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Recyling Ceramics

Diary of a Tile Addict

We’ve covered a lot of repurposed waste here – from shells to slag, paper to plastic, and from tea to pee, and today we add another to that list -ceramics.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Enhances Health And Safety For American Homes

JG Kitchens

This is not a political blog. Never has been. Never will be. But sometimes politics overlaps wellness design and enhances the health and safety of our homes. This post is about one of those times!

Design 174

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The Year of Color: Chromatic Trends of 2022

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tiles offer a number of technical properties that make it the ideal cladding material for virtually any surface in both architectural and interior design projects.

Colors 179

Five Top European Tile Trends For 2022

JG Kitchens

Tile is one of the most durable, versatile wellness design materials in the world. It can do just about anywhere, inside or out, and requires minimal care to maintain. I've been to all three of the major tile expos in the world.

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CTDA Elects Executive Board and Board of Directors for 2022 Term

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. CONTACT. Tricia Marella. Ceramic Tile Distributors Association. 630-545-9415. CTDA Elects Executive Board and Board of Directors for 2022 Term. GLEN ELLYN, IL, November 10, 2021) –. The Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA) has announced it has elected a new Executive Board and two new Directors to the Board of Directors for the 2022 term.

Salone 2021: The Most Exciting Tile Trends from FuoriSalone

Decorative Materials

Inspiration can be found in all corners of the globe, but nothing quite compares to Italian finery. From textiles to stone and everything in between, Italian professionals set the stage for some of the most exciting and impressive trends. Tile Trends Trade Show Design

La Sastrería, a CID Award Winning Project

Tile of Spain USA

Awarded special recognition at this year’s Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards, La Sastrería by interior design firm Masquespacio, is a one-of-a-kind culinary delight crafted in collaboration with experienced chef, Sergio Giraldo and master bartender, Cristóbal Bouchet.

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Modernizing the Checkerboard Floor

Garden State Tile Blog

When you think of checkboard floors, what does it bring you back to? Grand entrances of old Hollywood movies, classic 1950’s diners, your grandmother’s kitchen – Whatever it may be, this vintage interior trend has proven its immortality.

Peeing on porcelain

Diary of a Tile Addict

We’re always up for a novel bit of glazing, and especially one that creatively utilises waste. But today’s feature deifnitely takes experimentation a little farther than we’re used to. With urine.

Factories that Focus on Sustainability

Decorative Materials

Sustainable Design Takes Center Stage at These Eco-Friendly Tile Factories. There’s far more to interior design than simple aesthetic preferences. Budget and durability, for example, have long been chief concerns among designers and homeowners alike.



VIRTUAL CEU- SUSTAINABILITY IN TILE AND STONE. PRESENTED BY REALSTONE SYSTEMS AND LATICRETE. December 15TH, 11:00 EST. Register Here > CEU Course for architects & designers. AIA-07 Sustainability in Tile and Stone Installations.

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Colorful To Classic: Stylish Hexes, Bars & Liners at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile

At Rubble Tile, we like to celebrate innovation and those who strive to succeed while being unique. With their non-stop irreverence coupled with their impressive design talents, AlysEdwards Tile & Stone provides a prime example of the type of tile makers we enjoy working with.

Show Off Your Style With Powder Room Tile

Why Tile

Style is king when it comes to this room of the house. Learn how to wow your guests and make a strong design impact with powder room tile. What Is a Powder Room? Powder rooms are strong selling points for houses on the market, but what exactly are they?

Color Meets Dimension: The Outfit Wall Tile Collection

Garden State Tile Blog

The Outfit collection from Garden State Tile is a double-fired, white-body ceramic wall tile characterized by bold color and dimensional surface levels.

Luxury Linens: Why We Love Julia B.'s Handmade Products

Decorative Materials

Yes, tiles are the obvious focus at Decorative Materials, but we believe that inspiration is all around us. Among the many talented artisans we've encountered, the team from Julia B. Linens , in particular, stands out.

CEU-Thick Outdoor Porcelain Tile Paving Systems ?


THICK OUTDOOR PORCELAIN TILE PAVING SYSTEMS. NOVEMBER 17TH, 11:00 EST. LIVE DIGITAL SEMINAR-PRESENTED BY REALSTONE SYSTEMS AND MILESTONE. Register Here > CEU Course for architects & designers. Porcelain tile is a form of ceramic tile that is made from a porcelain clay, quartz, and feldspar.

Ceramic Tiles with an Artisan Look at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile

Many of the most popular and celebrated tile lines we showcase here at Rubble Tile have something in common: they combine the timeless elegance of traditional style with an updated, contemporary feel. The Studio collection by ADEX USA shines in this regard, with glossy field. New Product

New Zellige Colors In-Stock!

Cement Style

The Zellige tile collection from Villa Lagoon Tile brings a rustic charm to any project. Unlike machined tile, our exquisite Zellige and Bejmat tiles are crafted entirely by hand in a time-honored method of tile-making designed to celebrate the natural beauty of the clay.

Enliven Designs with Ozean

Garden State Tile Blog

Sharp colors, high-gloss surfaces, and unique textures evoke the aesthetic and craftsmanship of a handmade product in the Ozean collection from Garden State Tile.

Margot’s Adventures: Exciting Tile Discoveries From Milan And Mallorca

Decorative Materials

Travel and adventure are top sources of inspiration for CEO and Founder of Decorative Materials, Margot Hampleman , who makes a point of exploring whenever possible. The concepts she encounters abroad heavily influence her work with Decorative Materials.

5 Surprising Facts About the NEW Olvera Collection

The Cement Tile

Every year, more people discover the benefits of encaustic hand-poured cement tiles for their longevity, ease of maintenance, and visual appeal. Now, the new Olvera Collection has arrived on the scene and is making a splash among professional. designers and homeowners.

Inflation Is Impacting Wellness Design Projects, Industry Pros Report

JG Kitchens

Inflation is taking a bite out of everyone's budgets, and wellness design projects are no exception! The post Inflation Is Impacting Wellness Design Projects, Industry Pros Report comes to you courtesy of Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCCWC, Wellness Design Consultant and Author.

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Around the Store

Heath Ceramics

Dad’s certainly going to be happy this year. Clockwise from top left: Indigo/Slate large mugs / How to Mix Drinks cocktail book / Stelton cocktail shaker / Slate Plaza platter / Holmegaard Canada glassware / Whisky Classified book / Iacoli & McAllister bottle opener / Onyx Plaza dish / Marmol Radziner jewelry / Heath tile in Slate Blue, New Sky Blue, Museum Black, New Dark Gray / Monarch Deluxe Playing Cards (set of 4) / Yoshida Airplane Kit

What Happens When Fresh Epoxy Grout Get's Wet?

How to Floor Tile

More than one customer looked at me with dismay when I told them that after the shower was built and Epoxy Grout installed, they still need to wait about 4 days before using the shower to allow the Epoxy to set up completely.

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45 Modern Shipping Container Homes for Every Budget

Trendir Magazine

Modern shipping container homes are popular due to their versatility and affordability. Despite having a pre-made shape containers can be stacked in a lot of different ways to produce unusual forms for modern dwellings.

Do Architects Draw Too Much?

Life of an Architect

Do architects draw too much? The amount of documentation that is going into our residential sets grows with every project, and I think it's a problem. The post Do Architects Draw Too Much? first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Do Architects Draw Too Much? at Life of an Architect.

Add Self Care To Your Life This Holiday Season With Wellness Design

JG Kitchens

This year has really flown by, hasn’t it? Here we are a week and a day shy of Thanksgiving. Yowza! My guest will be arriving next Wednesday night by train. My guest suite will be ready. What about your guests and home? Are you hosting any friends or family this year?

Remembering a Beloved Collaborator and Friend

Heath Ceramics

Rich Roat was co-founder and co-owner, along with Andy Cruz, of House Industries of Yorklyn, Delaware. Andy called us Wednesday with the unimaginable news that Rich had passed away that morning. Healthy, active, creative, energetic, and leaving a wife and two teenagers without a hint of any such tragedy on the horizon.

New Study on Living Walls Could Help the UK Achieve its Net-Zero Commitments

The A to Z of Building

A new study reports that an existing present building with masonry cavity walls can be retrofitted with a green or living wall to decrease the amount of heat lost from its structure by over 30

Overlaying Concrete Tips and Tricks

Onfloor Technology

Concrete is an excellent building material that can be used for a variety of purposes. However, there are many things to consider when using concrete. For instance, what type of concrete should you use? What thickness should the layer be? What tools should you use when applying the concrete?

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Ep 087: Architectural Model Making

Life of an Architect

Architectural model making is built into the creative process in school - so why do we quit once we leave school? Here is a case for making models: The post Ep 087: Architectural Model Making first appeared on Life of an Architect.

Free Samples


Enjoy hundreds of FREE SAMPLES! To order your free samples, go to the PRODUCTS page and navigate to the product of your choice, then select ‘order a sample’ The post Free Samples appeared first on Realstone Systems. How To

Pallet LOOP™ Launches Into Construction Industry

The A to Z of Building

A new sustainable supply chain solution is set to transform the delivery of building materials and help the country build back greener. Image Credit: LOOP Pallets The problem posed by the lack of

How to Repair Pitted Concrete

Onfloor Technology

Concrete is a material that is often used in construction and can be found on sidewalks, driveways , and patios. It's easy to take for granted what concrete does for us every day. Concrete Floor

088: Holiday Gift Guide for Architects (2021)

Life of an Architect

For the 12th consecutive year, Life of an Architect presents THE definitive holiday gift guide for architects. The post 088: Holiday Gift Guide for Architects (2021) first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading 088: Holiday Gift Guide for Architects (2021) at Life of an Architect.

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Wellness Design Brings Home Benefits To Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injuries

JG Kitchens

Much has been learned in treating these vets, including in my field of wellness design. My annual Veteran's Day post looks at healthy home features for coping with TBIs and PTSD.

Design 175

2021 North Penn Holiday Craft Market November 20, 2021

Margaret Almon Mosaics

North Penn Holiday Craft Market is returning for the first time since November of 2019! I have been creating new work and if you are in Southeast PA, this is your opportunity to buy in person.