sale.

New Book Preserves the Iconic Rest Stop — Design News

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She''s been traveling the country for five years documenting these humble structures, and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a book of the images.

5 Times That Fake Plants Make The Cut (Or Do They?)

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As a curious person and documented black thumb, I went searching for instances where artificial plants looked somewhat real and/or good at home. Anna over at Door Sixteen recently copped to having a couple fake plants in her bathroom at home.


Avente Tile Talk: Persian Tile: A Form of Art and Religious Expression

Tile Talk

Its unfortunate that this glorious form of art wasnt extensively documented throughout the ages. Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Persian Tile: A Form of Art and Religious Expression.

Best of TAB 2017 part 2: the top blog posts

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In this installment, we share the top three blog posts of 2017: how to save money with RIM, corporate moves, and document imaging for financial institutions. [.]

2016 Life of an Architect Playhouse Competition – Clarifications

Life of an Architect

Click here for the playhouse guidelines – this is the document that tells you the size constraints. Click here for examples of playhouses that have been built in the past, past design entries, and examples the construction documents for my playhouses.

Avente Tile Talk: Thanks to the Tile Heritage Foundation

Tile Talk

They want to help document, record and preserve the collective history that is ours. Tuesday, December 18, 2012. Thanks to the Tile Heritage Foundation. Editorial Note (Jan.

Cuba 28

Calling All NYC Pet Owners! Does Your Dog or Cat Deserve to Be Famous? — Video Casting Call

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If you've been wanting to show off your animal and home, submit your information below, and you could have your project sponsored and documented by our team! Pin it. Let's make your pet a star!

The Best Modern Designs from the 2017 One Room Challenge

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The idea was to spur her readers and fellow home bloggers to take on a room remodel over the course of six weeks and document it all on their respective blogs and social media accounts using the hashtag #oneroomchallenge.

10 Things Every Buyer Should Know About Home Inspections

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Do yourself a favor and leave a little wiggle room since you’ll likely be putting that timeframe in a binding legal document. Take the time to make sure you feel comfortable with your end of the bargain before signing any binding documents.

Family Apartment in Amsterdam Flaunting Permanent Visual Connection Between Spaces

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Every angle surprises the intricate visual relationship between spaces and documents the exemplary use of modern materials to create a dynamic design. An Amsterdam building complex built back in 1925 in the city’s Amsterdam-Zuid area hides a memorable family home design.

Life of an Architect Playhouse Design Competition 2015

Life of an Architect

June 1st (Monday) – construction documents are due to the contractors (4 weeks to complete – easy) IF you can get them done sooner, I’m sure the contractors would appreciate the additional time to build your playhouse masterpiece.

Excited to have photographer @rinneallen at Heath SF this Sunday.

Heath Ceramics

Excited to have photographer @rinneallen at Heath SF this Sunday from 3-4 to share her stories about the people and processes she documents. Love her book, Beauty Everyday, in the Alabama Chanin pop-up store too. More info and RSVP link in profile. (at at Heath Ceramics San Francisco

First-Time Homebuyer Guide: How To Buy a Home

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You may receive a Seller’s Property Disclosure for each listing; this document details the condition of the home, including any known problems and repairs. In this document, you’ll propose a potential transaction to the seller.