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Trans-Hitos 2020 Widens the Identity of Ceramics

Tile of Spain USA

I·den·ti·ty /???den(t)?d?/ den(t)?d?/ noun) – the distinguishing character or personality of an individual, community, or object.

Slate Tile, Another Warning, Not For A Shower!

How to Floor Tile

We like the appeal of warm Natural Stone and Slate offers an earthy look but it's days are numbered in your shower. There are a number of Natural Stone products you see installed in shower design centers all over made from Marble, Travertine and yes, Slate.

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Playlist of the Week – Man Cave & Bar Designs

Architectural Ceramics

Week of February 24th, 2020. The idea of the man cave boils down to a private retreat with a masculine flair. We can’t think of many things more manly than an ole’ fashioned cowboy! We found a great country playlist to match your man cave vibe.

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Aging in place: Renovating with independence in mind

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Getty Images/Mint Images RF. Most Americans settle in a home, envisioning a permanent life refuge. Achieving this vision of aging in place, though, means preparing the home now to anticipate future needs.

Why Tile: The Safe, Stylish, and Sustainable Choice

Garden State Tile Blog

Tile is everywhere. From the backsplash of your kitchen, the floors of your shower, the walls of your local bar, to the lobby of your favorite hotel – there’s no questioning the fact that tile covers some of our favorite and most intimate spaces.

Weaving and Panelling

Diary of a Tile Addict

Continuing our look at some of the mini-trends from Cevisama are two that lean towards the old-fashioned, replicating classic materials with ceramics.

A Word About Laminate Flooring

How to Floor Tile

Laminate Flooring has a place and technology is trying to keep up to survive normal wear and tear. Reasons why you should use Laminate are many as are reasons not to. It's great for a fast economic floor covering with many options in texture, style, feel and look.

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Case Study: Kristine’s Of Princeton, NJ

Garden State Tile Blog

. PROJECT TYPE. LOCATION. Restaurant. Princeton, NJ. Riscala Agnese Design Group. PROJECT OVERVIEW.

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Cevisama Curiosities

Diary of a Tile Addict

As with Cersaie , we have not only sought out the trends and fashions of the tile world at Cevisama , but also had some fun collecting some of the more intriguing designs. Among these curiosities are a few recurring themes, such as the prevalence of strokes, splatter, and all things paint.

The Hidden Dangers Of Noise Pollution At Home

JG Kitchens

A couple of months ago, I discovered that one of my washing machine hoses was leaking. The insurance company sent a team to rip out the damaged laminate, subfloor and drywall. They set up three industrial-type fans to dry out the laundry closet and adjacent hallway.

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Engineered Stone and Australia: A License to Cut

Stone Update

One state government to allow fabrication under strict rules; another bans dry-cutting and adjusts workplace silica-dust exposure rules. Featured Latest News

Freelancing with a disability: Designing an accessible work from home space

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

GettyImages. Disability can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes people have a chronic medical condition from childhood, or one that comes on in middle- or late-age. Others might have a disability due to an accident or illness.

Cevisama Curiosities II

Diary of a Tile Addict

Yesterday’s curiosities were only the beginning and there are still plenty of fantastic designs awaiting a mention. One collection could have easily been placed with the weave-look designs from the show, but its unique format and stone-look companions meant its own space was needed.

How To Create A Luxury Touch In Your Bedroom

Trendir Magazine

Your bedroom is one of those areas that are extremely personal, its where you get to unwind, relax and sleep. Therefore, it only makes sense to get as personal as possible in that room.

Coldspring Named Natural Stone Institute CEU Educator of the Year

Stone Update

Natural-stone quarrier/processor holds 240+ classes for more than 2,700 design professionals. Featured Association Beat News

Radiator Heat Common Problems & Simple Fixes

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Image: Breadmaker/Shutterstock. Rather than forcing heated air through a system of ducts like a conventional furnace, a radiator uses steam or hot water to warm your home through a series of pipes. Radiators were invented in the mid-1800s and many older homes still have them.

Cevisama Curiosities II

Diary of a Tile Addict

Yesterday’s curiosities were only the beginning and there are still plenty of fantastic designs awaiting a mention. One collection could have easily been placed with the weave-look designs from the show, but its unique format and stone-look companions meant its own space was needed.

Breathtaking Spring Dining Table Centerpieces

Trendir Magazine

So, if you live anywhere in the east you know it’s been ridiculously cold; however, somehow someway the Mr. Groundhog stated Spring will be entering early. With that in mind, paired with crossed fingers we wanted to bring you an article on Spring dining table centerpieces.

Novel, Contemporary Mass Timber Structure for Sustainable Building Practices

The A to Z of Building

A timber engineer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has discovered that two tree species, native to the Northeastern United States, are structurally strong for use in cross-laminated timber

Nordyne Heating and Cooling

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Image:Breadmaker/Shutterstock. Nordyne, also known as Nortek Global HVAC, is a manufacturer of heating and cooling products. The company creates innovative and thoughtfully designed equipment. They also value the input that they receive from customers when considering their solutions.

Texture, Layout, and Zellige

Diary of a Tile Addict

Taking a break from traditional layouts, adding texture, and enjoying the hand-made chic of zellige tiles were all identified as being hot trends in 2020. At Cevisama it wasn’t hard to see them coming into affect. Harlem from Natucer.

For Architects, Patience is Definitely a Virtue

Life of an Architect

Most architects have to learn patience over the course of their career, it’s actually one architectural character trait that I always think about but rarely bring up because it always falls into the “Doctor heal thyself” category … for I have little patience.

Hauser New Braxton-Bragg CNC Sales Director

Stone Update

Brings decade of sales experience in industrial and engineering fields. Featured People+Places News

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Everything you need to know about ADT home security systems

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

A home security system can provide peace of mind for you and your family, but choosing one can be a confusing process. If you’re curious about the ins-and-outs of ADT home security, you’re in the right place.