Top Tile Trends from Italy

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Last year, I traveled to Italy’s top tile expo, Cersaie, with a press delegation. I didn’t go this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share the top trends with you anyway. The folks at Ceramics of Italy and their press representatives have kindly made them available.

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Coverings 2014 booth activities schedule for Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain is pleased to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Coverings. Visitors to the Spanish Pavilion (#5021) will witness some of the most advanced ceramic tile technology and breathtaking design choices the world has to offer from nearly 70 Spanish ceramic and stone manufacturers.

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“Keeping Up With” Architectural

Architectural Ceramics

Can you guess what is in the background of this picture below? That’s right! This is Architectural Ceramics tile. Keeping Up With the Kardashians liked a photo from our website and asked if they could use it for the backdrop of all their interviews during the show. How cool!

Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile

Tile Talk

By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile. Since launching our new line of Porcelain Pool Tile earlier this month, we''ve been getting a lot of questions about what makes porcelain tile better than ceramic tile. More commonly, the question is simply, "What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?"

Crested Butte Crush

As The Tile Turns

We fell in love with this recent project in Crested Butte, Colorado. And who wouldn’t? Known for it’s modern grasp on the Victorian era, Crested Butte is a joy to visit. Working on the remodel of the Scarp Ridge Lodge , generated even more enthusiasm.

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Interesting Ideas For Mosaic Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Mosaic tiles have been used for thousands of years to create works of art and decoration by people all over the world. Available in glass, stone, ceramic and even metal, mosaic tiles also come in a variety of colours and designs suitable for so many surfaces.

5 Things To Do With Your Sample Tiles

Granada Tile

When you’re creating tile in a custom colorway to put a unique spin on your project, you’ll want to order a sample to ensure that the tile you imagine is the tile that you’ll get.

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Interview with Josh Levinson, President of Artistic Tile

Tile Doctor

At The Tile Doctor, we’re on a mission: to promote partners, contractors, designers, and industry professionals who support our vision of providing innovative solutions and products to homeowners. Today we’re proud to feature Josh Levinson, President of Artistic Tile.

Amish Quilt Pattern Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround


One Tradition Meets Another Detail of Amish "Wedding Ring" Quilt Pattern in Tile I''ve been amazed for years in the never ending design possibilities in tile and mosaic. In a recentt post we looked at tile I created for a coffee table done in a Navajo rug pattern motif.

"Travertine, Before And After"

How to Floor Tile

Travertine is a Natural Stone as you know, but did you know most of it is filled with grout? If you look at most Travertine Tile you will see that it is very porous on the unfinished side and that is because that is how most of it looks.

Six favorite kitchen and bath design trends

JG Kitchens

It’s hard to believe I’ve been publishing this blog for six years! Throughout the month of July — Gold Notes‘ anniversary month — I’ll be sharing a series of six “favorites” posts, just as I’ve done for previous years.

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Spanish tile companies ready for CEVISAMA 2014

Tile of Spain USA

At CEVISAMA , everything is possible! Tile of Spain is pleased to show off Spanish Ceramic tile innovations at this year’s fair in Valencia, February 11th to 14th.

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Designing for Fun :)

Architectural Ceramics

Recently we got so close to buying a foreclosed home that was a MAJOR fixer upper. We ended up backing out of the contract after the inspection because the entire crawl space was rotted, so it was more than just a remodel…the structure of the home would have needed to be replaced.

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Tile Backsplash Ideas for Modern Vanities

Tile Talk

By Cheryl Khan of Trade Winds Imports. Maybe your bathroom is stuck in the 60s or maybe you just need to freshen things up a bit.

Behind The Scenes at Pratt & Larson

As The Tile Turns

As one of the country’s leading handmade ceramic tile manufacturers, Pratt & Larson continues to pay homage to traditional designs while pushing the boundaries with cutting edge and forward thinking shapes, sizes and colors.

Tile Trend: Shades Of Grey

The London Tile Co.

Looking out of a window at a grey sky can really put a damper on your day, which is why the latest design trend might surprise you.

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Behind The Tiles: Tunis

Granada Tile

“How do you come up with your designs?” ” is a question we hear a lot around here. So, in order to satisfy your curiosity, we’ve decided to share a little bit about the creation stories behind some of our tiles. How did you come up with this design? Had you seen it somewhere?

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Tile Tales and Great Resources

Kitchens for Living

Today tile and all the wacky and wonderful things you can do with it takes center stage. Whether your style is wild and crazy or serene and sedate there are many ways to be creative and many types of tile to consider.

Going to Coverings 2014 in Las Vegas? 5 Things Not to Miss This Year | Tile Doctor

Tile Doctor

Going to Coverings 2014 in Las Vegas? 5 Things Not to Miss This Year This Spring the tile industry will take Vegas by storm!

Ceramic Tile Mural Celebrates Autistic Children and their Families


Ceramic Tile Mural Celebrates Autistic Children and their Families "Our Children" Achievement Centers for Children Lobby Tile Mural I had the wonderful experience of serving for a school year as an artist in residence at the Achievement Centers for Children in Warrensville Heights Ohio.

Comments Should Be Comments Not Attempts to Advertise Own Websites

Tile Excellence

Hi, I''m posting a comment I made to the many, many "comments" on just one of the helpful posts here. This was having to do with.well, actually I can''t remember.but I believe shower installation f rom a year or so ago. But it''s pertinent to all readers-all CONTRACTORS, SKILLED LABORERS, SMALL BUSINESSES IN THE HOME IMPROVEMENT SECTOR, OWNERS of PRODUCTS-MATERIALS-TOOLS-SYSTEMS related to tile installation | tile repair, flooring, etc.

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Coverings 2014 – Tile & Stone Show Preview

JG Kitchens

Next week, I’ll be attending Coverings, North America’s top tile and stone trade show, for the first time in almost a decade. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Cevisama in 2012 and Cersaie last fall, Spain’s and Italy’s respective tile shows.

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Tile Trends: Fossilized Looks

Tile of Spain USA

Fossilized looks are a trend we see in Spanish ceramic tile design today. Spain manufacturers continue to push the envelope on wood looks creating new petrified or fossilized concepts that have a stone-like appearance.

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Customer Photos….

The Tile Shop

Good morning! We want to share some customer photos with you today. This first remodeled space is from Ronda D. in our Madison, WI showroom. Ronda says, "This is a first time tile job from a "do it yourselfer". Wow, is all we can say!! This space features our Imperial Beige ceramic tile….great

Avente Tile Talk: Artist Series Cement Tile Collection Grows with.

Tile Talk

This new collection, created by artists Guillermo Gomez Lama and Tania Marmolejo, boasts eight different designs, each presented with three color options. Further, these 10"x10" cement tiles feature new, contemporary

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Micro Mirrors from Akdo

As The Tile Turns

Captivating, enchanting, charismatic and radiant, the geometric inspired Allure Collection from Akdo features unique mosaics made from luxury stones and metallic mirrored pieces. The Charles Krug winery in Napa recently installed The Allure Collection as featured in Traditional Home.

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Add Tempting Texture With Our New Sahara Range

The London Tile Co.

Texture is making a comeback this year, with both 3D wallpaper and tiles making their way back into our homes. Textured tiles such as natural stone have been a staple throughout the years, but more recent trends include embossed and patterned tiles.

Behind The Tiles: Marcos Cajina

Granada Tile

We wanted to know a little bit more about Marcos Cajina, the founder of Granada Tile and how a little boy grows up to start a tile company.

Spain Takes the Stage at Cersaie 2014

Kitchens for Living

Tile of Spain, a collective of 90 Spanish ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturers, recently showcased new collections and innovations at the Cersaie 2014 show. Held last month in Bologne, Italy, Cersaie is THE yearly international exhibition of ceramic tile. Porcelanosa – Antique Series.

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Our 6 Best Grouting Tips for Your Tile Project

Tile Doctor

6 Grouting Tips Guaranteed to Simplify Your Project If you’re planning a tile project, you may be in need of some good grouting tips. Tile is the fun part: choosing colors, patterns, and textures that fit your sense of style and enhance your décor. Grouting, while necessary to hold. How-To

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Navajo Rug Pattern Ceramic Tile Coffee Table


Hi all, As a ceramic artist working in tile and mosaic I''m constantly amazed at the number of design possibilities these mediums offer. To remember trips to New Mexico and Arizona I created this tile covered coffee table for a client as a birthday gift to his wife.

Tile Excellence Welcomes Guest Blogger from Truguard Systems, LLC

Tile Excellence

Our guest bloggers are from the world of tile, and we offer our site to share their stories, experiences, niches and opinions. We at Tile Excellence, Inc. and SEO Marketing for Business in NO WAY endorse, agree/disagree with the opinions stated.

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Coverings 2014 – Top Tile Trends

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I recently attended Coverings, another major tile and stone show, in Las Vegas. It was a very good expo, with some of my favorite American, Spanish and Italian manufacturers in attendance. I was also delighted to see some good-looking tiles from Latin America.

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Tile of Spain exhibits distinctively unique ceramic innovations at Coverings 2014

Tile of Spain USA

Celebrating 25 Years of Coverings: The Ultimate Stone & Tile Experience.

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“Keeping Up With” Architectural

Architectural Ceramics

Can you guess what is in the background of this picture below? That’s right! This is Architectural Ceramics tile. Keeping Up With the Kardashians liked a photo from our website and asked if they could use it for the backdrop of all their interviews during the show. How cool!

Pre-Sealing Cement Tile: An Important Step

Tile Talk

By Arpi Nalbandian , Tileometry. How to Apply a Grout Release - Cement Tile Install Tips. When you see a finished cement tile installation (or any tile installation), it''s hard to visualize just how bad it looked when grout was first applied.

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Open Your Imagination

As The Tile Turns

If you were challenged with this box of material, what would you create? 25 lucky participants were challenged in the month of October, their creations blew our mind.